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Zircuit Readies for Mainnet Launch with Potential Airdrop for Early Users

Photo for the Article - Zircuit Readies for Mainnet Launch with Potential Airdrop for Early Users

Zircuit, an upcoming layer-2 protocol on the Ethereum Network, is gearing up for its mainnet debut, potentially offering an airdrop to its early users, or “OGs.”

In an interesting twist, participants will also have the opportunity to earn points redeemable across various Ethereum-based protocols.

Introduction to Zircuit

Zircuit ( is an AI-powered, EVM-compatible zero-knowledge rollup aimed at unleashing the limitless potential of web3. “Over the past 18 months, we have led research into rollup security tooling, compression, and scaling cryptography, earning multiple L2 research grants from the Ethereum Foundation,” the developers stated.

Photo for the Article - Zircuit Readies for Mainnet Launch with Potential Airdrop for Early Users

The protocol leverages AI security software within its transaction sequencer to monitor the mempool for malicious activities, thereby protecting users from smart contract hacks and on-chain scams.

Boasting a “unique architecture,” Zircuit combines proven infrastructure with ZK proofs to facilitate faster, cost-effective transactions. “By breaking down circuits into specialized parts and aggregating proofs, we achieve greater efficiency and reduced operating costs. This setup allows for larger transaction batches and expedited proof processing, benefiting users with quicker and cheaper transactions,” the website explains.

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As of now, Zircuit remains in its testnet phase, with a planned mainnet launch this summer.

The platform will enable users to stake EVM-based tokens, bridge assets to the Ethereum network, develop dapps atop the protocol, and explore transactions within the rollup. “Zircuit’s native bridge infrastructure incorporates top-tier security architecture and best practices. The canonical bridge is straightforward and secure for users,” the team assured.

“Zircuit integrates seamlessly with all major Ethereum apps and wallets such as MetaMask, as well as tools like Hardhat, allowing developers to deploy Ethereum dapps without learning a new programming language or framework,” they added.

Guide to Zircuit’s Airdrop

Photo for the Article - Zircuit Readies for Mainnet Launch with Potential Airdrop for Early Users

Though not yet confirmed, there is speculation about a potential rewards distribution following the mainnet launch or the introduction of a native token. Zircuit’s new points system will enable users to “earn Zircuit Points for future rewards by participating in various ecosystem activities, to be announced soon,” according to a recent statement.

Participants can join the points system as follows:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up using an email address.
  3. Wait for an “invite code.”
  4. Access
  5. Enter the invite code.
  6. Connect a wallet. Compatible wallets include WalletConnect, Ledger Live, Binance Web3 Wallet, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet.
  7. Stake $ETH and various liquidity tokens, earning points based on the token type and amount.
  8. Refer new users to earn additional points.
  9. Return to the initial link to monitor accrued points.

Stakers are guaranteed to earn APR on their stakes in addition to points, and they will automatically receive points from other EVM-compatible protocols and projects like Eigen Layer, KelpDAO, Ethena, and Lido, among others.

Furthermore, Zircuit is running a “Build-to-Earn” campaign, inviting participants to propose useful dapps for the ecosystem at Selected proposals may receive points or other forms of rewards.

There is also an active bounty program. Participants can report bugs found within the platform to, adhering to ethical standards and legal requirements.

Bug Bounty Rewards

  • For smart contract vulnerabilities: Up to $100,000 USDC for critical issues.
  • For web vulnerabilities: Up to $10,000 USDC for critical issues.

“We are committed to maintaining the highest security standards for our systems and users, as highlighted in our Bug Bounty Program,” the team concluded.

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