Advertisement PDAX Banner’s NFT Drop to Benefit First Mint Fund, Thames School in Manila

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NFT marketplace recently announced it is working with Black Eyed Peas member and entrepreneur who will release an NFT made in collaboration with Filipino artist AJ Dimarucot and CG artist Tom Coben. Set to drop on May 24, hopes Apl’s NFT foray will bring awareness to the digital design scene in the Philippines, the company told BitPinas over email.’s NFT will be four exclusive digital works featuring music from the artist’s upcoming releases. On working with AJ (a beneficiary of the Foundation’s creative entrepreneur scholarship program in collaboration with Thames International Business School) and Tim, Apl said he wanted to “expand the global understanding of Filipino culture and aesthetics with new media formats.” He said he’s sure the art will resonate with collectors and enthusiasts on every level. “ It’s not an NFT for the sake of being an NFT. It’s not just a photo of some real world object to cash in on the hype of this moment. The visuals, whether drawn, painted, captured on film or digital, stands on its own merit as a piece that any collector would be proud to own and add to their collection.”

Important to Apl is to showcase Filipino talent through NFTs. He noted the disadvantages artists in the country suffered — “everything from exposure to pricing and market creation and expansion.” “We listen to many stories about graphic designers who were getting paid next to nothing for logo and branding designs, and others who weren’t being compensated at all for their work. I am working on raising capital for Filipino creatives to showcase their talent and heart with NFTs, to find new ways to create a more fair reality,” Apl added.

Because of that, a portion of the proceeds from the NFT sale will go to the First Mint Fund, a crypto fund by the Narra Art Gallery that is managed by AJ himself that helps artists in Southeast Asia get started with crypto art. In a tweet, Narra’s co-owner Colin Goltra stated, “Honored to have the First Mint Fund collab with to fund the next great wave of Filipino creatives. HUGE shout out to AJ DImarucot for being the man with the vision. We are plotting a PH #CryptoArt renaissance.”  When asked previously what happens when the funded artist sold their first piece, AJ confirmed neither the First Mint Fund nor the Narra Gallery receives a cut when the artist they support gets a sale. (Read More: BitPinas coverage of  the Narra Gallery). Another portion of the proceeds from Apl’s NFT sale will go to Thames International Business School in Manila.

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