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How to Sell on MetaMask via Portfolio

how to sell on metamask via portfolio
  • MetaMask Portfolio introduces a new “Sell” feature, enabling users to easily convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat currency. This article is about how to sell on MetaMask using the app’s portfolio page.
  • The “Sell” feature supports various providers to offer users real-time options for converting ETH on the Ethereum Mainnet into fiat currency.
  • The feature is initially available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe. Metamask expressed its desire for the global expansion of Sell.

MetaMask Portfolio, the decentralized application (dApp) of the ConsenSys-back self-custodial wallet, released a new feature called Sell. It allows users to easily cash out  crypto to fiat currency.

What is Sell?

Metamask noted that with its “Sell” and its “Buy” features, users will be able to have a “more self-sufficient web3 experience” with fewer intermediaries and faster fiat conversion directly to their preferred destination.

In addition, the firm stated that it supports a variety of providers to ensure that users have different real-time options for converting their ETH on the Ethereum Mainnet to fiat currency.

The Sell feature is currently available in the United States (state restrictions apply), the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe. MetaMask expressed its intention to further expand globally.

“Ensuring a way for users to enter and exit crypto freely is important and we hope these options make web3 attainable to more people. We’re initially supporting ETH on Ethereum Mainnet, with plans to expand to native gas tokens on layer 2 networks soon and fiat currency USD, EUR, and GBP.” 


How to Sell on MetaMask

Step 1: Connect MetaMask wallet to

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Step 2: Click the “Sell” tab. 

Step 3: Select region.

Step 4: Select token and network to sell from and select fiat account destination available.

Step 5: Enter the crypto amount to sell. (Note:Real-time quotes from all providers will be available). 

Step 6: Upon being redirected to the provider’s website, one should sign up and link their fiat account. Once this is done, they will be redirected back to their MetaMask Portfolio.

Step 7. Select the “Send ETH to Provider” option. Confirm transaction once prompt is received. 

How to Sell on MetaMask
How to Sell on MetaMask

Metamask highlighted that users can monitor the progress of their order in the “Sell” tab as it is being processed. The time required for the funds to appear in the fiat account may vary depending on the provider and could take a few days.

What is Metamask Portfolio?

MetaMask Portfolio is a dapp that allows users to view their MetaMask accounts and their assets in one place. Users can also watch any wallet without connecting to it. Additionally, users can buy, swap, bridge, and stake their assets.

Other Metamask Portfolio Features


Launched in late 2020, MetaMask Swap allows users to exchange tokens directly from their desktop or mobile wallet by combining data from decentralized exchange aggregators, market makers, and decentralized exchanges. This allows users to get the lowest network fees.

Early this year, MetaMask Swap observed an increase in token swap volumes, which was likely affected by the ongoing collapses of U.S. fiat banks Silvergate Capital and Silicon Valley Bank. This surge, which lasted for about six days from March 9 to 14, brought about a 145.78% increase in token swap volumes over the previous seven weeks, according to DappRadar.

How to Sell on MetaMask - Swap Feature is also available
How to Sell on MetaMask – Swap Feature is also available


MetaMask Bridges, a bridge aggregator designed to simplify token transfers between different blockchain networks, aims to assist users in locating the most efficient routes for moving their tokens across chains. It addresses the growing complexity of bridging activities in the crypto space and offers a curated selection of bridge solutions, reducing uncertainty for users.

The beta version of MetaMask Bridges supports 1:1 bridging for ETH/WETH, stablecoins, and native gas tokens, allowing transfers of up to \$10,000 per transaction across Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. It has integrated bridge aggregators such as Socket and LI.FI, offering vetted bridge providers for added security.

It is accessible to users via the MetaMask Browser Extension or the MetaMask mobile in-app browser.


MetaMask Staking allows users to stake their ETH directly through the MetaMask app.This feature connects users with two leading staking providers, Lido and Rocket Pool, thus eliminating the need for additional applications to stake ETH.

MetaMask Staking aims to simplify the process by providing an intuitive and user-friendly way for users to interact with staking providers.


The Buy feature was designed with convenience and simplicity in mind, enabling users to purchase crypto easily and fund their wallets in a matter of clicks.

MetaMask users in 189 countries can access this feature and choose from multiple payment methods, including debit/credit cards, PayPal (excluding Hawaii in the U.S.), bank transfers, Instant ACH, and local options. More payment methods are expected to be added in the future. 

It supports the purchase of over 90 tokens across various networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Binance Smart Chain, and others. Order limits may apply depending on your selected region and its KYC regulations.

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