YGG Unveils Inaugural SUPERQUEST with NFT Game Axie Infinity

YGG introduces its inaugural SUPERQUEST in partnership with Axie Infinity, aiming to improve web3 gaming experiences.

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  • Yield Guild Games (YGG) introduces SUPERQUEST, a campaign enabling members to learn web3 games and earn in-game rewards. Axie Infinity is the first partner for SUPERQUEST.
  • The campaign aims to introduce new players to Axie Infinity and enhance skills of veteran players. It will track community participation, in-game activity, and rewards for up to 2,000 participants.
  • The first mentors for SUPERQUEST are Kookoo and spamandrice, with a curriculum using short videos to make learning enjoyable.

Yield Guild Games (YGG), a blockchain-focused gaming organization, recently introduced SUPERQUEST, a new campaign that allows its members to learn how to play web3 games and earn more in-game rewards. Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn game, will be the first Superquest partner.

SUPERQUEST in Axie Infinity

Following the partnership of Sky Mavis, the developer behind the game, and YGG, the guild noted that it is only natural to inaugurate the project on the game.

“The campaign aims to be a fun and engaging way to introduce new players to Axie Infinity: Origins and invite OGs to revisit Lunacia, while also developing the competitive skills of veteran players,” YGG noted. 

Purpose and Mechanics of SUPERQUEST

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According to YGG, SUPERQUEST will track data on community participation, in-game activity, rewards, and more. This will help YGG and Sky Mavis measure and improve the gaming experience for guild members. The guild also noted that the SUPERQUEST campaign is only limited to 2,000 spots. 

In a statement, YGG noted that the campaign will combine learning and gamification to build player web3 reputation and engage them in Axie. For this integration, the SUPERQUEST will be on Sky Mavis’ Axie Infinity version 3 or the Origins. 

Insights from Sky Mavis and YGG on SUPERQUEST

“Axie is the most entertaining way to receive a web3 education, which this fun, data-driven campaign demonstrates perfectly,”  Jeffrey “Jihoz” Zirlin, co-founder and Growth Lead at Sky Mavis, stated.

Origins was launched last April 2022,  its Battle System allows players to take turns using cards that require energy to activate. Unused energy and cards do not carry over to the next turn. The goal is to defeat all three of your opponent’s Axies to win the battle.

The Philippines is one of the countries worldwide that boosted the rapid increase in the adoption and play rate of Axie Infinity  in 2021.

Insights from Sky Mavis and YGG on SUPERQUESTS

The first two mentors for YGG’s SUPERQUEST are its Community Manager, Kookoo, and YGG Elite player, spamandrice. Their curriculum uses short videos to make learning “easy and fun.”

Kookoo Crypto TV, one of the pioneers and a popular Axie Infinity content creator, also had partnerships with other entities to teach web3 gaming such as NasAcademy and MetaSports. He also recently collaborated with Coins.ph for $RON, the ecosystem token of the Ronin blockchain, validator node support.


Axie Infinity Philippines

Axie Open Manila Spamandrice 1
Spamandrice winning the Axie Open Manila

Last March, Axie Infinity top player Spamandrice joined the YGG Elite team. He emerged victorious against more than 195 other players from around the world to become the champion of the Axie Open Manila 2022 last year. Spamandrice also placed in the top 8 of the Axie Cabanatuan LAN tournament at the Axie Infinity Cabanatuan Community Meetup (CabsyCon)

“We believe in learning from the best so we recruited Kookoo and spamandrice to start, but we are planning to leverage our network and increase the number of player mentors,” said Angel Pui, Product and Growth at Yield Guild Games. 

She also noted that recruiting the two will allow YGG to design the progression levels and build on the ideas of all parties to further shape the curriculum.

Moreover, the guild disclosed that YGG co-founders Gabby Dizon and Owl of Moistness will be participating in the first SUPERQUEST as players.

How to Join a SUPERQUEST

  1. Visit https://www.yieldguild.io/
  2. Log in or create an account.
  3. Navigate to “Quests” and find SUPERQUESTS.
  4. Click on Quest tiles for details.
  • New players: Get started with Kookoo.
  • Returning players: Master Axie Origins with Spamandrice.

       5. Click “Add me to the waitlist” to join.

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