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Mabuhay! Binance Launches Filipino Language Support

Filipino is the 16th language supported on the Binance website and the 13th on the Binance app.

Binance Philippines

Filipino is the 16th language supported on the Binance website and the 13th on the Binance app.

As part of our ongoing efforts to reach our users better around the world, we have launched support for the Filipino language on our platforms. Filipino debuted on the Binance website last August 7 and on the Binance app last August 13. The Binance blog will also support Filipino in the coming days.

This is the first new language we launched on Binance this year, with more languages to come in the near future.

Speaking Your Language

The addition of the Filipino language is an important part of our ongoing localization efforts for Binance. We become more user-centric able to communicate in every language that our customers speak.

With a worldwide population of about 120 million, including a major diaspora of 12 million people in more than 100 countries, Filipino is considered as one of the world’s major global languages. Binance’s Filipino community is also one of the earliest and most active in the world, so we’re happy to add this language as one of the options in our platforms.

Aside from supporting many major languages on our website and app, we also provide live customer support in eight languages, with six of them being operational 24/7.

Binance is also available in the following languages on the website.

English Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Spanish
Russian German French Italian
Portuguese Korean Vietnamese Ukrainian
Indonesian Dutch Polish

To see more languages for the Binance app, go to Account (icon at the top left part of your screen), then select Settings > Language to pick your preferred language.

This is a press release sent by Binance Philippines to BitPinas.

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