BIG List: 130+ Crypto Airdrops to Watch Out For in 2024 (Updated June 2024)

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Updated June 1, 2024. Now featuring 130+ confirmed, ongoing, and potential crypto airdrops for 2024.

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Introduction – What is an airdrop?

Crypto airdrops are indeed a win-win situation for both the user and the project. Most often than not, there are two ways to be eligible for airdrops:

  1. Interact with the project by using it.
  2. Interact with the blockchain where the project is being built.

This is because the project can attract users while the users can earn free crypto or other digital collectibles by just using the project’s platform and other simpler tasks, like sharing their social media accounts, making a review of the project’s website and services, signing up for a newsletter, or holding or staking a specific crypto for a specific period.

How to Get Started: Requirements and Wallets Needed

To participate in the airdrops listed below, these are general steps before proceeding:

  1. Have ETH, SOL, or any of the major crypto of these blockchains. (If the project is in Solana, you will need SOL. If the project is in a layer 2 in ETH, and so on.)
  2. Have a crypto wallet ready. Each blockchain has their own wallets that most of its users are using. For example, in Ethereum, there’s MetaMask. In Solana, there’s Phantom Wallet.
  3. In majority of the strategies below, you will need the two above to interact with the blockchain or the project.

List of Unconfirmed and Potential Crypto Airdrops

Here’s a list of crypto projects that the community thinks will have an airdrop in the future.

ProjectCostTasks To DoAirdrop Link
0xFree– Use an 0x API.
360XLow to High Cost– Join the early access program.
AcrossHigh Cost (> $100)– Bridge assets.
– Provide liquidity.
AEVOLow Cost– Trade or stake tokens.
– Refer new users.
AgentFree to Low Cost– Hold tokens using the wallet.
AlienbaseHigh Cost (> $100)– Stake tokens.
– Execute trades.
– Use the bridge feature.
– Generate a token.
AragonFree– Join DAOs created through Aragaon.– For DAOs:
– For $ANT Redemption:
BalancerHigh Cost (> $100)– Provide Liquidity
BaseHigh Cost (> $100)– Bridge assets from Etheruem to Base.
BaseBattlesFree– Play the game.
BraavosFree to Low Cost– Hold tokens using the wallet.
CentrifugeLow to High Cost– Provide liquidity.
ClearpoolLow to High Cost– Stake $CPOOL.
– Lend and borrow.
– use the bridge feature.
CredixLow to High Cost– Invest in pools.
DefactorLow to High Cost– Use products.
– Hold $FACTR.
DIMOLow to High Cost– Use features
EtherfiLow Cost to High Cost (> $100)– Restake liquid tokens.
Frax FinanceLow to High Cost– Stake token.
– Lend.
– Use the swap and bridge features.
– Buy bonds.
FRYSLow to High Cost– Use features
HeliumLow to High Cost– Use features
HivemapperLow to High Cost– Use features
HyperlanceLow Cost– Join Bounty program.
– Create articles and content materials that can explain what Hyperlane is, any tutorial about the protocol, and other information that seeks to educate people about Hyperlane.
– For Bounty Program:
= For Education:
IlluviumFree– Be part of the Illuvium community.
ImmutableFree to Low Cost to High Cost (Depending on tasks once official)– Create a Passport Wallet
– Bridge Funds
– Daily Activities on Immutable zkEVM
– Liquidity Provision (LP) on Gamma
– Participate in trading on exchanges
– Explore ERC-20 Launchpads
– Monitor active and future LP rewards
– Trade NFTs
– Play games on Immutable zkEVM
– Refer new users
Kelp DAOLow Cost to High Cost (> $100)– Restake liquid tokens.
LevanaFree to High Cost– Join the testnet campaign.
– Trade assets.
– For Trading:
– For Testnet:
MartianFree to Low Cost– Hold tokens using the wallet.
MayanLow Cost to High Cost– Execute swaps.
– Join a guild.
– For Guilds:
– For Swaps:
MitoHigh Cost (> $100)– Trade using the autopilot feature
– Stake liquidity
MixMobFree to Low Cost– Hold an NFT.
– Play a game.
NodleLow to High Cost– Use features
Nouns BuidlerFree– Join a DAO.
– Create a DAO in testnet.
– Bridge assets.
– For DAOs:
– For Bridge:
– For Testnet:
Orbiter FinanceHigh Cost (> $100)– Bridge assets.
– Do the testnet campaign.
– For Testnet:
– For Bridging:
PhantomFree to Low Cost– Hold tokens using the wallet.
RabbyFree to Low Cost– Hold tokens using the wallet.
RainbowFree to Low Cost– Hold tokens using the wallet.
Smart LayerFree– Join the testnet campaign.
SparrowSwapFree– Join the testnet campaign.
StaderLow Cost to High Cost (> $100)– Restake liquid tokens.
StargateHigh Cost (> $100)– Bridge assets.
– Provide liquidity.
SubQueryFree– Use products.
SwellLow Cost to High Cost (> $100)– Restake liquid tokens.
UXD ProtocolFree– Obtain tokens for free
ZerionFree to Low Cost– Hold tokens using the wallet.
zkSyncLow Cost to High Cost– Bridge assets.
– Use the onramp and offramp feature.

List of Crypto Airdrops 2024 – Confirmed, Upcoming Soon

The following list of crypto projects are confirmed to be launching an airdrop activity soon.

Project Status Cost Tasks To Do Airdrop Link
Sovryn Confirmed, To Start Soon High Cost (> $100) To earn spice points, deposit an Ethereum-based token. Supported tokens are $ETH, $wBTC, $tBTC, $wstETH, $rETH, $USDT, $USDC, and $DAI.
Restake Finance Confirmed, To Start Soon Low Cost to High Cost (> $100) Use products and services.
Lingo Confirmed, To Start Soon Low to High Cost Join the presale round.
Join the community.
Do social tasks.
Stake token.
CARV Confirmed, To Start Soon Free to Low Cost Do the tasks to farm SOUL.
Refer new users.
Stride Confirmed, To Start Soon High Cost (> $100) Liquid stake the supported tokens.

List of Crypto Airdrops 2024 – Confirmed, Ongoing

The following crypto projects have an airdrop campaigns that you can participate in.

ProjectCostTasks To DoAirdrop Link
$DEGENFree– Obtain tip allowance and use them to socialize in Farcaster.
A51 FinanceHigh Cost (> $100)– Provide Liquidity
– Stake $A51
AI ArenaFree to Low Cost– Finish in-game quests.
ApeironFree to Low Cost– Finish in-game tasks.
– Own in-game NFTs.
– Do social tasks.
Axie InfinityLow Cost to High Cost (Depending on Axie owned)– Pray to Atia
– Roll a Pouch
– Win 1 PvP Battle in Axie Classic
– Win 1 PvP Battle in Axie Origins
BackpackLow Cost– Execute trades.
– Refer new users.
BanxHigh Cost (> $100)– Lend and borrow.
BeFi LabsLow Cost (< $100)– Hold $BEFI
BENQIHigh Cost (> $100)– Do the in-app tasks listed.
beobleFree– The only way to earn CAT points is to be active, through chat rooms engagements and loyalty tasks.
BerachainFree– Joing testnet campaign.
– Do tasks on Galxe.
– For Testnet:
BitAvatarLow Cost– Create an avatar.
– Compete with other avatar.
– Refer new users.
Black PantherLow to High Cost
– Trade assets in the platform.
– Do social tasks at Galxe.
– For Trading:
BlackbirdLow Cost– Own an NFT.
– Dine in at Blackbird spots.
BlastHigh Cost (> $100)– Use the bridge feature.
– Use the dapps within its ecosystem.
– Refer new users.
BlasterswapHigh Cost (> $100)– Trade at least $100.
– Provide liquidity.
– Refer new users.
BlazestakeLow Cost to High Cost– Stake $SOL
– Use $bSOL in Solana-based DeFi Apps
BlockGamesFree– Complete tasks.
– Own NFTs.
BloodLoopFree– Claim on-chain username.
– Complete quests.
Coins.phLow Cost– Hold a specific token. Take note that different campaign is being held per week.
Cyber FinanceFree– Connect a wallet to check the eligibility.
Data Ownership ProtocolFree– Join the testnet campaign.
Drift ProtocolHigh Cost (> $100)– Execute spot trading.
– Execute perpetual trading.
– Provide liquidity on the orderbook.
– For Claiming:
– For FUEL Campaign:
DTXHigh Cost (> $100)– Execute trades to earn FUEL points.
– Refer new users to earn points multiplier.
Elys NetworkFree– Join the incentivize testnet campaign
– Do the daily quests
– For Testnet:
– For Quests:
EntangleFree– Execute transactions on the Liquid Vaults feature on its testnet.
GoldfinchLow to High Cost– Lend or borrow.
– Provide liquidity.
GOMBLEFree to Low Cost– Do the tasks.
GrassFree– Sell unused bandwidths.
– Refer new users.
GryphonHigh Cost (> $100)– Provide Liquidity
Hana NetworkFree– Join testnet campaign.
Haven1Free– Join the incentivized testnet campaign.
– Do Zealy and Galxe tasks.
– For Testnet:
– For Zealy:
HubbleHigh Cost (> $100)– Lend and borrow.
HydroLow to High Cost– Stake $INJ
– Join Injective Testnet
– Farm hINJ (For Season 2)
– Stake $HDRO (For Season 2)
Imaginary OnesFreeTo earn $BUBBLE Points:
– Own Imaginary Ones NFT.
– Own Imaginary Rides NFT.
– Own HUGO x IO NFT.
– Own CMTTAT’s Foundation Pieces .
– Own Imaginary Passes.
– Play Bubble Rangers.
– Do social tasks.
JUICE FinanceHigh Cost (> $100)– Stake tokens. (Lend and Borrow)
– Refer new users.
KaminoHigh Cost (> $100)– Stake $KMNO.
KromaLow Cost– “Reach Level 45 For Epic Prizes & Airdrops.”
KryptoniteLow Cost– Own an NFT.
– Execute swaps.
Kuroro BeastsFree to Low Cost– Complete quests.
– Collect badges.
– Play the PBP mode.
– Join the future campaigns.
LavaFree– Do the tasks listed.
– Refer more users.
LineaLow Cost– Earn XPs by doing quests listed at Linea Voyage.
– Do the tasks on Galxe.
– For Linea Voyage:
Magic EdenLow to High Cost– Maintain a 100% Loyalty Score by doing all the transactions on the platform only
MantaHigh Cost (> $100)– Do the tasks listed.
marginfiHigh Cost (> $100)– Lend and borrow.
– Refer new users.
MASSIVEFree to Low Cost– Sign-up
– Complete Tasks
MeteoraLow Cost to High Cost– Provide liquidity.
MetisFree– Join testnet campaign.
ModeHigh Cost (> $100)– Use a single wallet and intereact with the apps within the Mode Ecoystem.
MYTHLow Cost (> $100)– Own an Infinite Redeemer NFT
– Complete in-app tasks.
– Do tasks on Zealy.
– For in-app tasks:
Nifty IslandFree– Do the daily task.
NulinkFree– Join testnet campaign.
Nyan HeroesFree– Complete in-game quests.
– Do social tasks.
PacmoonFree– Create content about Pacmoon.
Pallet ExchangeLow Cost to High Cost– Buy NFTs
PARAM GamingFree– Do social tasks.
– Refer new users.
ParclHigh Cost (> $100)– Deposit into LP Pool.
– Open trading positions.
– Refer new users.
PicassoFree– Do the listed quests.
PRISMALow Cost to High Cost (> $100)– Do listed tasks.
PRYZMFree– Join the testnet campaign.
PufferLow Cost to High Cost (> $100)– Restake liquid tokens.
– Refer new users.
Puffer FinanceLow Cost to High Cost (> $100)– Provide Liquidity
– Do in-app tasks.
– Refer new users.
Revolving GamesFreeCollect Points Trough:
– Quests (Most are social tasks)
– Referring new users)
ShardeumFree– Join the “Betanet” testnet campaign.
SharkyLow Cost to High Cost– Hold sharx
– Use the platform daily
– Borrow
SharpeHigh Cost (> $100)– To earn points, invest in different available pools.
SMOGLow Cost to High Cost– Buy and Stake $SMOG..
– Complete Zealy Quests
– For Staking:
– For Zealy:
Space NationHigh Cost (> $100)– Hold Alpha Gate and Prime Navigator NFTs.
– Social tasks soon.
StarkNetLow Cost to High Cost (> $100)– Just check for eligibility.
SYNTHRFree– Join testnet campaign.
– Do tasks on Zealy.
– For Testnet:
– For Zealy:
TahoFree to Low Cost– Earn XPs by doing quests.
Taiko NetworkFree– Join testnet campaign.For testnet:
For claiming:
teaFree– Join testnet campaign.
UpRockFree– Use the app features
– Download a desktop app
– Invite friends
VenomLow Cost– Provide Liquidity ($1 to $6).
– Stake $VENOM.
– Hold an NFT.
– Do social tasks.
Warden ProtocolFree (For Now)
– Could be high cost once providing liquidity will be a task.
– To earn WARP points, hold $WARP.
– Do Zealy and Galxe tasks.
– Join Guilds and finish quests.
– Try the testnet features.

There are also future tasks hinted, such as:
– Stake $TIA, $DYM, and $ATOM.
– Hold $QRDO.
– Provide liquidity.
– For $WARP:
– For Testnet:
– For Guilds:
– For Zealy:
WenFree– List, Buy, and Bid NFTs.
– Refer new users.
Wild ForestFree– Do in-game quests.
– Consistently play the game.
XIONLow Cost– Join the testnet campaign
– Mint an NFT
YAKA FinanceLow Cost to High Cost (> $100)– Use the Swap and Liquidity features.
– Do the in-app tasks.
– Refer new users.
Zeta MarketLow Cost to High Cost– Trade tokens.
ZircuitHigh Cost (> $100)– Stake $ETH
– Stake liquidity tokens
– Refer new users
– Join the “Build-to-Earn” campaign.

– For Build and Earn campaign:
zkPassFreeCollect Points Through:
– Social Tasks
– Testnet Activity
– For Social Tasks:
– For Testnet:

Airdrops 2024 – Blockchain Ecosystems

Check out the links below for list of airdrops in specific blockchain ecosystems:

  1. Base
  2. Blast
  3. Cosmos
  4. Eigenlayer
  5. Injective
  6. Manta
  7. Ronin
  8. Sei
  9. Solana
  10. Starknet

Potential Airdrop By Categories

We have our pages for specific categories of airdrops like free, low-cost, etc.

(Outdated) Crypto Airdrops for 2024 – Updated May 2024

The list below is outdated:

Below is a list of crypto projects with specifically either confirmed or unconfirmed airdrops for the year. Some of the contents below are slightly outdated depending on when you read this article first.

BitPinas has been actively publishing confirmed airdrop guides hosted by entities, protocols, and projects daily. 

While we admit that we cannot report everything, here is a list of current active airdrop campaigns that have not been featured in BitPinas yet. 


Built on top of Binance’s BNB Chain, KiloEx is a decentralized perpetual exchange. 

“Our platform provides traders with lightning-fast trades, real-time tracking of market activity, and a intuitive trading experience, while offering liquidity providers risk-neutral positions and LP-friendly solutions.”

StatusConfirmed (It already has an ongoing points system.)
Reason for AirdropToken generation event of its native token, $KILO. 
TasksDeposit funds, trade, and refer friends. 
Additional informationAlso hosts a daily lucky draw.


tea is a decentralized technology protocol that aims to enhance the sustainability and integrity of the software supply chain. 

“The tea mission is to enable open-source software contributors to capture the value that they create. tea is bringing web3 innovation to open-source software. The tea Protocol uses Proof of Contribution, a novel ranking algorithm that measures the impact of every project in the OSS ecosystem.”

StatusConfirmed (It has an active testnet-based points program.)
Reason for AirdropIncentivized testnet campaign.
TasksSign up with a Google, Microsoft, or GitHub account.
Try the features using the testnet tokens to secure more points.
Additional InformationParticipants can also register their OSS projects to earn more points.


NuLink is a decentralized solution that claims to provide the best platform for privacy-preserving dapp developers while utilizing blockchain technology. 

“NuLink provides privacy-preserving technology for decentralized applications via APIs. We enable and make it easy for developers, startups, small businesses, and enterprises to build their own applications with all the best security and privacy practices.” 

StatusConfirmed (It has an active leaderboard for its social quests)
Reason for AirdropMainnet launch.
TasksDo the social tasks and stake testnet tokens.
Additional InformationThe points campaign is done per epoch.

B² Network

B² Network is a Bitcoin L2 and the first known Bitcoin Rollup based on zero-knowledge proof verification commitment. 

“B² Network is the first zero-knowledge proof verification commitment rollup on Bitcoin. Leveraging rollup technology, B² Network provides a platform capable of running Turing-complete smart contracts for off-chain transactions, which enhances transaction efficiency and minimizes costs.” 

StatusConfirmed (Leaderboard system ongoing)
Reason for AirdropMainnet launch.
Tasks– Bridge assets. 
– Provide Liquidity.

INIT Capital

INIT Capital is a Mantle Network-based Liquidity Hook Money Market. 

“INIT Capital is founded on the belief that liquidity should be an accessible commodity for everyone. The platform aims to democratize access to liquidity, catering not only to DeFi users but also to protocols through ‘Liquidity Hooks.’”

StatusConfirmed (Points system ongoing)
Reason for AirdropIntroduce features and launch native token, $INIT. Has an ongoing points system.
TasksDeposit, borrow, and refer friends.Participants can also use yield strategies provided by Liquidity Hooks on INIT to earn yields and INIT points. 


Rabby is a non-custodial wallet that reports successfully integrating 147 chains. 

StatusConfirmed (Rewards can now be claimed).
Reason for AirdropIntroducing the wallet. 
TasksInstall the app and import an Ethereum wallet, most specifically, MetaMask.  
Additional InformationParticipants can still farm points.


Formerly known as CrocSwap, Ambient is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows two-sided automated market makers (AMMs). The DEX runs entirely on a single smart contract, while the AMM pools are created as data structures instead of a separate smart contract. 

Because of this special structure, Ambient calls itself ‌the “most efficient Ethereum-based DEX in existence.”

StatusConfirmed (Leaderboard system ongoing)
Reason for AirdropToken launch
TasksExecute a swap, ‌trade, or provide liquidity.


Shardeum is an EVM-based L1 that claims to use “dynamic state sharding” to be able to achieve linear scalability while attaining atomic composability across shards. This means Shardeum can increase its TPS capacity with each validator added to the network to retain low fees forever.

One of its features is auto-scaling, which allows the network to automatically adjust the number and size of shards based on the current workload.

StatusConfirmed (Incentivized testnet campaign).
Reason for AirdropMainnet launch
TasksExecute trades using testnet tokens.


ZetaChain is a public blockchain that enables omnichain, generic smart contracts, and messaging between any blockchain, claiming to solve the problems of cross-chain and multi-chain issues. 

According to its team of developers, ZetaChain envisions and supports a truly fluid, multi-chain crypto ecosystem, where users and developers can move between and appreciate the benefits of any blockchain: payments, DeFi, liquidity, games, art, social graphs, performance, security, privacy, and so on.

StatusConfirmed (XP farming ongoing)
Reason for AirdropReward community
TasksEarn Zeta points
Join the testnet program
Join the referral program
Try the features available using testnet tokens
Complete quests

Unigraph Protocol

Unigraph is a decentralized protocol that combines a decentralized indexer for Bitcoin token standards such as BRC20 tokens with a data availability layer, built on top of a decentralized node network. 

Basically, Unigraph allows anyone to run a secure indexer for Bitcoin token standards and for end users to rely on accurate data maintained by multiple independent parties with financial incentives for maintaining accurate data.

Reason for AirdropMainnet launch
TasksEarn XP points through quests on Zealy.
Follow Unigraph on social media.

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