Free AI Courses by IBM to Benefit Philippine Universities

Discover how IBM’s SkillsBuild program aims to equip future AI professionals.

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  • IBM has launched an enhanced version of IBM SkillBuild, a generative AI course first introduced in 2021.
  • The enhanced version will be brought to academic institutions, offering training to faculty and resources to students, according to the firm. 
  • IBM also cited that this free course will help more people ‌gain AI-related skills that will be in demand in the future.

Pledging to produce two million individuals who would utilize generative AI efficiently in 2026, U.S.-based technology company International Business Machines (IBM) introduced an enhanced version of IBM SkillsBuild, the firm’s generative AI coursework first launched in 2021. 

This enhanced version is expected to be introduced to academic institutions. 

IBM SkillsBuild in Academic Institutions 

According to IBM, its goal of training two million learners in a span of three years will be made possible by partnering with different universities around the globe:

“IBM is collaborating with universities at a global level to build capacity around AI leveraging IBM’s network of experts.”

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Photo for the Article - Free AI Courses by IBM to Benefit Philippine Universities

Future partnerships will give university faculties access to IBM-led training, such as lectures and skilling experiences, including certificates upon completion, according to the firm. IBM also committed to providing courseware for faculty to use in the classroom, including self-directed AI learning paths. 

Meanwhile, for university students, the firm said that it will give away resources, including free online courses on generative AI and Red Hat open-source technologies.

“This will expand upon IBM’s existing programs and career-building platforms to offer enhanced access to AI education and in-demand technical roles,” IBM stressed. 

In the Philippines, IBM partnered with the Department of Education in 2021 to strengthen the Senior High School curriculum on work-readiness and foundational tech skills. Over 5,000 students and teachers are said to have registered on the platform and earned digital credentials.

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IBM SkillsBuild Syllabus

In a statement, the firm clarified that IBM SkillsBuild is a free education program focused on “underrepresented” communities in tech that will help develop AI-related skills and access career opportunities. 

The first and open version, which was introduced in 2021, offers over 1,000 courses in 20 languages on AI, cybersecurity, data analysis, cloud computing, and other technical disciplines. 

While the enhanced partner version of IBM SkillsBuild will include workshops, conversations with IBM coaches and mentors, project-based learning, access to IBM software, specialized support from partners through the learning process, and connections to career opportunities. 

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“Through IBM SkillsBuild, learners across the world can benefit from AI education developed by IBM experts to provide the latest in cutting-edge technology developments,” the firm emphasized.

To be more detailed, IBM explained that the coursework includes prompt writing, machine learning, improving customer service with AI, and generative AI in action. There will also be “learning experience” sessions, which will focus on chatbot improvements, tailored learning paths, and peer-to-peer mentorship. 

“These courses are all completely free and available to learners around the world. At course completion, participants will be able to earn IBM-branded digital credentials that are recognized by potential employers,” IBM affirmed. 

IBM SkillsBuild Importance

Citing a recent study that revealed that most company executives estimate that implementing AI and automation will require 40% of their workforce to reskill over the next three years, IBM expressed that the enhanced generative AI coursework will “play a vital role” for future generations to learn AI-focused skills. 

“AI skills will be essential to tomorrow’s workforce. “That’s why we are investing in AI training, with a commitment to reach two million learners in three years, and expanding IBM SkillsBuild to collaborate with universities and nonprofits on new generative AI education for learners all over the world,” IBM Vice President Justina Nixon-Saintil, explained. 

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IBM also highlighted that the launch of the enhanced version aligns with its commitment to train 30 million individuals by 2030. Currently, there are over seven million people enrolled in IBM courses since 2021. 

“IBM’s legacy of investing in the future of work includes making free online learning widely available, with clear pathways to employment, and a focus on historically underrepresented communities in tech, where the skills gap is wider,” the firm concluded.

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