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Coinstore Wraps Up Premiere Brand Conference in Dubai, Showcases New Crypto Initiatives

Photo for the Article - Coinstore Wraps Up Premiere Brand Conference in Dubai, Showcases New Crypto Initiatives

Crypto exchange Coinstore successfully concluded its “2024 Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference” in Dubai on April 17, 2024. The event attracted over 500 crypto entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and key opinion leaders (KOLs).

2024 Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference

Coinstore spearheaded discussions on the latest developments and opportunities in the crypto industry at the conference.

The event, co-hosted by ICP, Infinity Ventures, and BTC Security Labs, featured partnerships with renowned institutions such as the Sei Foundation, Conflux, ALGORAND, DAO Maker, Metis, Oobit, Taisu Venture, BEVM, the Cardano Foundation, Telos, W3GG, the XDC Network, ABCDE Capital, Ampverse, Circle, Kaisar, DFG, Jsquare, and Sandbox.

More than 100 global media outlets covered the conference, which Coinstore also live-streamed on its own channels, CS Live and YouTube.

“The brand conference is a new starting point for Coinstore. To serve as a bridge within and outside the industry, Coinstore will organize more offline events in the future to offer impressive insights,” the exchange highlighted.

Announcements and Achievements

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At the grand brand conference, Coinstore unveiled two significant announcements.

Manfred Chew, associate director of Coinstore, introduced the launch of the IEO 2.0 product, designed to support innovative projects by leveraging Coinstore’s operational expertise to enhance project development.

Additionally, a brand ambassador recruitment program was announced to expand Coinstore’s reach through collaboration with prominent KOLs in the crypto industry. The exchange noted that this initiative builds on Coinstore’s existing partnerships with over 400 KOLs and its commitment to promoting itself as the preferred platform for initial launches.

The media release also highlighted that since its inception in 2020, Coinstore has served more than 700 project teams and reached over 7 million users within three years. The firm noted that through constant evolution and growth, it has established strong footholds in Indonesia, India, and Nigeria, which serve as its primary hubs.


Photo for the Article - Coinstore Wraps Up Premiere Brand Conference in Dubai, Showcases New Crypto Initiatives

During the afternoon session, speakers discussed the potential of Real World Assets (RWA) in the crypto market.

According to them, RWA could enhance investor confidence and market value by providing tangible asset backing. Additionally, it promises higher liquidity, lower transaction costs, and increased investment opportunities in traditional financial markets. The digitization of RWA could expand DeFi’s reach and improve transparency and security through digital management.

Moreover, in the field of Depin, Chloe Phung underscored latency challenges and low TPS rates as impediments to progress, suggesting remedies via the implementation of Unicorn Ultra (U2U) Network’s subnet.

On the other hand, IVC partner Ann Chen expressed optimism about the potential of Decentralized Identifier (DID), gaming, and infrastructure sectors, emphasizing the importance of decentralization for information-based decentralized applications (DApps), signaling IVC’s commitment to continued investment in these areas.

Looking Forward

Photo for the Article - Coinstore Wraps Up Premiere Brand Conference in Dubai, Showcases New Crypto Initiatives

In a statement, Coinstore expressed its goal to make a meaningful impact beyond just business success.

“Coinstore firmly believes that blockchain technology will create a fairer world and is committed to providing better tools for society so that they can master the power of web3,” the statement read.

It emphasized that it organizes events like Cryptalk and CS Connect to connect industry insiders and outsiders. Coinstore noted that it had already held over 30 Cryptalks, almost 40 CS Connects, and 22 Expo conferences.

Consequently, it was stressed that the brand conference marks a fresh beginning for Coinstore to strengthen connections between industry sectors. Coinstore plans to host more offline events to become a platform for sharing industry insights.

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