[Web3 Interview Series] Danki’s Leadership Journey with ETH63

Christine Erispe, also known as Danki, shares insights on her transition from enthusiast to leader in the Ethereum community, her vision for Ethereum adoption in the Philippines, and ETH63’s upcoming projects to contribute to the global Ethereum ecosystem.

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Just before their inaugural meetup, BitPinas chatted with Christine Erispe, a core member of the local community ETH63 to talk about her transition from an enthusiast to a leader in their community.

She shared her vision for Ethereum’s adoption in the Philippines as well as their upcoming projects to contribute to the global Ethereum ecosystem. 

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(This article is part of the BitPinas PH Web3 Interview Series, where we talk to various people and groups around the country who move the local industry forward.)

Who is Danki?

Aside from being part of ETH63, Christine Erispe, more known in the Philippine web3 space as Danki or Tin, is a blockchain developer and the co-founder of DeFi Philippines, a local community with a focus on discussing topics around decentralized finance.

Transition to Leadership

Erispe said she didn’t begin her journey as a developer; instead, she started as a trader when some of the larger cryptocurrencies today still had low prices. However, lacking funds to invest in Bitcoin, she turned her attention to smart contracts after discovering the prevalence of newly created cryptocurrencies. 

Erispe noted that her interest grew as she researched how these tokens were created, eventually leading her to explore ERC-20 tokens. She noted that despite her initial curiosity, she didn’t fully commit to blockchain development until 2022. 

Since then, Erispe immersed herself in blockchain use cases, Ethereum infrastructure, and smart contract development. In addition, with guidance from mentors and support from peers, she actively participated in hackathons and found success. 

“The blockchain space is a deep rabbit hole and it’s easy to find yourself lost as an enthusiast if you’re on your own. The line that separates a mere hobbyist to a leader is the act of building. It doesn’t matter whether you’re building software or a community or a publication but ship it out!” she told BitPinas. 

Erispe advised aspiring web3 leaders that they will learn more when they build in public, “and you’d be surprised how many people and subject matter experts are willing to help you become better.” 

“You don’t need to understand everything but get good at the basics– know how blockchain works and have your own criteria of what separates good projects from not. And maintain intellectual humility. The industry moves really fast so there will always be something new to learn. As much as it is overwhelming, this constant feeling of ‘you don’t know enough’ is what attracted great minds to web3 in the first place,” she added.

Vision for Ethereum in the Philippines

Photo for the Article - [Web3 Interview Series] Danki’s Leadership Journey with ETH63

As Ethereum is the blockchain focus of the ETH63 community, Erispe stated that their vision for the blockchain in the country is to establish a consensus network accessible to all, facilitating the development of applications and infrastructure characterized by neutrality, censorship-resistance, and decentralization. 

“Ethereum is a technology that provides privacy and freedom for the users, as well as regulatory compliance and robustness to systems that are built on top of it. And I haven’t found another technology that reconciles all these experiences together,” she affirmed.

Her vision for Ethereum in the Philippines involves the implementation of blockchain applications aimed at addressing real-world challenges in sectors such as information management, agriculture, and education. Erispe noted that these applications aim to overhaul existing systems by providing increased transparency, verifiability, and neutrality, leveraging the capabilities offered by the Ethereum network.

“We can be the go-to source of information and help for anyone who would like to integrate Ethereum’s technology into their processes. ETH63 is not a gatekeeper, but rather a guide to anyone who is interested in this open and composable technology stack. And more especially, we’d like to gather all the builders in the country because greater things are possible when our institutions as well as localized businesses are working together,” she explained. 

Experience with Ethereum

Photo for the Article - [Web3 Interview Series] Danki’s Leadership Journey with ETH63

When questioned about her most fulfilling experience in the Ethereum community, Erispe highlighted the abundance of diverse ideas it fosters. She emphasized that each participant brings their distinctive brilliance, enriching the ecosystem with a mosaic of innovation.

“Everyone who builds on Ethereum has their genius and while it’s not the simplest technology to grasp, you get to appreciate blockchain more and more as you go down the rabbit hole because there is just so much to explore that eventually you will find and be drawn to a niche for yourself,” she affirmed.

Additionally, Erispe disclosed her method for staying informed about the rapid advancements in Ethereum and the broader crypto realm. This involves following developers on Twitter and delving into different protocols within the Ethereum ecosystem. She highlighted that this engagement incurs no cost and offers valuable insights. 

Alternatively, Erispe emphasized that individuals can also stay informed by frequently visiting Ethereum.org, reading one post daily, and conducting Google searches to grasp unfamiliar topics, thus swiftly acquainting themselves with the latest advancements in the field.

“We started out of passion, but it also took us persistence and sacrifice to be able to bring ETH63 out in the world. I am involved in various web3 projects and it is honestly not an easy feat to juggle,” she explained when asked how she manages to wear multiple hats at once considering her many responsibilities in different organizations.

Consequently, Erispe listed three driving factors motivating her and the other core members to persevere. Firstly, they believe in the mutual benefits of fostering collaboration within the Ethereum community in the Philippines. Secondly, they find solace in the support of their colleagues. Lastly, they draw inspiration from witnessing the positive impact of open participation on a larger scale.

“This is more than just a project run by a few dedicated people, but also a group with aligned incentives and a movement that makes people collaborate together for a greater mission,” she stressed.

ETH63 Future Projects and Goals

Photo for the Article - [Web3 Interview Series] Danki’s Leadership Journey with ETH63

As stated in a previous interview, ETH63 aims to expand its visibility by partnering with local brands and media outlets. Furthermore, it will seek collaborations with educational platforms to promote crypto-related education.

According to Erispe, they are currently aligning all their activities for the year with the upcoming Ethereum DEVCON event in Southeast Asia. The inaugural meetup in Manila, Ethereum Meetup Manila 2024, marks the beginning of this initiative. 

Moreover, ETH63 have online educational programs in development, along with in-person events planned for crypto communities in Visayas and Mindanao. Additionally, they are collaborating with international Ethereum communities and generating ideas tailored for the Philippines. 

“By doing these projects, we can hopefully bring more visibility to the Filipino talent and ideas to the wider global Ethereum community. We are also slowly building our programs to foster deeper interest among Filipinos who are already curious with Ethereum,” she concluded.

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