24+ Potential Crypto Airdrops to Watch Out For in 2024

Here’s a list of confirmed and unconfirmed crypto airdrops that the community can watch out for this 2024.

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Editing and additional information by Michael Mislos. Updated February 4, 2024. Now featuring 24 crypto airdrops for 2024. (Jump to the new content here.)

Crypto airdrops are indeed a win-win situation for both the user and the project. Most often than not, there are two ways to be eligible for airdrops:

  1. Interact with the project by using it.
  2. Interact with the blockchain where the project is being built.

This is because the project can attract users while the users can earn free crypto or other digital collectibles by just using the project’s platform and other simpler tasks, like sharing their social media accounts, making a review of the project’s website and services, signing up for a newsletter, or holding or staking a specific crypto for a specific period.

For this article, we will begin with blockchains that users can interact with to qualify for potential airdrops on the projects being built on those chains. For the next half, we focus on specific projects with confirmed or unconfirmed airdrops. This is a long read and we recommend saving this article by bookmarking it or sharing it on social media for your to revisit later. Let’s dive in!

Crypto Airdrops 2024

Before anything else, BitPinas listed the potential airdrops on Solana and other projects. Learn more about the other airdrops here on BitPinas:

First Steps: What do you need to participate in airdrops

To participate in the airdrops listed below, these are general steps before proceeding:

  1. Have ETH, SOL, or any of the major crypto of these blockchains. (If the project is in Solana, you will need SOL. If the project is in a layer 2 in ETH, and so on.)
  2. Have a crypto wallet ready. Each blockchain has their own wallets that most of its users are using. For example, in Ethereum, there’s MetaMask. In Solana, there’s Phantom Wallet.
  3. In majority of the strategies below, you will need the two above to interact with the blockchain or the project.

Crypto Airdrops 2024 – Main Projects

Because many projects are being built on major blockchains, an ecosystem is formed, which is a group of projects and protocols on top of a major blockchain. And normally, within an ecosystem, there are several airdrop programs, which are ways for these projects to either reward the community, promote their new product, or introduce their upcoming native token. 

However, some airdrops not only require users to do the tasks on the platforms but also perform activities on the major blockchains. 

We have already made an airdrop guide for some of the ecosystems listed, but here is the list of tasks that can be performed on major blockchains to qualify for numerous airdrops on their ecosystems. 


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LayerZero (https://layerzero.network/) is an open-source, immutable messaging protocol designed to facilitate the creation of omnichain, interoperable applications. It claims to allow developers to “easily” send arbitrary data, external function calls, and tokens with omnichain messaging while preserving full autonomy and control over their application.

To qualify for potential airdrops in the Layer Zero ecosystem: 


zkSync (https://zksync.io/) is a layer-2 blockchain for Ethereum that offers EVM projects high-speed, low-cost transactions while utilizing Ethereum’s security.

Its developers also highlight the network’s main product, zkRollup, which makes zkSync users’ funds safe without operational activities. 

Among the projects in its ecosystem are DeFi platform Curve Finance, blockchain game DeFi Kingdoms, and NFT platform MintDAO. 

How to qualify in potential airdrops in zKsync:


Base (https://base.org/) is a Layer 2 blockchain built on top of Ethereum. It is the blockchain of the crypto exchange giant, Coinbase. 

Among the projects in its ecosystem are bridge platform Rhino.Fi, DAO Llama, DeFi website Aave Protocol, gaming firm Animoca Brands, and NFT marketplace Decent. 

How to qualify to potential airdrops in Base

One of the ways to qualify for the potential airdrops on the Base ecosystem is by using the blockchain’s platform to bridge assets:

  • Step 1: Go to https://bridge.base.org/deposit
  • Step 2: Choose if “Deposit” (from Ethereum to Base), or “Withdraw” (from Base to Ethereum). 
  • Step 3: Choose the token to be bridged. 
  • Step 4: Type in the desired amount of token to be bridged. 
  • Step 5: Confirm the transaction. 

As a layer 2 blockchain for Ethereum, Ethereum-compatible wallets are also supported on Base. 


EigenLayer (https://eigenilayer.com/) is another Ethereum-based protocol that introduced the idea of restaking, a concept that allows Ether, and other tokens, to be restaked on the consensus layer. 

Among the projects in its ecosystem are the actively validated service platform Aethos and operator Liquify. 

How to participate in Eigenlayer airdrops

To qualify for the potential airdrops on its ecosystem, participate in liquid restaking on the platform: 

  1. Go to https://app.eigenlayer.xyz/.
  2. Connect a web3 wallet. The accepted wallets are MetaMask (https://metamask.io), Coinbase Wallet (https://www.coinbase.com/wallet), and WalletConnect (https://walletconnect.com). 
  3. Under the “Liquid Restaking” section, choose an LST. 
  4. Type in the desired amount of token to be restaked. 
  5. Click the “Next” button. 
  6. Approve the token spending button. 
  7. Set a spending cap. 
  8. Click the “Next” button.
  9. Click the “Approve” button. 
  10. Confirm the transaction.
  11. Monitor the staking rewards and restaked ratio on https://goerli.eigenlayer.xyz/

(Also read: (Potential) Airdrop Alert: Learn About Restaking on Eigenlayer)


Wormhole (https://wormhole.app/) is a generic message-passing protocol that lets users of cross-chain applications built by developers enjoy the benefits of multiple ecosystems.

Among the projects in its ecosystem are the DEX Protocol Apricot and Swap AMM AptoSwap.

How to qualify in potential Wormhole airdrops

To qualify for the potential airdrops on its ecosystem, using Wormhole to bridge assets is a plus:

  1. Go to https://www.wormholebridge.com/#/move
  2. Choose the input and outwork networks and connect the wallets based on those networks. Wallets like MetaMask for Ethereum and Phantom for Solana are supported.
  3. Choose the asset or token to be bridged. 
  4. Type in the desired amount of tokens to be bridged. 
  5. Click the “Transfer” button.
  6. Allow an authorization form that will pop out. The message states that the user is allowing Wormhole to transfer the token from one wallet to another and automatically does it. 
  7. Confirm the transaction.

(Read more: Wormhole Guide and Possible Airdrop Strategy)


Designed for Ethereum developers, Scroll (https://scroll.io/) is a layer 2 blockchain for the Ethereum. It advertised itself as a “swift, reliable and scalable” network where “existing Ethereum apps can migrate onto Scroll as-is, and at a significantly reduced cost.”

Among the projects in its ecosystem are the cross-chain aggregated DEX Chainge and web3 wallet OKX Wallet.

Participate in potential Scroll airdrops

To have a chance to qualify for a potential airdrop on the Scroll ecosystem, using the platform to bridge assets is a plus:

  1. Go to https://scroll.io/bridge
  2. Choose if “Deposit to Scroll” (from Ethereum to Scroll), or “Withdraw to Ethereum” (from Scroll to Ethereum). 
  3. Choose the token to be bridged. 
  4. Type in the desired amount of token to be bridged. 
  5. Confirm the transaction. 

As an Ethereum-based platform, users should connect to an Ethereum-compatible wallet.


Aptos (https://aptoslabs.com/) is a Layer-1 “community-driven” network. In the Ohlone language, “Aptos” means “The People.”

Among the projects in its ecosystem are the DEX SushiSwap, NFT data Infrastructure NFTScan, and NFT game Werewolf vs Witch.

Staking to qualify for airdrops on Aptos

One of the ways to qualify for potential airdrops in the Aptos ecosystem is to stake its governance token, $APT:

  • Step 1: Create an account on Petra wallet. https://petra.app/
  • Step 2: Buy $APT tokens. 
  • Step 3: Go to the staking section of the wallet. 
  • Step 4: Select a validator. 
  • Step 5: Type in the desired amount of $APT to be staked in. 
  • Step 6: Confirm the transaction. 


Optimism (https://www.optimism.io/) is an EVM-compatible network that seeks to scale the Ethereum technology. It also claims to help those “highly impactful projects that don’t have a business model to succeed.”

Among the projects in its ecosystem are the DeFi platform Thales, NFT lending protocol Backed, and DAO aggregator Boredroom. 

Ways to potential airdrops on Optimism

Bridge assets to Optimism

There could be two ways to qualify for potential airdrops on its ecosystem. One of those is using Optimism to bridge assets: 

  • Step 1: Go to https://app.optimism.io/bridge/deposit
  • Step 2: Choose if “Deposit” (from Ethereum to  Optimism), or “Withdraw” (from  Optimism to Ethereum). 
  • Step 3: Choose the token to be bridged. 
  • Step 4: Type in the desired amount of token to be bridged. 
  • Step 5: Confirm the transaction. 
Via governance token

The other one is through delegating $OP, the network’s governance token: 

  • Step 1: Go to https://vote.optimism.io/.
  • Step 2: Choose a delegate. 
  • Step 3: Type in the desired amount of $OP to be delegated.
  • Step 4: Confirm the transaction. 

As an EVM-compatible network, any Ethereum-compatible wallet will work. 


StarkNet (https://www.starknet.io/en) is a permissionless ZK rollup that operates as a layer 2 blockchain for Ethereum. This means that dApps built on top of Starknet can enjoy the rollup’s services while also enjoying Ethereum’s security. 

Among the projects in its ecosystem are the AMM protocol 10KSwap, NFT building protocol briq, and gaming console Cartridge. 

Qualify on Starknet airdrops

Though Starknet is made for developers, web3 natives can still qualify for potential airdrops on its ecosystem through using its partner wallets: 

Potential Crypto Airdrops for 2024 – Updated February 2024

Below is a list of crypto projects with specifically either confirmed or unconfirmed airdrops for the year. Some of the contents below are slightly outdated depending on when you read this article first.


Formerly known as CrocSwap, Ambient is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows two-sided automated market makers (AMMs). The DEX runs entirely on a single smart contract, while the AMM pools are created as data structures instead of a separate smart contract. 

Because of this special structure, Ambient calls itself ‌the “most efficient Ethereum-based DEX in existence.”

Reason for AirdropToken launch
TasksExecute a swap, ‌trade, or provide liquidity.

Renzo Protocol

Renzo is a Liquid Restaking Token (LRT) and Strategy Manager for EigenLayer. It basically enables restakers to connect with node operators.

It also evaluates, optimizes, and manages restaking strategies on their users’ behalf. 

Reason for AirdropIt currently has an active points system.
TasksMint and hold ezETH.Join the referral program.


Fuel began as a layer-2 scalability technology for a monolithic Ethereum. After that, it became a modular execution layer. 

Its main services are for developers, eyeing to deliver a “powerful and sleek developer experience” with its own domain-specific language called Sway.

Reason for AirdropIt currently has an active testnet program.
TasksJoin the testnet program.

Thetanuts Finance

Thetanuts Finance is a decentralized on-chain options protocol focused on altcoin options, claiming to allow users to go long or short on on-chain options.

One of its known products is Basic Vaults, a platform that sells out-of-money European cash-settled options to accredited market makers, and generate yields for users in the form of option premiums.

Reason for AirdropAttract platform engagement
TasksContribute to a vault.
Socialshttps://discord.com/invite/fzWKJSy9v9 https://twitter.com/ThetanutsFi  


Atlendis Protocol is a decentralized non-custodial and capital-efficient finance platform that claims to cater to various alternative finance needs, making funding more accessible for real-world businesses and unlocking new yield opportunities for liquidity providers.

The protocol is composed of a set of fully autonomous smart contracts deployed on the Polygon network. According to its website, Atlendis enables borrowers to borrow without posting any collateral upfront. 

Reason for AirdropToken launch/platform engagement
TasksDeposit assets in pools.
Socialshttps://discord.com/invite/yJT23qGcqr https://twitter.com/AtlendisLabs 

Quai Network

Quai is a “merge-mined network of blockchains.” It means that the network can coordinate multiple numbers of blockchains by using the Proof-of-Entropy-Minima (PoEM) consensus mechanism. 

The PoEM mechanism also allows Quai to process 50,000 transactions per second, addressing common scalability issues “while maintaining decentralization to create an un-censorable network which can be ubiquitously used as money.”

Reason for AirdropPlatform engagement.
TasksJoin its current social media content contest.


Shardeum is an EVM-based L1 that claims to use “dynamic state sharding” to be able to achieve linear scalability while attaining atomic composability across shards. This means Shardeum can increase its TPS capacity with each validator added to the network to retain low fees forever.

One of its features is auto-scaling, which allows the network to automatically adjust the number and size of shards based on the current workload.

StatusConfirmed, but no specific details yet
Reason for AirdropToken launch
TasksBe part of the community


ZetaChain is a public blockchain that enables omnichain, generic smart contracts, and messaging between any blockchain, claiming to solve the problems of cross-chain and multi-chain issues. 

According to its team of developers, ZetaChain envisions and supports a truly fluid, multi-chain crypto ecosystem, where users and developers can move between and appreciate the benefits of any blockchain: payments, DeFi, liquidity, games, art, social graphs, performance, security, privacy, and so on.

Reason for AirdropToken launch
TasksEarn Zeta pointsJoin the testnet programJoin the referral programTry the features available using testnet tokens.


BRC20 DEX is a decentralized exchange built on the BRC20 protocol. 

It has a LaunchPool feature that allows token projects built on the BRC20 protocol to raise funds directly on the DEX, encouraging community participation and supporting the growth of innovative blockchain projects while providing users with early access to promising tokens.

Reason for AirdropToken launch
TasksEarn XP points through quests on Zealy (this is a leaderboard system)
Socialshttps://twitter.com/Brc_20dex https://t.me/brc_20dex 

Unigraph Protocol

Unigraph is a decentralized protocol that combines a decentralized indexer for Bitcoin token standards such as BRC20 tokens with a data availability layer, built on top of a decentralized node network. 

Basically, Unigraph allows anyone to run a secure indexer for Bitcoin token standards and for end users to rely on accurate data maintained by multiple independent parties with financial incentives for maintaining accurate data.

Reason for AirdropPlatform engagement
TasksEarn XP points through quests on Zealy.Follow Unigraph on social media.


(Read more: Wormhole Guide and Possible Airdrop Strategy)

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Wormhole is a cross-chain message transfer protocol that supports the interoperability of over 30 blockchains and is home to about 200 dApps. It claims to facilitate the transfer of over $35 billion through millions of cross-chain messages. 

StatusUnconfirmed/Community speculation only
Reason for AirdropNative token launch
TasksAllegedly, just using the protocol’s services is enough to qualify for the airdrop. But there are more detailed tasks, such as following the protocol’s social media accounts, on Zealy
Airdrop.io Link (For Future Update)https://airdrops.io/wormhole/

Kamino Finance

(Read more: What is Kamino Finance? A Protocol Involved in Two Airdrops)

Kamino Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that claims to successfully combine lending, liquidity, and leverage into a single product. It is currently involved in two potential airdrops—with SolBlaze and Kamino Lend. 

Photo for the Article - 24+ Potential Crypto Airdrops to Watch Out For in 2024

SolBlaze is a stake pool provider that distributes stakes to more than 200 validators on the Solana network, while Kamino Lend is the protocol’s infrastructure to “power complex financial products with leverage and automation,” which Kamino claims as the platform that serves as a “secure and decentralized matchmaker between lenders and borrowers.”

For SolBlaze x Kamino

Reason for AirdropIntroduction of SolBlaze’s native token, $BLZE
TasksStake $SOL on SolBlaze to receive $bSOL
Deposit the $bSol tokens to the liquidity pool on Kamino
Wait to receive $kbSOL-$SOL pair
Lend the tokens
More detailed step-by-stephttps://jadeofwallstreet.hashnode.dev/solblaze-kamino-finance-marginfi-airdrop-2b0cae587f18

For Kamino Lend

StatusUnconfirmed but with a developer’s hint 
Reason for AirdropNative token launch
TasksOne of the project’s contributors confirmed that Kamino will soon start a points program “towards a future token.”
Go to “Borrow/Lend” Supply or borrow tokens
Go to “Liquidity” Provide liquidity to any of the pools.

Zeta Market

(Read more: Zeta Market Airdrop Guide and Strategy)

Photo for the Article - 24+ Potential Crypto Airdrops to Watch Out For in 2024

Zeta Markets is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that is known for having derivatives and futures contracts.

Reason for AirdropNative token launch
TasksThere is a points program called “Z-Score.” According to the DEX, the higher the Z-Score, the greater the rewards will be for the upcoming airdrop.
Make a trade
Secure a high PNL

Rebase GG

(Read more: Rebase Airdrop Strategy and Guide)

Photo for the Article - 24+ Potential Crypto Airdrops to Watch Out For in 2024

Rebase GG is an augmented reality adventure and web3 lifestyle application that allows users to collect and redeem digital rewards in real life.

Reason for AirdropApp promotion
TasksInstall the app using Email ID
Wait to receive 1000BP and a bag as a joining bonus
Buy a ticket with 540BP and use it to unlock a Standard Chest
Go to the map section and try to find and collect the nearest NFT


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Cube is a Layer 1 blockchain that supports multi-chain and cross-chain and is fully compatible with the EVM and Cosmos ecosystems. 

Reason for AirdropMainnet launch
TasksJoin Cube on Telegram
Start the Cube Genesis Airdrop Telegram bot
Follow @Cube0x on Twitter
Join Cube on Discord
Submit the Metamask wallet address to the bot to  earn 10 stakes
Share the referral link to earn more stakes. The more stakes, the more $CUBE tokens will be earned
For the first 2,000 participants, a reward of 10 $CUBE will be given


(Read more: What is Inspect? A Layer 2 Protocol For NFT Users on X)

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Inspect is a platform that offers real-time data, advanced analytics, and social sentiment metrics for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

Reason for AirdropNative token, $INSP, launch
TasksComplete Zealy Campaign


(Read more: Symmetry Guide and Airdrop Strategy)

Photo for the Article - 24+ Potential Crypto Airdrops to Watch Out For in 2024

Symmetry is a decentralized index protocol that allows users to invest with Index, and also enables users to create their own Index.

StatusUnconfirmed/Community speculation only
Reason for AirdropNative token launch
TasksMake a swap on the platform


(Read more: zkSync Guide and Possible Airdrop Strategy)

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zkSync is a Layer-2 protocol that aims to scale Ethereum. The zkSync team has recently developed the zksync-web3 JavaScript SDK, which is said to provide easy access to all the features of zkSync3.

StatusUnconfirmed/Community speculation only
Reason for AirdropNative token launch
TasksUse platform services and products
Airdrop.io Link (For Future Update)https://airdrops.io/zksync/

Portal: Crypto Airdrops 2024

(Read more: Portal Airdrop Guide and Potential Strategy)

Photo for the Article - 24+ Potential Crypto Airdrops to Watch Out For in 2024

Portal is a crypto gaming platform that supports blockchain games and networks. It claims as the “universal gaming coin” that will soon be integrated into blockchain games.

Reason for AirdropPreparation for upcoming PORTAL token.
TasksCreate ‌content about Crystal DashEngage with Portal and Crystal on Twitter
Airdrop.io Link (For Future Update)N/A

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