OKEx Reveals Partnership with Blockchain Security Firms

Top cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has announced partnerships with 3 security-focused blockchain firms to support its upcoming OKChain launch.

October 25, 2019 – Top cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has announced partnerships with 3 security-focused blockchain firms to support its upcoming OKChain launch. OKEx CEO Jay Hao announced it on Twitter after promising more developments within the OKEx platform and more use cases for its native cryptocurrency $OKB. The three blockchain security firms are Slowmist, Beosin, and Certik.

Blockchain Security Firm Partnership

OKEx partners with Slowmist, Beosin, and Certik. The services of these 3 blockchain security firms can be redeemed or paid with OKB.


Headquartered in Xiamen, Slowmist delivers security audits and defence deployments for cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain wallets, and smart contracts. Acknowledged by global security conferences like Black Hat, Slowmist has provided continued threat intelligence to its partner companies and the public. The security firm boasts a team with more than 10 years of front-line cybersecurity defensive experience. In April 2019, SlowMist launched the world’s first smart contract firewall for EOS.


Chengdu based Beosin is a privately-held blockchain firm and one of the earliest blockchain companies in the cybersecurity field. Having audited more than 500 smart contracts worldwide and provided security services to more than 1,000 blockchain projects, Beosin takes the lead in developing automated formal verification platforms for smart contracts. Beosin also participated in writing the Blockchain Security Standard launched by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).


Certik, the creator of the world’s first hacker-resistant system, is a leader in blockchain security through the pioneering use of cutting-edge formal verification technology on smart contracts and blockchains. Founded by Ivy League computer science professors, Certik built its own security system from the ground up and has ensured the correctness and safety of numerous blockchain projects.

OkChain News

OKEx CEO Jay Hao said the testnet and launch of OkChain are coming soon. As a new blockchain network that fully supports state sharding and fast consensus, OkChain is an eagerly anticipated blockchain and OKEx has announced more partnerships to provide more use cases for its native token $OKB:

    • Use $OKB to top up mobile and fuel cards on Litex.io
    • Buy BitTorrent with $OKB
    • Book Hotels with Tripio using $OKB
    • Purchase discounted items on FishChain
    • Pay $OKB on TrueChain-partnered physical stores in Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam
    • Store $OKB on BitPie Wallet
    • Store $OKB on KCash Wallet
    • Top up phone at QLChain with $OKB

Buying $BTT using $OKB on the BitTorrent platform is a major highlight use case. BitTorrent is a popular application for transferring files around the Internet, allowing users to download files as well as share them.

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$OKB is the global utility token of OKEx. Apart from the use cases above, $OKB can be used to participate in JumpStart token sales, enjoy discounted trading fees on OKEx, and trade on $OKB fee-free market.

About OKEx

OKEx is a leading Malta-based digital asset exchange that offers digital trading services including spot trading, futures trading, and perpetual swap trading, among others. There are over 400 tokens available for trading on the platform.

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