Starship Launched, A Builder-Centric Fundraising Platform

Ninety Eight unveils Starship, a community-driven fundraising platform within its ecosystem, providing Web3 builders with professional support, exclusive exposure, and a customized funding approach.

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Vietnamese Web3 coalition Ninety Eight recently launched Starship, a community-driven fundraising platform designed to empower long-term builders. According to it, the platform will operate as an integral part of the Ninety Eight ecosystem, providing builders with the professional platform, consulting, and exclusive exposure they need to bring their ventures to life.

What is Starship?

Ninety Eight describes Starship as a community-driven fundraising platform designed to empower Web3 builders.

Starship will operate within the Ninety Eight ecosystem to provide builders at various stages of project development with a professional platform, consulting services, and exclusive exposure.

“With Coin98 Super Wallet as our heartbeat, and the addition of Starship as our catalyst, we are poised to serve as the genesis of grand visions, empowering true builders to realize their dreams and contribute to the growth and mass adoption of Web3,” Ninety Eight stated.

What does Starship do?

According to the announcement, Starship targets high-potential projects, aiming to bridge the gaps in current funding platforms and democratize crypto investment.

Moreover, Ninety Eight pointed out that Starship provides a customized funding methodology that supports builders through the development of their project— at every stage, from pre-public fundraising to initial development to public token sales to community engagement to post-launch financing to growth and expansion.

In addition, it also offers a fundraising toolkit, crypto exchange network, and the Starship Alliance—a network of investors, exchanges, resources, and consultants. 

The statement noted that the platform aims to ease and simplify the journey from “zero to one” for startups, unlocking new opportunities and contributing to the growth of Web3.

“Beyond finance and alliances, we help align products with target audience needs and apply successful go-to-market tactics to acquire large user bases, positioning the business as a Web3 industry leader,” the developers wrote.

What is the Ninety Eight Ecosystem?

Formerly known as Coin98 Finance, Ninety Eight is an ecosystem dedicated to finding and funding blockchain companies that empower human potential, reinforcing its commitment to driving innovation in the crypto space. 

The firm recently unveiled a $25 million Ecosystem Fund alongside new products like OneID and Zen Card. Operating within the Ninety Eight ecosystem, these initiatives aim to facilitate Web3 accessibility.  The $C98 token remains the primary utility token within Ninety Eight, supporting the ecosystem’s innovative ventures.

Last month, its backed entity TomoChain also rebranded to the new name “Viction” after five years of operation. The name is a combination of “Vision” and “Victory,” symbolizing the platform’s legacy and emphasizing its future commitment to real-world use and human values. The rebranding includes a refreshed visual identity, a planned ticker change, and an updated vision, mission, and core values.

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