One Day after Binance Debut, Lists Surging Token $PIXEL has listed $PIXEL token of popular web3 game Pixels Online.

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A day after it was officially launched, listed PIXEL, the token of the web3 game Pixels and its gaming universe. This addition brings the total number of crypto available on the platform to 66.

PIXEL in hinted at the listing of the Pixel token on February 19. Today, on February 20th, the company confirmed to BitPinas that the token will indeed be listed.

As stated on its website, the exchange advises users to transfer only the listed tokens via the designated networks to their Coins accounts. Transferring unsupported tokens or using unsupported networks may lead to irrecoverable losses.

To learn more about the tokens and networks supported by, please click here.


As of writing, Pixels has achieved a trading volume of $1.2 billion, propelling it into the top 10 in terms of crypto trading volume following its airdrop and listing on Binance.

What is PIXEL?

The PIXEL token is an in-game currency used in the Pixels gaming universe. 

Moreover, PIXEL serves as a way for players to show their status and individuality within the game. It allows players to purchase exclusive items, upgrades, and cosmetic enhancements that enhance the gaming experience and provide desirable assets. 

Players can use it to get unique items and skins that cannot be obtained without it. 

According to the developers, PIXEL is a versatile asset in the Pixelverse, as players can leverage PIXEL to access a wide array of features enhancing their gameplay and progression. From minting new land to expediting build times, acquiring energy boosts, purchasing exclusive items, unlocking avatar skins, enhancing XP and skills, accessing crafting recipes, to caring for in-game pets. 

Consequently, the supply of PIXEL is managed and predictable, setting it apart from its counterpart BERRY. Every day, a consistent quantity of PIXEL tokens is minted and allocated to active players who contribute positively to the Pixels ecosystem. 

Last month, Pixels reached 170,000 daily active users (DAUs) before its airdrop event. 

Sky Mavis co-founder Jeffrey “Jihoz” Zirlin confirmed the achievement on the Pixels platform, emphasizing its remarkable growth since migrating to the Ronin Network, showcasing a 2,500% increase in daily active users. 

Zirlin also highlighted the significant participation of 82,000 Filipinos in a single day, underscoring the Philippines’ burgeoning enthusiasm in the web3 gaming sphere.

In September 2023, Pixels transitioned to Ronin to leverage the resources offered by the game developer.

Pixels, currently in beta, is a free-to-play, open-world massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) built on the web3 blockchain. The game features farming, cooking, trading, and land ownership. 

Recent News on Coins

Aside from PIXEL, also listed Coreum and Solana this year. 

The platform is also currently celebrating its 10th anniversary through a promo offering users 10% rewards on USDC through its HODL and Earn program throughout February. Users can participate by holding a minimum of 20 USDC in their wallet for a week, making them eligible for the 10% rewards on their holdings. 

Earlier this month, announced through a media roundtable that aims to expand its services to five continents, with a focus on Europe and Latin America after securing licenses across Asia, Africa, and Australia. CEO Wei Zhou also revealed the integration of the Solana blockchain into the platform. 

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