Treeverse, Capsule Heroes Developer Brings Its Games to Immutable zkEVM Blockchain

Web3 game developer Endless Clouds announced a partnership with Immutable to launch Treeverse and Capsule Heroes on Immutable.

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  • Endless Clouds, the developer of web3 game Treeverse, announces a partnership with Immutable to bring Treeverse and Capsule Heroes to zkEVM blockchain of Immutable.
  • The games will be released on Immutable zkEVM powered by Polygon, with the mainnet launch expected in early 2024. 
  • The games will be initially launched in open alpha and beta formats to encourage community participation in shaping the final versions.

Web3 game Treeverse developer Endless Clouds announced a partnership with network Immutable. The partnership will bring the game Treeverse as well as Capsule Heroes—two of its major titles—into the zkEVM blockchain. This revelation was met with some surprise in the web3 gaming community, who thought Treeverse will be launching on the Ronin blockchain of Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis.

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Endless Clouds Games in Immutable

According to the announcement, the mobile gaming studio will release its two games on Immutable zkEVM powered by Polygon; the mainnet launch is expected in early 2024. 

Treeverse and Capsule Heroes are set to launch initially in open alpha and beta formats. 

In a statement, the firm highlighted that the decision to launch in these formats is aimed at encouraging active participation from the gaming community. They added that the approach enables players to offer valuable feedback and play a role in shaping the final versions of the games.

“Community support for our studio has been incredible, and with the highly anticipated releases of Treeverse and Capsule Heroes nearing fruition, we needed to make a critical infrastructure decision for where our games will be featured. After carefully considering our options, we confidently selected Immutable to be the home of both titles, knowing the seamless and efficient experience our community will encounter when building on Immutable’s zkEVM technology,” Endless Clouds founder, Loopify, stated,

Moreover, Endless Clouds will also integrate with Immutable Passport, a single sign-on solution. This integration aims to streamline the onboarding process for new players participating in blockchain gaming, simplifying the management of gamer identities and digital assets across various games.

Treeverse Combat Trailer

Accordingly, Immutable highlighted that the integration of Passport, already utilized by over 500,000 users, is positioned to improve the onboarding experience for players engaging with Treeverse and Capsule Heroes.

“With this partnership we aren’t just signaling a promising future for these two titles – we’re continuing to drive a turning point for the overall games industry as the blockchain vertical continues to mature,” Robbie Ferguson, Immutable President & Co-Founder, said. 

Ferguson also highlighted the high anticipation surrounding both Treeverse and Capsule Heroes, expressing confidence that their choice to utilize Immutable’s platform will enhance the overall gaming experience for players.

The Games


Treeverse - 15 Min of Gameplay | Mobile MMORPG (Early Development)

It is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the mystical city of Lorwick. Within this virtual world, gamers have the opportunity to explore a rich and detailed environment, engage in battles against monsters, gather rare resources, and craft equipment. 

Additionally, the game incorporates a free-to-play, play-to-earn blockchain system, enabling players to have non-fungible token (NFT) items and characters while simultaneously accumulating ROOT tokens.

Capsule Heroes 

Capsule Heroes Trailer

The game is a player-vs-player brawler, encouraging collaboration in various game modes such as Occupy, Team Deathmatch, and Survival. 

Capsule Heroes features a wide array of unique skins for character customization, so players can stand out in battle. 

Currently in development, the game is slated to launch its Alpha version later this year.

Treeverse in Ronin? 

Prior to this announcement, many in the web3 gaming community, including some in Treeverse leadership may have hinted a potential migration to the Ronin network, a blockchain platform developed by Sky Mavis specifically for web3 gaming.

This news was met with anticipation and excitement by numerous players and investors, who eagerly awaited the integration.

In an X poll conducted by @PozosAxie, followers were asked why they desired Treeverse to be in Ronin. Out of 288 responses, 58.7% expressed that their preference is rooted in trust for the network.

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