Enterprise Blockchain Awards 2020: An Inspiring and Energizing Event

Much like the 2019 edition of the Enterprise Blockchain Awards, the 2020 edition was something different but still innovative.

Blockchain Connecting Real Estate

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Enterprise Blockchain Awards 2020 that is organized by Blockchain Revolution Global. It is an event that recognizes and celebrates the pioneering spirit of the people who are pioneering the transformative effect of Blockchain that transcends business and industries; and encompasses societal development within human identities, human rights, financial inclusion and the liveability of the cities of tomorrow.

Much like the 2019 edition of the Enterprise Blockchain Awards, the 2020 edition was something different but still innovative. Initially planned to be held in the city of Toronto, Ontario, during the summer months of July, suffered an indefinite delay due to the pandemic that swept the world. True to the spirit of innovation amidst disruption, the 2020 Enterprise Blockchain Awards was held virtually and let me say that the virtual effects of the stream was a futuristic experience. Media production and CGI virtual quality effects specialist ARTH media and in special collaboration of the MCI Group and Blockchain Research Institute, delivered a virtual gala like none other. The transition of the hosts, the interim special effects bridging each award category section all play a huge part in the virtual reality like experience of the gala.

I would like to extend my applause to the lively hosts Mr Don and Alex Tapscott and Ms Catherine Clark for their warm reception and orchestration of the event.

As a summary, below are the Winners of the Enterprise Blockchain Awards 2020 presented by Blockchain Research Institute:

Enterprise Blockchain Transformation

  • Financial Services Award – Provenance, for revolutionizing the way assets are issued, traded and accessed globally over the Blockchain
  • Industry Solutions Award –Care, for redefining healthcare access, control, administration, and waste reduction under Blockchain
  • Technology & Platforms Award – IBM Blockchain, for solving major business challenges with a platform made for a multi-cloud world.

Innovative Entrepreneurship in Blockchain

  • Industry Solutions Award – BurstIQ, a leading provider of blockchain-enabled data network solutions for the healthcare industry.
  • Supply Chain Applications Award – Chainyard, for developing blockchain services and solutions to help businesses to participate in a decentralized ecosystem.
  • Technology & Platforms Award – Workwolf, for creating value for companies by reducing friction in the hiring and talent verification process.

Blockchain Leadership

  • Ecosystem Award – Victoria Lemieux from the University of British Columbia, a top university researcher and founder of a multidisciplinary research cluster on blockchain.
  • Enterprise Award – Marley Gray from Microsoft, a principal architect for Microsoft’s cloud-based blockchain engineering team and a champion of blockchain technology standards.
  • Entrepreneurship Award – Laura Bailey from Qadre, a trailblazer for women in fintech. Pushing the boundaries in blockchain technology to modernize financial markets and supply chains.

New Frontier in Blockchain Research

  • Academic Award – Atefeh Mashatan, a leading researcher in blockchain for cybersecurity applications.
  • Enterprise Award – Fujitsu, for their innovative technology enabling safe ID information exchange in the digital world.

Months back, I was very ecstatic when I learned that DynaQuest and I were chosen among the finalist for the Blockchain Leadership: Entrepreneurship award. My team and I, are proud to represent the Philippines in the EBA2020, as a Blockchain provider based and raised in the Philippines. The event, to be in the company of the movers and pioneers of Blockchain, is a humbling and reinvigorating experience. Considering that the pandemic has disrupted and put on halt the world for a number of months, the event has given me more insight on the passionate people that are trailblazing the pioneering spirit for Blockchain technology. They are the vanguards for the meaningful changes being brought by the technology.

Overall, Blockchain is here and now, there are people who are innately passionate in bringing the technology to positively disrupt the existing status quo. Like others, DynaQuest and I, are working hard to bring Digital Identities to the Blockchain. We aspire to the vision of an inclusive, globally-connected local economies that are transformative to their economic performance and transformative to the people, in the sense that financial and social inclusion are being championed by Blockchain.

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