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OG Pinoy NFT Artists Tapped in Big Dream NFT Project

Pinoy NFT artists Marvs del Mundo and Shelly Soneja are part of DreaMe’s The Big Dream project.

DreaMe was founded by Sharonna Karni Cohen in 2014. It is a creative platform home to artists and co-creators from around the world commissioning art. It aims to share dreams, stories, memories, visions, goals, and musings of their imaginations. Each word will be transformed by artists into customized art.

DreaMe’s The Big Dream event started four years ago by collecting artworks about the future of the Middle East. The movement continued to Jerusalem, Israel, Chengdu, China and Manaslu, Nepal.

The event’s theme  last February 22 was to compile 50,000 artists’ dreams for the future of the Universe. These dreams will be compressed into 500 artworks by 50 artists around the world. 

One of the notable Filipino NFT artists, Shelly Soneja, was part of this event. Shelly has mentored other artists as the Art Director for Altitude Games, one of the leading mobile game studios in South East Asia, and of DJenerates, NFT collectibles immortalizing DJs and club life characters. Her first NFT art was minted back in September 2020 when she saw the potential of the NFT market after learning about it from YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon. 

Marv del Mundo, another Filipino digital illustrator, is part of The Big Dream event. Marv’s works are focused on 2D character art. The illustrator is one of the creators of Atomic Underground, an award-winning comic book anthology series, as well as Mario and the SPY inc. and Far Future comic book series. Marv also freelances in video games and board games, illustration, and advertising.

All 500 artworks have been designed into one video art piece to properly feature each unique artistic style. The video is currently  projected across 20 locations worldwide, including ZAZ10TS Times Square, New York, The Old Royal Naval College, Fed Square in Melbourne, and Peres Center for Peace and Innovation of Tel Aviv, to name a few. This video will soon be sent to the International Space Station with the Rakia Mission, an Israeli-led space mission.

The project (The Big Dream) will continue to develop and grow, and through NFTs with Nifty Gateway, DreaMe will share a new adventure in which a Decentralised Autonomous Organization made of art collectors will use a portion of the proceeds to do good together. The community born of the collectors of what we believe to be the first cryptoart exhibited inside the International Space Station will share an exciting adventure with new partners.

Some of the highlights of the event:

The Big Dream World

You can get more information about The Big Dream by clicking on the link.

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