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Pinoy NFT Stories: Nokturnal and the Black Eyed Freaks

Nokturnal wants Black Eyed Freaks to be a very personal PFP project where people feel represented by the art and connected with their NFTs.

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On social media, changing one’s profile picture into NFTs they own is becoming a fad.

Nokturnal, a freelance graphic artist, observed how this was taking the online world by storm and started creating personalized PFPs (profile pictures) for the NFT community by request. These PFPs are made according to what the requestors do or desire to become. What makes these PFPs unique is that they have no eyes—branding the project as Black Eyed Freaks.

Nokturnal does book covers, ads, posters, and other graphic related projects. Promoting their artwork was something Nokturnal struggled with as an introverted, freelance graphic-artist—it led to them backing out before the pieces were even presented. Luckily, as they learned about the concept of NFTs, they had the idea of selling their art through the comfort of online interaction instead.

Nokturnal initially had no plans to release Black Eyed Freaks, but as he started making more artworks with eyeless characters, it made him realize how fun the process was and wanted to share it to the community.

“I’m usually into characters with no eyes. As they say, ‘the eyes are the window of the soul’, so I’m kinda curious if you will still feel the emotion and feelings even if there are no eyes. This is usually my style: a heavy, dark, depressing art. But for this project I plan to make a character PFP (profile picture) with my own style. Not just a generative but a PFP that is actually a reflection of the owner or something that they want to be. So Black Eyed Freaks will be a customized, personal PFP that people can relate to”, Nokturnal shared.

Aside from marketing the project, experiencing the occasional artist’s block poses a challenge in developing NFTs.

“In terms of creating art”, Noktrunal added, “I really enjoy doing this project, but there are times that you can’t really think of an idea (and) it becomes exhausting. It’s good that you don’t push yourself too hard. If you feel uninspired and just doing the art for the sake of like you just need to do it. It will become awful, and you will just be frustrated about it, you will just revise it many times. So my technique is to just draw whenever I feel like.”

While Black Eyed Freaks has just gone on sale, Midnight Thoughts—Nokturnal’s first collection—however, was already a complete success; they shared how making your first sale felt like.  “…When I got my first sale there, I was kinda overwhelmed. The adrenaline rush that you need to do another batch is extremely insane. I received my first sale (at) midnight and I couldn’t sleep because (I was too) excited to do another batch.”

“Selling NFT is so much different because you do what you actually like to do. And I’m a very introverted person so I don’t usually go to art exhibitions or gatherings, but this NFT makes me meet new people. I know this is kinda weird to others but I recommend people not to focus too much on this NFT space because it’s really exhausting. Like—if you go up, you go high, but if you fall, you fall hard.”

“I guess you should always have this backup plan. You should still have your real work and make this like just a part time job. Because, really, there are depressing times which have already happened to me. But for me now, I just enjoy doing it not because of the money but because you’re doing something you really want. And the money is just a bonus.”

Nokturnal wants Black Eyed Freaks to be a very personal PFP project where people feel represented by the art and connected with their NFTs. Although Nokturnal is still in the process of creating a roadmap for the Black Eyed Freaks, they yearn to make more personalized NFT art for those who are supporting their project. Nokturnal also plans to add unlockable content (such as GIF versions of Black Eyed Freaks) in the future.

Blacked Eye Freaks can be seen on Twitter and on Opensea. Check out Nokturnal’s personal website, as well.

This article is published on BitPinas: Pinoy NFT Stories: Nokturnal and the Black Eyed Freaks

Disclaimer: The featured NFT project is to educate the readers about the existing project and not to impulsively buy the NFT. Please practice due diligence in doing research before investing on any  projects stated in this article.

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