You Can Only Watch This Exclusive Chicosci, Rico Blanco Concert By Buying NFT Tickets

Stanible is the only ticketing service for an upcoming OPM concert featuring Chicosci, Rico Blanco, Zild Benitez, and Fragments.

Stanible Chicosci Concert Rico Blanco NFT

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • Stanible, a mobile NFT app, is announced as the exclusive ticketing platform for the Chicosci Summer Party.
  • The event, featuring prominent OPM artists Chicosci, Rico Blanco, Zild Benitez, and Fragments, will only be accessible through NFT tickets available on the Stanible app, which can be purchased with popular payment options like Maya and GCash.
  • Stanible, launched in September 2022, aims to connect celebrities to fans via NFTs.

Stanible, a locally-led mobile NFT app, has been announced as the only gateway to the upcoming Chicosci Summer Party that will feature prominent OPM artists headlined by Chicosci and Rico Blanco. Fans will only be able to attend the event by buying the NFT ticket available on the Stanible app. 

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Stanible NFT Perks

The concert will happen on May 31, 2023, at the Balcony Music House in Makati City, and the first 100 buyers of the NFT ticket will also receive a free beer. 

Joining Chicosci (“Dust,” “7 Black Roses”) and Blanco (“Your Universe,” “Palibot libot”) are rising artists Zild Benitez (“Medisina,” “Kyusi”) and indie band Fragments (“Meathook,” “Plagues”).

To access the event, simply show the QR code generated by the app after purchasing the NFT ticket, which can be accessed here: https://links.stanible.com/summerparty

Advantages of NFT Tickets

Issuing tickets as an NFT has several advantages. While it grants access to the event itself, it can also serve as digital memorabilia for ‌attendees. Furthermore, because NFTs are on the blockchain, event organizers are assured that the tickets are all authentic because NFTs cannot be tampered with. 

In addition to Stanbile, NFT tickets have been used for other local events; the Jukebox musical “Ang Huling El Bimbo: The Musical” had some of its tickets sold as NFTs on the local platform Mintoo. While Unbox Con, a collectible swap meet convention, is also selling its tickets as NFTs.

What is Stanible?

“Enabling and unlocking fan experiences with NFTs has always been at the core of our product vision,” said Mel Lozano-Alcaraz, the CEO of Stanible. “This new way to easily access events or generate tickets is another avenue for artists and organizers to seamlessly take advantage of this revolutionary technology.”

While NFTs are generally available on different platforms, purchasing them can be challenging for regular people. 

In the case of Stanible, the NFTs can be purchased using popular payment apps like Maya and GCash. Major debit and credit cards are also accepted. This allows practically everyone to get ahold of NFTs and for Stanible to offer its NFT ticketing in support of more events and activities.

Launched last September 2022, Head of Anima Podcast, Co-Founder of Launchpad Coworking, and former Director at GMA Lozano-Alcaraz is joined by Chief Marketing Officer Harry Santos (formerly Growth Marketer at PayMongo), Chief Business Officer Ranvel Rufino (also Co-Founder of dingdong.ph), Jardine Gerodias (Co-Founder of SCI Ventures), and John Bailon (Co-Founder of SCI Ventures). 

(Disclosure: Stanible’s Chief Marketing Officer Harry Santos is a regular contributor at BitPinas.)

Since then, Stanible, which positions itself as the app that connects celebrities to their fans via NFTs, has onboarded more artists and groups, including comedy and podcaster group the KoolPals and celebrities like Gabbi Garcia and Arci Munoz. 

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