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Metamask Snaps Extends Wallet Compatibility Beyond Ethereum

Metamask Snaps Extends Wallet Compatibility Beyond Ethereum
  • ConsenSys has launched the first iteration of MetaMask Snaps, a new system that provides users with extensive control and customization options for their web3 experience. 
  • The initial rollout of MetaMask Snaps features 34 Snaps that cover transaction insights, interoperability with blockchains like Tezos, Cosmos, Bitcoin and Solana, and web3-specific notifications within MetaMask. 
  • MetaMask Snaps represents an open platform for innovation, and developers can publish Snaps to the platform without charges, promoting permissionless innovation.

ConsenSys, a blockchain and web3 software company, recently announced the public launch of the first iteration of MetaMask Snaps–a new system offering users “unprecedented control and customization.”

Metamask Snaps Public Launch

MetaMask Snaps

In a statement, ConsenSys emphasized that the public launch of MetaMask Snaps is a significant milestone in the development of MetaMask as a wallet. The new system, offering users a new set of tools developed by third-party developers around the world, will empower individuals to tailor their web3 experience to their specific needs and preferences.

According to the developers, the initial iterations of MetaMask Snaps will focus on obtaining feedback from experienced MetaMask users who try out the new feature. 

With the feedback in mind, the MetaMask team assured that they will continue to develop MetaMask Snaps in line with their ultimate vision—to create an open, permissionless system of innovation where any web3 developer can build a Snap and make it available to users.

“The most important part of the Snaps story to me is that we now have a system at the heart of our wallet that allows us to step back and humbly invite the community to provide their own solutions to the hardest problems. I have some big ideas and opinions about what the future of transaction safety could look like, but that’s no reason for it to be the only idea being validated.” 

Dan Finlay, Co-founder, MetaMask and Chief Ethos, ConsenSys

Finlay stressed that ConsenSys is at the forefront of a new paradigm of distributed computing, and that there are many questions that require creative solutions. Therefore, he believes that reducing the barrier and cost of experimentation can be a significant catalyst in finding good answers to those difficult issues.

“This isn’t about accelerating technology for its own sake, it’s about accelerating the process of finding improvements in the ways we do things.”

Dan Finlay, Co-founder, MetaMask and Chief Ethos, ConsenSys
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Moreover, Christian Montoya, Product Lead for MetaMask Snaps, stated that MetaMask Snaps is being built as an open platform for innovation, and developers will not be charged to publish Snaps to the platform. In the past, MetaMask features were solely developed by MetaMask developers who were employed by ConsenSys.

“We believe that permissionless innovation is a cornerstone of a decentralized system—no gatekeepers. Innovation thrives at the pace of the network, not just within an individual development team at ConsenSys.”

Christian Montoya, Product Lead, MetaMask

In addition, the third-party developers can build and maintain their own Snaps independently of MetaMask as well as retain ownership of their code and have a direct connection with their users.

The media release disclosed that MetaMask has been in talks with over 150 developers from various regions around the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe, LATAM, and the US, in the past few months to broaden the array of Snaps.

What is Metamask Snaps?

MetaMask Snaps

MetaMask Snaps is a program that allows third-party developers to build on the MetaMask platform. This will give users more control and customization options. The program is currently in the early stages and is being tested by experienced MetaMask users.

The initial rollout of MetaMask Snaps will include 34 Snaps that provide utility around transaction insights, interoperability with blockchains like Bitcoin, Tezos, Cosmos, and Solana. 

Consensys stated that the MetaMask team has manually approved these Snaps after they have undergone security audits. These Snaps serve as the starting point for enhancing the web3 experience by offering features such as transaction insights for improved security awareness, interoperability with non-EVM blockchains and web3-specific notifications within MetaMask to keep users informed and engaged. 

The firm stressed that the goal is to continuously audit and include Snaps in the allowlist until a permissionless system is established, eliminating the need for an intermediary process and expanding web3 capabilities.

Snaps are third-party applications that add features and functionality to MetaMask. They can connect to blockchain protocols beyond Ethereum, show insights about transactions, display notifications, add new privacy and identity features, and much more.

ConsenSys expressed eagerness for the time when MetaMask users will be able to utilize the convenience and versatility of Snaps, which are tailored to various use cases and protocols. They believe that users will see features that have not yet been imagined, developed at a pace that MetaMask could not have achieved on its own.

Recent Metamask News

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