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Local Platform Likha Acquires Superordinary Friends NFT

Philippine Telcos and NFTs - Superordinary Friends, which was partnered with Globe, is acquired by Likha.
  • Likha, a Filipino NFT marketplace under BayaniChain, has acquired a majority stake in the art-centric collection Superordinary Friends.
  • Likha CEO Gelo Wong emphasized the collection’s significance as a symbol of homegrown art and innovation, aligning with the marketplace’s vision to showcase Filipino artistry to a wider international audience.
  • Superordinary Friends, originally led by Alinea Collective, transitioned due to changing market conditions and will focus on art under TRNZ’s leadership, with a roadmap set for completion in September.

Homegrown non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Likha, a subsidiary of BayaniChain, announced its acquisition of the majority stake in the art-centric collection Superordinary Friends. 

SuperOrdinary Friends Acquisition

In a statement, Likha stressed that its acquisition of the art collection is a move that is poised to change the NFT landscape, as it will not only strengthen its position as a major player in the NFT industry but also highlight its dedication to promoting Filipino artistry on a global scale.

“This initiative is just one among many that reinforces Likha’s unwavering commitment to promoting digital art and innovation,” the marketplace stated. 

Superordinary Friends, launched in November 2022, quickly gained popularity in the digital art scene due to its unique creations by the renowned Filipino artist Terence Eduarte, also known as TRNZ. It was originally led by Alinea Collective, a Singapore-based food photography company.

However, in light of changing market conditions, the project shared that it required a new direction. According to Eduarte, following the transition, Superordinary Friends will be starting from scratch as no funds were transferred.

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The artist also highlighted that the transition will cause the collection to refocus on art, not food:

“Our collaboration with Vinyl on Vinyl offers us the opportunity to create a space where art takes the main stage, promoting creativity, expression, and unity through our shared appreciation for the arts.”

In addition, he shared that the roadmap for Superordinary Friends is nearing completion and will be shared in September.

Last year, the collection had a partnership with telecommunication giant Globe for its #ExtraGDay celebration. The NFTs were given as prizes in a rewards point raffle, and could also be redeemed through the pre-sale Superordinary Friends NFT voucher for 1,000 Rewards points.

Meanwhile, for Likha CEO Gelo Wong, the collection “isn’t just a project, it’s a symbol of homegrown art and innovation.”

“Our acquisition aligns with Likha’s vision to not only expand our product range globally but also to showcase Filipino artistry to a wider international audience. There’s a rich tapestry of art and culture in the Philippines that we believe the world should see. I’m confident that TRNZ and his work will set an example for many aspiring Filipino artists in the near future,” Wong affirmed.

Likha is a pioneering NFT platform on Polygon that claims to unlock the digital asset industry and offers a hub for buying, selling, and uploading unique digital assets. 

Likha Partnerships and Activities

Just this year, the platform collaborated with artist Reen Barrera, Vinyl on Vinyl, and GCash to launch the “House of Ohlala” NFT project. 

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Last year, Likha partnered with two Philippine real estate projects Nesttree Properties, a bespoke developer in Manila, and FarmJuan, an agritech company. The partnership aims to introduce leisure farm villas exclusively for NFT holders, enabling them to become general partners of a Zambales farm property. 

In June 2022, the non-profit organization Humanility collaborated with Likha to present the “Empowered Children – From the Streets to School – Art Collection,” which consists of 76 NFTs, featuring hand-drawn illustrations by foster children currently under Humanility Philippines’ care. The initiative aimed to generate income for the organization to provide these children with improved lives.

It also participated in the recent Makati City’s art exhibition “Paint to Pixel.” The exhibition showcased digital artworks utilizing augmented reality and NFTs from local creative communities. Likha was also present during the CryptoArt Week Asia (CAWA), a festival of art, music, performance, and experiences in Singapore last September 23-30, 2022.

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