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Tezos Philippines Wraps Up PH-Themed NFT Minting Event

Tezos Philippines Wraps Up PH-Themed NFT Minting Event

Tezos Philippines concluded its Philippine-themed community non-fungible token (NFT) minting event called Tezos Kultura. The event focuses on the country’s rich history, culture, and heroism. The organization also shared their recent metrics following the event.

Tezos PH Metrics Update

As of Friday, September 8, among the submitted artworks, 123 editions were sold in the primary market, accumulating a total collection of 4,521.46tz (around $3142.41 or ₱179,000).

Moreover, Tezos Philippines told BitPinas that the community event was able to onboard “a considerable number” of participants into the space. 

The organization also emphasized that the #tezoskultura hashtag is one of the most popular hashtags on Tezos Twitter community – noting that even non-Filipinos are using the hashtag on their mints. 

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Wrapping up Tezos Kultura

During the event, there were 54 entries, 45 of which were eligible. Eligible works are the ones who submitted a copy of the NFT to the designated Tezos Kultura address. A total of 1,022 editions of the NFTs were created by the artists.

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The firm further added that the participants submitted artworks in a variety of formats, including photography, poetry, digital art, paintings, AI-assisted art, and more. For the event, different Tezos platforms were used, including Teia, Objkt, and Akaswap. 

Among the participants is Ely Macaso, an artist from the Lumad tribe in Bukidnon in Southern Philippines.

“This event gave us a chance to showcase our artwork, and there were so many talented people who participated. It’s a way to show the skill and talent of Filipino artists and also to showcase our culture, especially for  us, the indigenous people from the Bukidnon Tribe.”

Eli Macaso, Artist

What is Tezos Kultura

Tezos Philippines, in cooperation with its community partners CryptoArt PH, Bitshares Labs Inc., NFT Philippines, Tezos Filipinos, TZ APAC, and Filipinas NFT, hosted the Tezos Community Minting Event “Tezos Kultura”.

This event invited all Filipinos to create NFTs showcasing Filipino culture, history, and heroism in various art forms, such as visual arts, music, poetry, and more. To participate, artists had to mint their artworks on any Tezos platform, add the hashtag #TezosKultura, and send one edition to the Tezos Philippines Archival Wallet address.

The event was held for a period of one month, from August 1st to August 31st.

Tezos Events

Last March, Tezos Philippines, with the support of TZ APAC, organized the Women of Web3 NFT Community Minting Event which aimed to celebrate Women’s Month and International Women’s Day. The event recognized and honored women’s contributions to the rapidly evolving web3 space, while promoting inclusivity and diversity in the ecosystem.

Early this year, Tezos’ “Living System: An NFT Show” was part of Singapore Art Week’s S.E.A. where Filipino contemporary painter Bjorn Calleja was one of the six Southeast Asian artists who participated in this NFT art exhibition. The show showcased unique collections from these artists and allowed visitors to interact with NFT art in both visual and audio formats.

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