Lunacian Scholarship League Aims to Remind Players What Attracted Them to Axie Infinity in the First Place

“We want to remind the scholar community why they were attracted to the game in the first place and build a fun tournament program designed for them,”

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Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game where players can earn a cryptocurrency called SLP, convertible to cash, simply by playing it every day for an hour or two. If you don’t believe me, check out this article on Coindesk where players survived the pandemic by playing the game, or this article on BitPinas that compares the difference in earnings when playing Axie Infinity vs a minimum-paying job. 

Axie Infinity Scholarships

Axie Infinity has since evolved from the time those articles were published. A number of entrepreneurs and players themselves have set up “Axie Infinity Scholarships” to onboard more people into playing the game while at the same time earn alongside them as well. In scholarships, the owner lends their Axies to players who can’t afford to buy their own Axie teams (You need three Axies to begin playing the game) until such time when the player can finally buy their own team. This is how scholarships are usually managed:

  1. Loans of 3-Axie Teams
  2. Education on Axie Infinity and SLP Farming
  3. Education on Crypto and its applications in Axie Infinity
  4. Community Building & Support

Groups such as Axie Academy of BlockchainSpace and Yield Guild Games would provide the onboarding and mentorship to make sure the gamer is successful in Axie Infinity. 

The player and the owner can agree on how they will divide the SLP earned while playing the game. Usually, the majority of the SLP goes to the player while the owner takes a minor cut, since it’s the player who actually played and made the earnings possible. 

And no, players are not required to play the game for 8 hours a day just to earn more cryptocurrency. Changes in Axie Infinity’s meta and rules actually disincentivize such actions.

Axie Academy

One of the Axie Infinity scholarships that has been formed is Axie Academy by BlockchainSpace. 

BlockchainSpace used to organize crypto and fintech events in the Philippines. In a previous interview with BitPinas, Peter Ing, the co-founder of BlockchainSpace, said the organization shifted its focus to educating and onboarding new users into crypto through “Play To Earn” initiatives, like Axie Academy. 

Peter said “Play To Earn” is an incredibly powerful onboarding tool for new users without the high barriers of KYC (know your customer), upfront investment, and complex technical understanding. 

“We believe in the narrative that games will be the biggest driver of mass adoption for blockchain and crypto. Play2Earn is not only limited to games but encompasses the NFT space too, including digital collectibles, virtual worlds, art and multitude of other opportunities.” – Peter Ing

Lunacian Scholarship League

With the increasing number of scholars from different Axie Infinity Scholarship, Peter thought it’s high time to demonstrate what scholars bring to the table in terms of competitive play. Axie Infinity, after all, has a player-vs-player component.

The Lunacian Scholarship League Invitational took place on March 6 and 7 this year as a prelude for the longer formal tournament launching this month.

LSL or the Lunacian Scholarship League is a tournament partnership between education hub BlockchainSpace and SEAesport, the Southeast Asian esports organization behind the tournament series: Community Showdown (Valorant x GrabFood, CS: Go x VPGame). 

According to Peter, at 2 – 4 hours playing time per day for Axie scholars, many may have forgotten that those hours are like an equivalent of a part-time job. “We want to remind the scholar community why they were attracted to the game in the first place and build a fun tournament program designed for them,” he explained.

By all means, the Lunacian Scholarship League Invitationals was a success. In a Bloomcast episode that aired after the Invitationals, Axie Infinity YouTuber and shoutcaster KooKoo revealed that the eventual winner truly had a come from behind win since they lost in one of the earlier rounds, only to battle their way out of the wild card phase and reach the finals.

Lunacian Scholarship League Season 1

So after the success of Lunacian Scholarship League invitationals last month, BlockchainSpace and SEAesport welcome Axie Infinity scholarship groups to Lunacian Scholarship League Season 1, now sponsored by Southeast Asia-focused stablecoin HaloDAO. Open to all scholarship groups who would like to send their scholars to compete in the league, there will be monthly tournaments, a leaderboard, but most importantly, better prizes. 

Here are the key details:

  • Monthly tournaments 
    • April 17 and 18, 2021
    • May 15 and 16, 2021
    • June 19 and 20, 2021
  • Season Prize:
    • US$1,500 + US$2,000 worth of AXS, the governance token of Axie Infinity.

The league will also introduce a “Leaderboard” where consistent scholars can get a share of the leaderboard prize allocation.

Catch the tournament live on the dates above on the following pages: 

Lunacian Scholarship League – LSL | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LSLesports 

BlockchainSpace | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlockchainSpacePH 

SEAesport | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SEAesport 

SEAesport – Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/seaesport 

BitPinas and WhenInManila serve as a media partner to Lunacian Scholarship League. Sponsors include HaloDAO (main sponsor), Community Gaming, Yield Guild Games, Overdrive Studios, and Axie Infinity

Finally, for those interested in supporting what the Lunacian Scholarship League is doing to drive the “Play To Earn” movement, check out the LSL Tournament Deck here.

This article is published on BitPinas: Lunacian Scholarship League Aims to Remind Players What Attracted Them to Axie Infinity in the First Place

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  1. anyone offer a scholarship.
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    It takes 3 months still searching for a good manager.

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