Google Trends Reveal the Cities and Region with High Bitcoin Search Interest in PH

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Is bitcoin becoming more mainstream? Maybe. Maybe not. There are different definitions. Most importantly, people have different qualifiers for something to be classified as mainstream. For some, it’s when the topic gets featured on television. For some, it’s when their mothers talk about it.

I asked my mother if she knew about bitcoins. I got my answer.

bitcoin google search trends philippines 2018

Bitcoin Google Trends

Still, no one can deny the rising interest for bitcoin and for cryptocurrency recently. In the Philippines alone, search trends are increasing. This is the data according to Google Trends:

Bitcoin Google Search Trend Interest by City – Philippines

The cities above represent the places in the country where interest in bitcoin is higher versus everywhere else in the Philippines. This snapshot was taken on December 13, 2017, at 1:43 PM.

You can see that while the cities are scattered across the map, half of them are within Metro Manila. Bitcoin companies in the Philippines such as Coins and SCI Ventures have headquarters in the metro. Major conferences are also happening near the capital, such as the upcoming Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in January 2018.

Bitcoin Search Trends per Region – Philippines

Google probably still doesn’t know the official region names in the country. Nevertheless, the above chart shows that while the cities in the metro dominate, the larger map suggests that bitcoin awareness is not concentrated in Metro Manila. After all, anyone can invest in bitcoin. All you need is the nearest 7-eleven and an Internet connection.

Worldwide Comparison

So where is bitcoin more popular? We use Google trends again to see which countries have a high search interest for this cryptocurrency:

On the top 20 countries, the Philippines ranked 19. That’s still a big number.

Will this continue to rise?

At least 2 companies in the Philippines have a license to operate and engage in cryptocurrency exchange. We have a major conference happening in the country next month. Search trends are high. Bitcoin’s upward value is not stopping anytime soon. Previously, we also reported how the bitcoin startups here are being bombarded with a spike in user signups and bitcoin transactions.

However, is bitcoin mainstream? Not yet, but soon, we think it will be.

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