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Crypto Art PH Mid-Year Review 2023: Highlights and Outlook

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As 2023 reaches its midpoint, we pause to reflect on the eventful developments within #CryptoPH. The industry, rebounding stronger from 2022 and witnessing a fading bear market, has had a dynamic first half.

Today, we bring you an exclusive mid-year review from the pioneer crypto art community in the country — Crypto Art PH. Through Jopet Arias, the founder of Crypto Art PH, the organization shared some insightful details about their significant wins, challenges, and future plans. At the end of the article, please read our insights about the organization as well.

Photo for the Article - Crypto Art PH Mid-Year Review 2023: Highlights and Outlook

Crypto Art PH Mid-Year Review: Key Wins in 2023

What key partnerships, product launches, or strategic decisions would you consider as your organization’s significant wins in the first half of 2023? 

Jopet: The year 2023 has been exceptionally fruitful for the culture and arts scene, marked by significant achievements and milestones:


  • Xavier Art Festival: PDAX provided a platform for selected artworks from talented CryptoartPH artists, allowing them to showcase their creativity and reach a broader audience.
  • Paint to Pixel Exhibition: The artist collective of DSH Manila curated an exceptional exhibition at Makati Museum, seamlessly blending traditional and digital art forms.
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  • Artfair PH: The most prominent and respected art event in the country featured a curated selection of local CryptoartPH artists, alongside distinguished Filipino artists Mark Inducil and Skye Nicolas, for their digital exhibition. A curated light exhibition installation of Skye Nicolas’ artwork captivated audiences at Ayala Triangle.
Photo for the Article - Crypto Art PH Mid-Year Review 2023: Highlights and Outlook
Photo Credit: Jan Sy


  • Art in the Park: CryptoartPH presented an experimental light installation by Isaiah Cacnio, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and creating a mesmerizing experience for viewers.


  • Cryptoart Talk with JCI Alabang: We had the privilege of hosting a talk on crypto art, enlightening the local community about its significance and potential impact.
  • Art Exhibition at Space Encounters Art Gallery: The works of CryptoartPH artists Andre Baldovino, Jopet Arias, Megs Empinado, and Jullianne NG were showcased, offering visitors a diverse range of artistic expressions to appreciate and enjoy.


  • Support for the Artist Collective: We extended our support to the second batch of artists from Draper Startup House Manila, fostering their growth and providing opportunities for emerging talents to thrive.
  • Collaboration with National Artist Vicente Manansala: CryptoartPH artists Andre Baldovino and Jopet Arias collaborated on an exhibition featuring the unfinished works of the renowned National Artist. This unique and inspiring display of artistry was presented in partnership with Arthouse Manila and Scarletbox.


  • CryptoartPH Artist Exhibition curated by Likha: We proudly showcased the talents of our artists at Nuzen Art Gallery in Tagaytay, Philippines, captivating visitors with their creativity and innovation.
Photo for the Article - Crypto Art PH Mid-Year Review 2023: Highlights and Outlook

Addressing Challenges: Crypto Art PH Adaptive Strategies

What were the primary challenges your organization faced during the first half of 2023, and how did you address them?

Our primary challenge is with regards to paperworks and documentation. As a volunteer organization, we are still trying to streamline the process around these activities so that we can properly present ourselves to potential partners and collaborators.

Improvements and Metrics: Comparing 2023 with Previous Years

Is there a specific metric that has significantly improved in the first half of 2023 compared to the previous year?

Our metric is primarily about spreading the word about this opportunity that exists in web3. We are happy that finally, local institutions are collaborating with us and there are now conversations with them surrounding digital art and ownership.

One notable achievement this year was our participation in the Olongapo Zambales Art Exhibition, held in partnership with the LGU of Olongapo and DAHUYO, led by sculptor Megs Empinado, as part of Olongapo’s Cityhood Anniversary celebration.

During this event, we engaged with local artists, participated in art talks, and hosted panel discussions, sharing insights on major trends and providing guidance on navigating the web3 landscape.

Photo for the Article - Crypto Art PH Mid-Year Review 2023: Highlights and Outlook

Future Trends and Technologies: Crypto Art PH Future Outlook

Which emerging trends or technologies in the crypto space are you most excited about or planning to incorporate into your future strategies and why?

We are very excited about XR (Extended Reality) going mainstream. The merging of our online and in-real-life realities with an added benefit of digital ownership is something not possible before, but now is, thanks to all the interest in XR and web3.

Goals and Plans for the Second Half of 2023

Photo for the Article - Crypto Art PH Mid-Year Review 2023: Highlights and Outlook

What are your company’s primary goals and plans for the second half of 2023?

In the second half of 2023, our primary focus is to delve deeper into the exploration of art and technology. We aim to investigate the complexities of human experience in the AI era, and our primary project is an innovative art exhibition that merges traditional art forms with cutting-edge tech to reflect our current age.

Our plans include a series of public forums and interactive discussions that will allow artists, technologists, and the public to engage in debates about AI’s role in society. These events are designed to provoke conversations that will influence the future intersection of art and AI.

For our audience, the next six months promise to be a period of innovation and engaging dialogues. Expect an art space that combines creativity with accessibility, inclusivity, and inspiration. We’re thrilled to lead you on this exciting journey at the nexus of art and AI, exploring new perspectives in this vibrant and evolving field.

Photo for the Article - Crypto Art PH Mid-Year Review 2023: Highlights and Outlook

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