Yassi Pressman Raises US$2 million from European Group Sonla for Own Web3 Startup

Yassi Pressman’s two web3 startups – Players Elite Guild and BrandNation have received $2 million in funding to push through their development.

Yassi Pressman BrandNation Players Elite Guild

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Still actively pushing her web3 ventures, Filipina actress and media personality Yassi Pressman marks another metaverse milestone as she successfully secured US$2 million in seed round funding for her startups, Players Elite Guild (PEG) and BrandNation. 

The funding round was led by Sonla, a cryptocurrency exchange and digital assets custodial provider.

“There’s always extra attention when an entertainer launches a startup. This is great because we’ll need all the help we can get. Changing gaming and influencer marketing will not happen overnight, even with this seed funding. We’ll need a strong community to band together, inspired by the vision of what our respective industries can one day be,” said Pressman. 

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In a media release, they disclosed that the raised funds are set to be used to push the deployment of the proprietary PEGFi interoperable and integrated digital financial infrastructure offering to its target GameFi and Web 3.0 market participants. It will also be used to support a related venture, BrandNation.io, an influencer marketing platform for digital and web3 brands. 

Sonla said it pushed through backing Pressman’s ventures for her “deep alignment with the two fields that PEG is targeting: P&E gaming and influencer marketing. As an enormously popular actress and endorser, Pressman has the clout to attract large strategic clients in GameFi and Web 3.0 for PEGFi and brands and influencers for BrandNation.io.”

Photo for the Article - Yassi Pressman Raises US$2 million from European Group Sonla for Own Web3 Startup

“Web3 products are not built through advertising, but through community. Pressman has the influence needed to attract the critical mass of users needed for both PEG and BrandNation.io. She can lead them toward a more professional, efficient, and digitally enabled industry for both gaming and influencer marketing respectively,” said Sonla’s Senior Partner Kiran Sharma.

Sonla also said it invested because it was drawn to how PEG companies have significant value-add in the form of technology such as BrandNation.io not being just a middleman but more of a matchmaking platform for influencers and brands.

BrandNation was launched by Pressman last month. It aims to connect influencers, brands, and their fans all on a single platform. Players Elite Guild (PEG), on the other hand, is a play-to-earn platform for players that will “cater to gamers from all backgrounds” and help Filipinos earn more in the web3 economy. (Read more: Yassi Pressman to Launch P2E Platform Players Elite Guild)

Brands or influencers interested in partnering with BrandNation.io for its coming Philippine launch are encouraged to visit its home page or reach out to Pressman and the team at Admin@BrandNation.io. GameFi or Web 3.0 market participants interested in utilizing the PEGFi financial infrastructure bridging Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 are encouraged to visit its website

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