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Pinoy NFT: What is Sneakerverse PH

Find out more information about the Filipino NFT project Sneakerverse PH. What is it? What made the founders decide to do the project?

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Joseph Kern, Project Head of Sneakerverse PH (SNKV), is part of core team members Carlo, David, Gian, and Joseph—four Architecture students who found friendship in one another through their school requirements and plates. The team found a way to express their artistic side in the digital world by adapting to digital arts. Kern stated, “Seeing these fascinating artworks with intelligent utilities—and, of course—how they hold so much value inspired us to join this space. As designers in the profession, one of the main things that motivated us to dive into NFT(s) is our ability to create art. We mainly thought of utilizing and expanding our knowledge into something interesting and at the same time profitable like NFTs”.

The creators of this project are into the sneaker culture, and are dubbed by most people as “Sneakerheads”.. “We love to collect valuable pairs of shoes and flip or make profit from them. Being a sneakerhead is the common denominator among all of us and we want to create a project that is inspired by what we love to do, collecting sneakers and fashion

“We wanted to create a project that will also serve as a platform for the sneakerheads and fashion-enthusiasts to connect. And because we also value inclusivity, the goal of this project is to empower and inspire every member of the community through NFTs that represent their own and unique fashion style. This NFT collection also focuses on representing the sneaker and streetwear scene in the Philippines,”

Joseph Kern, Sneakerverse PH

Regarding the challenges the team is facing, Kern stated, “The thing that challenges us the most in this project is marketing, getting a lot of people to join our community and the distribution of tasks. To make an NFT project, it does not only require artists but also people who specialize in marketing and economics. Since this is our first major project, we find it difficult to extend our reach further and make our project grow in terms of member counts”. 

The target date for the NFT project’s pre-sale and public sale is in mid-April, which will be announced online soon. Meanwhile, they are ensuring that everything for their community of Sneakerheads and NFT enthusiasts are set for the launch. In the interview conducted by BitPinas writer Julian Barcega, the team teased that they have “big plans” for SNKV and are  looking forward to partnering with different local brands and projects to bring utility into the community.

“As of now, we are still developing this project so some of the information will be announced soon. In the long run, we’ll be providing membership cards to our holders along with perks and discounts with it. We also want to give back to the community by doing a holders’ exclusive sneaker giveaways and by also incentivizing those who get to mint our 1/1 NFT. There are more things that we want to offer but we want to let the people be curious about this as we progress and improve this NFT project

The main communication platform we are using as of the moment is Discord. We’ve allocated different channels for the members to enjoy. These include stages for podcasts and talks, spaces where they can share their sneaker collection and outfits, and other text channels for different kinds of activities. Aside from our discord, we also have the SNKV twitter page where we post announcements and engaging activities for our community members. We are also working on having our official website to better showcase the abouts of the project,” Kern concluded.

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