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Maya Bitcoin Millionaire Campaign Launches

Maya announced a new campaign where winners can become “Bitcoin Millionaires.”

Photo for the Article - Maya Bitcoin Millionaire Campaign Launches

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Editing by Meghan Lim

Maya (formerly known as Paymaya) the new version of the mobile e-wallet invites its users to join their Maya Early Access Challenge, where they can have the chance to win one million worth of Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency.

“Apart from being the first to experience Savings, Crypto, Credit, and more – you can also have the chance to become the first-ever Maya bitcoin millionaire! All you have to do is take the challenge!” – Maya

Users will earn points for the challenge by opening a Savings account via Maya. Maya noted that users can earn more points whenever they complete more Early Access Challenge missions, including sharing feedback on the Maya app, referring friends through using codes, and using more Maya features, including Pay Bills, Buy Load, and more.

Photo for the Article - Maya Bitcoin Millionaire Campaign Launches

Moreover, customers will have an assigned Maya level, depending on their score:

  • Maya Master for the top 5% of users with the highest score  
  • Maya Enthusiast for the next 10% of users with the highest score  
  • Maya Explorer for the next 15% of users with the highest score  

“Maya Explorer-level customers will get a chance to win ₱300,000 worth of Bitcoin. Maya Enthusiasts can take home ₱600,000 worth of Bitcoin. And Maya Masters have the chance to take home another ₱1,000,000 worth of Bitcoin!  On top of this, all participants with a Maya Savings account will get a chance to win ₱1,000,000 worth of Bitcoin,” Maya noted in a statement.

Maya added that for users to know their point score, they will receive an SMS with a tally of their score. They can also check the leaderboard on the Maya homepage.  

How to join:

  1. Just download Maya and register. 
  2. On the app’s home page, tap the More button and choose Missions. You’ll be able to join the Maya Early Access Challenge from there. 
  3. Cash in at least ₱100 and upgrade your account to unlock Maya Savings with its 6% interest rate.  

“Maya will make your money work harder for you than any other e-wallet or bank. Download the app now and register to experience this new all-in-one money app and get a chance to become a bitcoin millionaire!” Maya stated.

Recently, the rebranding of Paymaya from an e-wallet into an “all-in-one money app” was announced by its management. The rebranding comes with new features like cryptocurrency, and “an innovative digital banking experience powered by Maya Bank.” (Read more: PayMaya Rebrands to “Maya” After Launching Crypto Offering)

Maya’s backer Maya Bank is among the 6 licensed digital banks in the country; the other banks are Overseas Filipino Bank, Tonik Digital Bank, UNObank, Union Digital and GOtyme. Digital banks, according to the BSP, is a new bank category separate from existing bank categories where banking services are delivered over the internet. 

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