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This branch aims to spread knowledge and understanding about cryptocurrency among Filipinos by focusing on its investment and technology sides.

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A Hong Kong Based ICO Advisory firm, TokenNews HK Ltd., recently launched a new branch in the country, Token News Philippines. This branch aims to spread knowledge and understanding about cryptocurrency among Filipinos not only focusing on the investment side but also how this technology will bring many benefits to the country and its people.

Announced during a press conference on August 27, 2018 at Okada Manila Hotel, the Token News executives launched its Philippine branch, Token News Philippines. It will be headquartered at Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City, Metro Manila.

Token News Hong Kong chose the Philippines as its branch in Southeast Asia for a lot of reasons and Mr. Yuki Takarabe, the consultant and head of TokenNews Philippines cited a few. First, he shared that according to the United Nations data in 2015, 1/3 of the Philippine population or around 106 million are millennials. This is the generation that drives and uses emerging technologies like cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The second reason is because the country is an English speaking nation. This makes it easier to establish businesses compared to other countries. Mr. Takarabe also cited his plans on putting up his own business process outsourcing (BPO) office here.

The third reason is the Philippines’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth. According to data, the country has a 6.9 percent GDP compared to Japan that only has 1.0 percent GDP growth. Mr. Takarabe foresees the Philippines will become an economic power within 5 to 10 years. He also said that countries such as the United States and Europe already reached their peak, while the Philippines has enough space to reach the top.

With blockchain and fintech companies flocking in to gain entry to the Cagayan province in Northern Luzon (CEZA), Token News also wants to contribute to making the Philippines great again by leveraging new technologies.

According to Mr. Takarabe, Token News will engage in crypto-media activities such as seminars and workshops, accepting packaged articles, providing consultancy to companies doing ICO and provide assistance to get it listed in various exchanges in the world, cryptocurrency mining, and token development.

He also noted that the company has a number of lawyers and experts that will help and advice interested companies to get listed in different exchanges around the world.

He added that around 100 to 200 companies seek Token News HK Ltd., for consultation on legal, security of the code, media promotions, and others.

Mr. Takarabe also took note of the hack attacks from different exchanges around the world. He said that these became an eye-opener for governments and nudged them to learn more about cryptocurrencies and develop new laws. With these laws in place the operation of exchanges and its transactions will become safer and easier, he said.

“If laws on cryptocurrency are in place, the low usage will increase and becomes safer. It will then rise. And because of the laws fake or fraudulent ICOs will be filtered out and caught,” – Mr. Yuki Takarabe, Consultant and Head, TokenNews Philippines

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