Yassi Pressman to Launch P2E Platform Players Elite Guild

Pressman explained that Players Elite Guild will help all types of gamers have the greatest experience possible.

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Media personality and web3 enthusiast Yassi Pressman is set to launch a new play-to-earn platform in the Philippines called Players Elite Guild (PEG) as she collaborated with blockchain architect Liezl Pecson. The establishment of the guild aims to help Filipinos earn more in the web3 economy.

“Our platform will cater to gamers from all backgrounds. We want to show that P2E – like ecommerce – can be for every Filipino forward-thinking enough to give the space a try,” Pressman stated.

According to her, PEG will also be their key step in building winning relationships with game developers, game operators, and other industry stakeholders.

“PEG invites its community members into an inclusive business culture that promotes self-improvement and unity, while focusing on sharing the educational tools that target the individual opportunities that exist for community members to use Web3.0 to develop financial freedom for themselves and their families,” a media release wrote.

Accordingly, Pressman explained that PEG will help all types of gamers have the greatest experience possible. 

“For example, the platform’s features will help professionalize and stabilize the income of full-time players, while reducing the learning curve – and friction – of casual players who wish to dabble in different games,” said Pressman.

Further, PEG shares that they have a deep belief for global unity. According to the team, they place the future of our youth at the “tip of the spear.” 

The developers disclosed that the technology behind PEG and the technology deployment on the P2E platform are being led by Liezl Pecson, an information technologist, a blockchain architect certified by the Blockchain Council, and an expert in web3 development in the Philippines.

“Our development is guided entirely by the needs of our users – in this case, both gamers and game developers. For game developers, we’re enabling them to incorporate P2E models right into their ecosystem with a full suite of tools. For gamers, we’re enabling them to do what they do best: have fun while earning,” said Pecson.

According to Pecson, the security of both parties will be safeguarded via BLOX, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO, which will help process and validate transactions via smart contracts executed via their own token. Such will ensure that both game developers and gamers can safely and confidently transact, enabling both to better focus on the heart of the gaming experience.

Moreover, Pressman also noted that BLOX, like PEG, is inherently democratic. She highlighted that with the DAO, Filipinos can participate in the success of the platform by mining BLX, its native token, on either their Mac or PC. 

“It’s rare for Filipinos to get the opportunity to participate in the broader success of an ecosystem. That’s why I would encourage them to mine BLX from their desktop. By mining, they gain a foothold in the future of BLX, PEG, and indeed the very foundation of Web3.0 in the Philippines,” said Pressman.

She also added that mining can be a lucrative income stream for Filipinos who partake in the activity.

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