[Update] Ronin-Based Pixels Airdrop Confirmed To Ron Stakers

Learn more about who is eligible for the Pixel airdrop as well as when it will be available.

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Update: February 9, 2024: Pixels is also airdropping to people who stake their RON tokens:

  • Pixels Announces Final Rewards for $RON Stakers: To honor the Ronin community’s support, Pixels has unveiled a final reward distribution for $RON stakers, allocating a total of 20 million $PIXEL in two phases. (We discussed how to stake RON here.)
  • Immediate and Future Allocation: The first batch of 10 million $PIXEL is being distributed immediately, with the remaining 10 million scheduled for distribution in a month, following the snapshot date of February 8th, 2:00:00 GMT.
  • Tiered Reward System: Rewards are categorized into four tiers based on the amount of $RON staked, with allocations ranging from 183.34 $PIXEL for 1 $RON staked to 3,955.11 $PIXEL for 8317.4 $RON staked.
    • 1 $RON: 183.34 $PIXEL
    • 55 $RON: 675.75 $PIXEL
    • 684.64 $RON: 2,315.77 $PIXEL
    • 8317.4 $RON: 3,955.11 $PIXEL
  • Claiming Process and Eligibility: Eligible users can claim half of their entitled rewards now, with the second half claimable provided they maintain their tier eligibility. All claims must be made within three months from eligibility, with rewards dispatched to users’ in-game mailboxes.
  • Access and Participation: Participants without an existing account can easily join by logging in with their Ronin wallet through the provided link to https://play.pixels.xyz, ensuring broad accessibility to the rewards program.

Update: February 8, 2024: $PIXEL is launching on Binance launchpad:

  • $PIXEL Launch on Binance Launchpool Announced: Pixels, a leading web3 game, prepares for its next growth phase with $PIXEL’s listing on Binance Launchpool, following a successful 2023 that saw daily active users (DAU) exceed 180K.
  • 2023: A Year of Significant Growth: The game’s growth attributed to its vibrant community and migration to Ronin, Sky Mavis’ proprietary blockchain, solidifying its status among the largest web3 games.
  • Focus on Sustainable Growth: With the Binance listing, Pixels aims to enhance gameplay and support a robust ecosystem, building on a foundation of community engagement.
  • Tokenomics Evolution: Pixels is prioritizing sustainability by focusing on $PIXEL and phasing out $BERRY. $BERRY holders will be rewarded with $PIXEL, aiming for a sustainable, long-term economy.
  • Strategic Shift to Single Currency: To address inflation and regulatory challenges, $BERRY will be replaced by an off-chain coin, with strategies to reduce sell-pressure and streamline the economic model.
  • Next Steps for $BERRY Holders: $BERRY holders will be rewarded with $PIXEL, with in-game processes reflecting both on-chain and off-chain balances. A conversion rate of 1000 $BERRY to 7.6175 $PIXEL is established, encouraging early conversion for better rates.

Recently migrated web3 game Pixels confirmed the launch of its in-game token, $PIXEL, together with the second season of its “Play-to-Airdrop.” 

Pixels’s Play-to-Airdrop Program

In a statement, Pixels explained that its Play-to-Airdrop program aims to allow anyone with a crypto wallet and access to the Internet to participate and earn free crypto. 

How to be eligible in Pixels Airdrop

“Users didn’t have to join alpha groups or get whitelist codes from influencers; they just had to play the game. Since then, the concept of P2A has taken over Web3. P2A campaigns have become the new standard,” it wrote. 

Last year, it hosted season one of its airdrop program, where players should harvest Scarrots to earn badges. Each badge contains a certain number of points, and a certain number of points equates to a certain number of rewards, the pre-mint level of $PIXEL also happened that season.

“We are quickly approaching the token generation event (TGE) for $PIXEL. To express our gratitude and welcome new users to the Pixels Universe, we’ve opted for a P2A 2.0 campaign,” the team shared.

Pixels P2A Season 2 – How to Farm $PIXEL

The second season still has badges. To start joining and earn free $PIXEL:

  1. Create an account at https://play.pixels.xyz/.
  2. Connect Ronin wallet. 
  3. Go to https://pixels.xyz/airdrop2.
  4. Look for the tasks needed for each badge. 
  5. Complete the badges to earn points. 
  6. Refer friends to earn points. 

According to the team, a points multiplier will also be implemented: those who will surpass 1,000 points will have a 10% multiplier, a 20% multiplier for those who will surpass 2,000 points, and a 30% multiplier for those with 3,000 and above points. 

The airdrop will also be active until January 19, 2024, only, and the top 7,000 players in the leaderboard will only receive rewards. The game will also give $PIXELS to 1,000 random players who will earn more than 3,000 points. 

“This P2A campaign is designed to cater to our entire user base, spanning from longtime players to newcomers, social players, crypto enthusiasts, and everyone in between. We want to build a user base with aligned incentives, and get our token into their hands. A Play-to-Airdrop system the best way to do so,” the ream advertised. 

What is Pixels?

Photo for the Article - [Update] Ronin-Based Pixels Airdrop Confirmed To Ron Stakers
Web3 Game Pixels of Polygon Moves to Ronin Blockchain of Axie Infinity

Pixels (https://www.pixels.xyz/) is a blockchain game that recently migrated to Ronin, the blockchain built by Sky Mavis, the developer of the popular blockchain game Axie Infinity. It is an open-ended world of farming and exploration that allows players to farm, cook, and personalize their own lands. 

What is $BERRY?

It has two in-game currencies—$PIXEL and $BERRY. $BERRY operates on an inflationary model and can be earned through in-game interactions. While $PIXEL can only be earned by the top players who will finish certain tasks. $PIXEL is also expected to be used to access guild features, pet mints, and enhancement of assets like character and land.  

“Gathering resources, advancing skills, and building relationships while exploring the story and quests woven throughout the Pixels Universe, you’ll be submerged in a mesmerizing blend of managing, creating, and exploring in a world that marries blockchain ownership with your progression and accomplishments,” the game’s whitepaper read. “We aim to create a fun, easy-going, blockchain-backed game. We believe that Pixels will be the gateway for millions into web3.”

Pixels Game – Upcoming Features

As of this writing, the game promised to release more features in the future, including: 

  • Income and Business Benchmarks
  • Level Progression
  • Skills Progression
  • Horticulture Leveling
  • Animal Husbandry Leveling
  • Elements of Sabotage

“Pixels has been around for 2 years, but we’re just getting started. We have ambitious goals, including the establishment of a sustainable Web3 ecosystem with $PIXEL,” they concluded. 

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