SEC Warns Public Against Investing on B2B Trading Center OPC

SEC advisory warns against B2B TRADING CENTER OPC’s unauthorized investment solicitations.

  • The SEC issued an advisory warning the public about B2B Trading Center OPC and its officers, stating they are not authorized to solicit investments.
  • Go Diamond.On-line Program, the entity associated with B2B Trading Center OPC, offers seven ways for members to earn income through its online/offline retail profit and various commissions and bonuses.
  • The SEC reiterates the illegality of pyramiding schemes and warns against engaging with B2B Trading Center OPC or similar entities, emphasizing strict penalties for violations of securities regulations and investor protection laws.

As part of their efforts to protect investors from schemes, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have recently posted an advisory stating that B2B Trading Center OPC and its officers, including Serapion Dimasaka Sergio, Jr. (also known as Jhun Sergio) and Cesar Ramirez, are not authorized to solicit investments from the public. 

B2B Trading Center OPC

According to the media release, the entity, which claims to be involved in direct selling and social e-commerce, along with related individuals or groups, is allegedly soliciting investments through its Go Diamond.On-line Program. 

Go Diamond offers its members a total of seven ways to earn income. Firstly, members can earn through Online/Offline Retail Profit by purchasing and consuming the company’s consumer goods. 

Commissions are also given to their members. The Booster Sales Commission gives pairing income to Uplines who purchase the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Packages, which cost ₱5,000.00, ₱10,000.00, ₱20,000.00, and ₱30,000.00, respectively. While uplines who avail of the Bronze Package can earn ₱2,000.00 for every matching under their structure, as part of the Bronze Sales Commission

Investors can earn through different tier of bonuses. The Fast Start Bonus allows members to earn a 10% direct referral commission based on the package availed by the recruits they bring into the program.

The Infinity Pass-Up Bonus provides an opportunity for Uplines who avail of the Diamond package to earn an unlimited 1% income for the package availing of their downlines, except for the Diamond Package. If any downline avails the Diamond Package, the Upline earns 5% income up to the fifth (5th) level. Moreover, Residual Matching Bonus allows members to earn a recurring income for every pairing of the points of their direct recruits and the equivalent points of the products purchased. The exact details of how this bonus is calculated are not specified in the provided information.

The Effortless Match Bonus is a program that allows uplines to earn a fixed amount for every recruit that their downlines bring in. The amount earned depends on the upline’s package, with Silver uplines earning ₱2,000.00, Gold uplines earning ₱4,000.00, Platinum uplines earning ₱8,000.00, and Diamond uplines earning ₱12,000.00.



The public is warned to exercise caution and refrain from participating in any investment activities with these entities or individuals.

The Commission reiterated that an “investment contract” is a type of security. It exists when an individual invests money in a common enterprise with a reasonable expectation of profits to be derived from the efforts of others. The SEC emphasized that this is present in the pyramiding investment scheme of B2B Trading Center OPC through its Go Diamond On-line Program.

“Pyramiding, being fraudulent and unsustainable, is not a registrable security. The Securities and Exchange Commission has not and will never issue a Permit to Offer and Sell Securities to persons or entities that are engaged in this business,” the SEC stressed. 

Accordingly, the Commission stated that while B&B Trading Center OPC is registered, it is not authorized to solicit investments. Moreover, it is offering fraudulent investment schemes in violation of the Securities Regulation Code.

“Further, the Financial Products and Services Consumer Protection Act (FCPA) specifically provides that any form of deceptive solicitation such as offering or selling of investment scheme from the public without a secondary license or permit from the Commission constitute investment fraud and is an unlawful activity in violation of Section 11 of the said Act,” the SEC noted.

Accordingly, the Commission issues a warning to unscrupulous individuals and entities, emphasizing that strict penalties are imposed for violations of the Securities Regulation Code and other relevant laws enforced by the Commission. 

Those involved in selling or promoting B2B Trading Center OPC’s investment scheme, including soliciting and recruiting through the internet, may face prosecution and criminal liability under the SRC and FCPA.

As a result, the SEC emphasized that the public is strongly advised to refrain from investing or discontinue existing investments in any scheme offered by B2B Trading Center OPC or similar entities. In addition, caution should be exercised when dealing with individuals or groups soliciting investments or recruiting investors on behalf of B2B Trading Center OPC.

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