GCash’s GStocks Online Trading Platform Now Live For Every Filipino

GStocks has received SEC approval for a public launch, enabling 80 million users to invest in PSE-listed companies for as little as ₱50.

GStocks Online Trading Platform of GCash
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the launch of GStocks, an in-app trading platform offered by Gcash.
  • GStocks PH is the local online trading offering by Gcash in partnership with AB Capital Securities. 
  • It provides users with seamless trading experiences, enabling trading for as low as ₱50 in over 280 local PSE-listed companies.

Six months after its initial pilot run on select users, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has finally given the go signal for the public launch of GStocks online trading platform of GCash.

This will allow the e-wallet’s 80 million users to buy and sell shares from companies listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), monitor their portfolios, and access a stock watch list and analytics tools.

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GStocks PH Overview

GStocks is Now Available for All Users

According to Commissioner Kelvin Lester Lee, the green light is part of the SEC’s support for the new innovations in financial technology (fintech) and how this can empower more Filipinos to have access to legitimate investment opportunities.

GCash offers two varieties of stock trading: GStocks PH, the local stock offering powered by AB Capital Securities, Inc., a licensed stockbroker that provides online trading services; and GStocks Global, where users can buy, sell, and manage, U.S. stocks through GCash’s trade platform provider, EasyEquities. 

Actual trading in the GStocks Global is not yet launched in the app at the time this article is published. The only accessible feature was the GStocks Game– which is purely fictional. The earned play money cannot be transferred to GCash or exchanged for Philippine pesos.

GCash and PSE Partnership

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Gstocks Overview

Meanwhile, for GCash CEO Martha Sazon, the e-wallet is aiming to continue to collaborate with “like-minded organizations” to empower Filipinos and help them grow their wealth, expressing her gratitude to the SEC and PSE. 

Accordingly, AB Capital Group’s Executive Chairman Antonio Jose Periquet, Jr. emphasized that the strategic partnership between GCash and the PSE is a significant contribution to the country’s financial inclusion agenda. 

He also stressed that the Philippines currently has only a little over 1% of Filipinos investing in the stock market:

“Now that AB Capital Securities Inc.’s online trading platform is available on GCash, millions more can invest in some of the biggest, most profitable, and well-managed listed companies on the PSE – giving them greater potential to earn more from their hard-earned money.”

In February, GStocks ran a month-long trial run with stock brokerage firm AB Capital Securities Inc. In September 2022, the PSE revealed its partnership with GCash, which will allow ‌users of the mobile wallet to invest in the stock market. 

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GStocks PH Features

GStocks PH provides a seamless and reliable online trading experience, GCash claims. It allows users to trade for a minimum investment of as little as ₱50 in over 280 local companies listed on the PSE.

The platform offers an in-app stock trading facility with features like 24×7 portfolio access, stock watchlists, direct research reports, and direct order entry and modification. 

Moreover, users can also access real-time quotes, intraday charts, bid and ask columns, Philippine Stock Exchange news, company disclosures, and set stock price alerts for timely notifications.

How to Register on GStocks Online Trading Platform

To register for a GStocks account, users must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a Filipino citizen living in the Philippines.
  • Have a fully verified GCash account.
  • Have updated their information in the last two years.

Overseas Filipino workers and non-Filipino residents can also apply, provided they have a social security number or taxpayer identification number. Foreigners must also provide a passport.

In addition, to create a Basic AB Capital Trading Account via GStocks PH:

  • Step 1: On the GCash app, open GInvest and tap on GStocks. 
  • Step 2: Review or update personal information. 
  • Step 3: Complete missing information (if there is any) and attach a picture of three specimen signatures. 
  • Step 4: Read and accept the ABCSI client service and risk disclosure agreement, ABCSI data sharing agreement, GCash data sharing agreement and REIT consent.
  • Step 5: Submit to complete your registration. 

Upon submission of the application, ABCSI will contact the user within 24 hours. The processing of the application may take up to seven business days, depending on the assessment of the documents submitted.

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