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Metasports, Nouns Esports Collab for SEA Web3 Gaming

Photo for the Article - Metasports, Nouns Esports Collab for SEA Web3 Gaming
  • The collaboration aims to onboard non-web3 users onto the blockchain, promote web3 technology, and empower players in Southeast Asia.
  • Participants in tournaments will receive Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) soulbound tokens (SBTs) as commemorative tokens.

With the aim to revolutionize gaming in Southeast Asia, Metasports, a web3 and esports media house, recently announced its partnership with decentralized autonomous organization, Nouns DAO.

Metasports x Nouns Esports

As part of the collaboration, Metasports’ SEAesport Community Showdown (ComShow) will spearhead the alliance to create community-building initiatives for casual gamers. ComShow has previously produced professionally-run esports tournaments.

“Community Showdown has always been an amazing IP for us to kickstart a competitive community in rising games. We’re also big fans of the Nouns Esports’ initiatives as our values and direction in building esports align,” Joe “0xNasa” Josue, Metasports CEO, stated.

Photo for the Article - Metasports, Nouns Esports Collab for SEA Web3 Gaming

He also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to be the first SEA-supported initiative of Nouns Esports. He then noted that this will be the beginning of a successful campaign to promote the Marvel Snap competitive community and Nouns Esports’ exposure to the Asia Pacific.

Metasports and Nouns Esports partner to provide immersive gaming experiences, promote web3 tech, and empower players in Southeast Asia.

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Moreover, one of the main goals of this collaboration is to onboard non-web3 users onto the blockchain, to allow them to experience web3 and become active participants in the ecosystem. In addition, the initiative will guide web2 gamers to create wallets and engage with web3 tech.

Consequently, participants will receive Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) soulbound tokens (SBTs) to commemorate their tournament participation. SBTs are non-transferable tokens that store identity, achievements, and credentials.

What is Marvel Snap?

According to a media release, Marvel Snap is a fast-paced card game with innovative mechanics, theorycrafting, and a growing player base which made it a the natural choice for Nouns ComShow. Moreover, the show chose Marvel Snap as its featured game after Metasports held weekly tournaments with over 350 players.

“This rising title has captivated the gaming community and garnered widespread acclaim by securing multiple Game of the Year Awards,” the release reads.

Peter “ppd” Dager, Nouns Esports Pod Member, stated that their partnership with Metasports through Prop House will amplify their engagement in the Southeast Asian market. 

“We hope the phenomenal success of Marvel Snap and expert execution by Metasports will lead to future proposals targeting the region.” Dager added.

Other Metasports News

Last March, Metasports was able to onboard web3 gaming content creator YellowPanther as its Creator Partner which will provide him with specialized support areas like content production, deal management, and game due-diligence.

In addition to YellowPanther, Metasports’ first creator partner was Kookoo CryptoTV, an XtoEarn content creator, Level Up Gaming Guild founder, and pioneering web3 PH face who was onboarded in November 2022.

In February 2023, Metasports became a co-owner of Oasis Gaming to support its mission of becoming the destination for gaming and esports communities in the Philippines and beyond.

Earlier this year, data aggregator BlockchainSpace (BSPC) acquired the majority of IP House MetaSports. 

Metaverse Esport or MetaSports is an esports and web3 gaming organization, content hub, and media agency launched in late 2021 by SEAesport. It focuses on web3 and web2 gaming IPs, including Lunacian Sports League, Kookoo, Overdrive Studios, and Community Showdown.

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