Sayang Pagod: Pinoys Grind For Airdrop Points But Ended Up Not Being Eligible

Filipinos and global users expressed disappointment over their ineligible status for Starknet rewards, despite investing time and funds.

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Recently, StarkNet confirmed that its airdrop for its $STRK launch is set to reward millions of wallets and users. 

However, upon checking their eligibility, many airdrop participants were shocked when they discovered that they were not eligible to receive rewards despite collecting enough points before the program started. 

What happened? Does this mean that not all airdrops are worth joining‌? In this article, expand your knowledge and identify the potential reasons why there are airdrops that you are not eligible to join despite collecting enough crypto points. 

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The $STRK Airdrop: A Brief Overview

In January 2024, BitPinas published an article about StarkNet and its potential airdrop that the community is speculating about. 

Basically, Starknet Foundation, the one tasked with distributing the tokens, hinted at a points system where participants can collect crypto points by just using the platform’s features, having large volumes of transactions, and higher points for those who use the platform longer. 

The foundation also promised to recognize developers, the community, and financial contributors within the Ethereum L2’s ecosystem. 

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A month later, the airdrop has finally been confirmed and unveiled. The instruction was that participants can check if they are eligible for the airdrop rewards on

Claiming of rewards will be until June 20, 2024, and all fees during the process will be shouldered by the foundation. 

Eligible participants include Starknet and Ethereum ecosystem contributors, early Starknet users, Ethereum Protocol Guild members, Ethereum developers, EIP authors, ETH stakers, and open-source developers with significant contributions to top GitHub projects.

Photo for the Article - Sayang Pagod: Pinoys Grind For Airdrop Points But Ended Up Not Being Eligible

The Issue: Community Thinks the Airdrop is Unusual

Of the more than 700 million $STRK, 21.99% are allocated to ETH Stakers, or those holding at least 0.005 ETH starting November 2023. The community then questioned this eligibility as the protocol’s token generation event happened in 2022, arguing the basis of the date. 

Moreover, though allocating a large percentage to early contributors and investors is a normal thing for token allocations, the community tagged this scheme as outdated, as StarkNet’s approach to distributing rewards to investors and contributors will be released and unlocked after two months and in installments for the next three years. 

This scheme was alarming because it could affect $STRK’s fiat value and heavily affect the whole ecosystem, according to a discussion on social media platform X. 

Lastly, though the StarkNet team explained well how the tokenomics and token allotment of $STRK will be, many agreed that only the devs, investors, and stakers will enjoy the airdrop program and not the airdrop participants, community, and crypto point farmers themselves. 

To be fair, even the CEO of Starkware, StarkNet’s developer firm, Eli Ben-Sasson admitted that their airdrop campaign is unusual and is not a typical format compared to other projects.

“The unlocking for the team and early investors is one aspect in which we may be non-standard. But we build different and we view things a little bit differently,” he emphasized in an interview.

Sayang Pagod: Pinoys Lament Being Ineligible Despite Effort

Is the Short Team Lockup for STRK ‘Misaligned’? No, Says Starkware CEO - Ep. 609

When BitPinas reported on its Facebook page that the StarkNet airdrop is already confirmed and live and that they may check if they are eligible or not, many lambasted that they were ineligible despite collecting crypto points and recording a high volume of transactions on the platform. 

One of the painful comments is from Mike Lemuel Dumlao, who shared that his two years of effort in using the platform features is now gone because he found out that he is ineligible to receive a reward. 

“Paldont. Grinding since 2022, pero dahil sa 0.005 (ETH requirement),’ di naging eligible,” Facebook user Bry Jarilla commented. 

Meanwhile, content creator Patpat Crypto shared that she surpassed $10,000 transaction volume on the platform but was still ineligible. 

“Ako, ‘di ako eligible doon sa number at volume ng transactions. Buti na lang at gumamit ako ng immutable X dati, so, ayun and reason why eligible pa rin ako,” told Facebook user Ninong Nila. 

Is ‘Grind Lang Nang Grind’ Still A Good Mindset? Possible Reasons Why Users Are Ineligible for an Airdrop

Before 2023 ended, BitPinas had already listed tons of airdrops for 2024. While each article states how to join and be eligible for airdrops, are there possibilities that a participant may be ineligible or disqualified from receiving airdrop rewards despite collecting enough crypto points? 

The answer is yes. While it is fun to join points systems from different entities hosting airdrops, it should be noted that these campaigns still have terms and conditions on who will be eligible to win prizes. 

The most common reason could be the inconsistency of using the same wallet to use the platform’s features. While many wallets are compatible with a platform, using one wallet from start to finish is a must. In this way, the devs will know which wallet has the most number of transactions and the largest volume of transactions. 

For instance, Levana is set to give rewards to wallets that have been connected or used for transactions on its platform. 

Another reason could be the age of the wallet. Most airdrops do not allow newly-created wallets to receive airdrops, as they sometimes find it suspicious. Though it is a good idea to always use separate wallets when joining an airdrop program and not use the main wallet that consists of the major token investments, avoid connecting at least six months and younger web3 wallets. 

The next reason could be the inconsistency in using ‌platform features. Many participants, when joining a points system, grind their crypto points for a very short time until they reach the required points to earn a reward. Always remember that using the platform consistently can grant a participant a point multiplier. Thus, accessing it at least once a week can be a good hack. 

Next in line is not holding a certain amount of token. There are airdrop hosts who require participants to hold a certain NFT to be eligible for rewards. Most platforms that adopt this style, meanwhile, require participants to hold a certain crypto for a certain duration or time. 

Lastly, it could be the alteration of the account’s basic information. Never change the user name and other basic information when joining an airdrop campaign. We would never know when the devs would take a snapshot of eligible users. 

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