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YGG, LongHash Ventures Partnership Announced

Photo for the Article - YGG, LongHash Ventures Partnership Announced

Editing and additional by Michael Mislos

Homegrown web3 gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) announced its partnership with LongHash Ventures, a prominent web3 investment firm and accelerator known for its governance insights and development of successful web3 projects. 

YGG x LongHash Ventures

Here are the specifics of the partnership:

  • LongHash Ventures has become a YGG token holder.
  • LongHash Ventures will actively contribute to shaping YGG’s guild protocol.
  • The venture will also assist in enhancing YGG tokenomics, particularly in the areas of questing and on-chain guild progression.

“Humans are social creatures, hence on-chain guilds are a key missing piece that will accelerate web3 gaming adoption. In retrospect, it will seem obvious, and inevitable. People want to find their tribe, and YGG will be the tribe of tribes, the guild of guilds.”

Wei Shi Khai, Co-Founder, LongHash Ventures

Wei said he is looking forward to YGG to once again lead the charge by “reimagining guilds, questing and social gaming.”

YGG highlighted that its partnership with LongHash further cements its role as a leading guild in the web3 gaming landscape, focusing on innovating systems that facilitate connections and game discovery for players. 

“There have been a lot of changes since YGG was established, but the core was always to become a platform for forming, coordinating and scaling on-chain guilds. This partnership with LongHash Ventures is invaluable to YGG’s goals as a guild of guilds.” 

Gabby Dizon, Co-Founder, Yield Guild Games
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Dizon emphasized that the collaboration allows YGG to expedite web3 adoption in emerging markets, offering prospects within this internet-centric economy. He also noted how the atmosphere has been encouraging, with anticipation building for our forthcoming endeavors. 

“We’re excited to see the fruit that will come from working together in 2024 and beyond,” he added.

BitPinas Webcast Last Year: Shi Khai: Not investing in YGG was our biggest miss

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In a BitPinas webcast interview last year, when Wei was asked about their biggest investing miss, the co-founder singled out not investing in YGG when the opportunity first arose:

We’ve known Gabby for many years, and we helped him in pitch events and introductions, but when we had an opportunity to invest, it didn’t fit into our criteria back then, so that was a huge miss for us.

Wei Shi Kai, LongHash Ventures, Interview with BitPinas last Nov. 7, 2023

What is LongHash Ventures?

Photo for the Article - YGG, LongHash Ventures Partnership Announced

LongHash Ventures is a venture capital firm dedicated to investing in and fostering startups and projects within the web3 and cryptocurrency sectors.

LongHash Ventures specializes in bootstrapping ecosystems for web3 protocols, and has backed over 100 startups, particularly those in infrastructure and gaming. The venture has raised $150 million for Asian infrastructure and gaming companies. 

LongHash Ventures has launched genesis accelerator cohorts for protocols such as Polkadot, Filecoin, Safe, Cosmos/Neutron, and Axelar, and has invested in companies like zkSync, Saga, Astar, and Balancer.

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Recent YGG News

Photo for the Article - YGG, LongHash Ventures Partnership Announced

Recently, YGG’s utility token debuted on the Ronin Blockchain to draw gamers and games into its ecosystem. It will also be on Katana, Ronin’s decentralized exchange, enabling liquidity pairings and granting access to exclusive quests and potential future benefits. 

Moreover, YGG and also formed a partnership aimed at facilitating faster, easier, and more cost-effective transfers for $YGG owners to the Ronin network. 

Photo for the Article - YGG, LongHash Ventures Partnership Announced

A recent New York Times article highlighted YGG’s significant role in the emerging web3 gaming sector in the Philippines. It showcased the activity at NFT X Street’s internet cafe launched in Quezon City, where YGG’s presence was notable. 

In January, Yield Guild Games collaborated with Iskra, a blockchain gaming hub, to integrate YGG’s questing systems into Iskra’s platform. The firms will have joint marketing and user engagement activities, including Discord events and AMA sessions.

Last year, YGG hosted the Web3 Games Summit (W3GS) in Taguig City, featuring a Web3 Game Jam hackathon, a two-day conference, and a three-day expo, concluding with the XENO PRO TOUR MANILA 2023. The event drew over 5,300 attendees and presented insights from 90 international speakers.

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