Sky Mavis Increases Rewards in Axie Infinity Homeland Beta

Play to Earn: Sky Mavis increases earnings potential in Axie Homeland (Land) to encourage diverse playerbase.

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Sky Mavis Unveils Enhanced Rewards in Axie Infinity’s Homeland Beta Launch

Sky Mavis, developers of hit web3 game Axie Infinity, has announced the launch of its Homeland Beta on January 24th.

Key Facts

  • The Homeland Beta introduces a suite of new features, including a Land Delegation marketplace, integration of NFT axies, and an updated AXS reward loop, all underpinned by a major graphical overhaul.
  • This move is seen as a strategic effort by Sky Mavis to enhance the earning potential for real players.

Revamped AXS Rewards System

A key highlight of the Homeland Beta is the revamped AXS Loop, which focuses on the utilization ratio of land plots in Lunacia, the game’s virtual world.

  • This metric aims to balance the distribution of land plots with active player engagement.
    The daily earning cap on each plot has been significantly increased – now 2.7 times higher than in the pre-beta phase.
  • Moonfalls, Moonbeam, Quests, and Events offers players new avenues to earn and win rewards, with 45 daily prizes now available.

Sky Mavis’s strategy includes recalibrating the distribution of AXS earnings.

  • A portion of the AXS not earned up to each plot’s daily cap will fuel the Moonbeam rewards pool, while the rest will be reinvested into the game through special events and leaderboard prizes.

Land Staking Rewards: Encouraging Active Gameplay

Photo for the Article - Sky Mavis Increases Rewards in Axie Infinity Homeland Beta

Since July 1st, 2022, Sky Mavis has offered land staking rewards, allowing landowners to earn AXS by staking their plots. This feature was initially intended as a temporary measure during the game’s development stages.

  • The company now shifts focus from passive earning to active gameplay rewards, encouraging players to engage more deeply with the game.
  • Landowners can now delegate their plots to active players through the Delegation Marketplace, fostering a collaborative environment that supports both plot owners and active players.

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