Zyori of Axie Infinity: Smart Contracts Can Help Solve Esports Third Party Issues

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“The contracts are often messy when it comes to esports. A lot of the players are underrepresented and that’s a case where you wonder (if) those tournaments even have that money to begin with? In the case of smart contracts and blockchain at the very least you could lock that money.” – Andrew Campbell, Sky Mavis Program Lead for Esports and Content Creators

Andrew Campbell (aka Zyori), Sky Mavis Program Lead for Esports & Content Creators, discussed how Smart contracts can help solve third party issues. During the March 3 episode of BitPinas’ Webcast, he explained how these contracts not only make the transactions better, but also help the players to actually receive what they worked for.

He stated that utilizing smart contracts increases transparency for all entities involved in an event. Zyori explained that during his experience as caster for strategy multiplayer game DOTA, a lot of players have fallen victim over gaming tournaments that distribute the prizes lower than the promised amount or sometimes even none at all.

Zyori pointed out that with smart contracts, instances like these would be prevented and the players will be more assured and insured with the tournaments they join in. 

“(However) that’s not completely foolproof. Smart contracts don’t prevent human greed and can’t save us completely from human condition. But it’s just one more tool in our chest,” he added.

It is better to be safe than sorry, is what Zyori tried to emphasize as he pointed out that “utilizing smart contracts to make things a little more transparent gives us more tools to solve a really big issue existing in third party esports.”

Zyori also expressed his belief in the blockchain and its potential in revolutionizing the ESports scene. One of which is the blockchain games’ ability to progress by self-funding. He noted that Sky Mavis was “very smart” about allocating their funds in their billion dollar-worth community treasury and play-to-earn funds.

“Obviously, not all of that is ear-marked for esports but it means that I don’t have to sell sponsors I don’t like to make this thing happen. It means that we can fund it ourselves and commit to an esports roadmap and bring on sponsors that are good for us, good for our community. (We could also) sell products we believe in and help us achieve our goals of building a digital nation and increasing digital property rights for the game,” Zyori explained.

According to Zyori, a person’s wallet address could also serve as their bank account, helping ease the distribution of prizes in tournaments or game season awards. He also noted how it makes distributing a player’s accumulated awards possible no matter how minimal it is, adding that these are not possible in the traditional esports because of the “logistic work it takes to collect all the payment information and the cost to send money globally.

“In this case, we could build a tournament bracket that’s integrated with your ronin account and then when the tournament’s done, we just click ‘yes send prize pool’ and that AXS is (already) distributed to anybody that participated.” he said.

Zyori emphasized that with those steps, it allows them to “take meaningful steps towards esports for everyone.”

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