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What is Aswang Collection? NFT Project Has Reached 140 ETH Trading Volume

Learn more about the Aswang NFT Project, which has recently achieved 140 ETH volume on OpenSea.

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What is an Aswang? A Tibsukan? A Calanget? A Mangagaway? A Hukluban? Admittedly, these are words that are seldom talked about nowadays. These are actually names of the Filipino mythological beings that our ancestors made stories of legends and folklore about.

What is Aswang Tribe?

“Aswang” is the Founding Artist of the Aswang Tribe, who has generated the art from their personal collection which was inspired by the Philippine Mythological creatures like the Tikbalang, Manananggal, Siyokoy, and Duwende. The NFT project aims to educate the Filipino communities of our traditional folklore which—what was once looked over and forgotten, is now being immortalized through NFT art.

The other team members of Aswang Tribe are Delicious Mangoez, Head of Marketing, and Liz, Head of Community Affairs.

Aswang Collection’s Opensea has reached more than 140 ETH in trading volume and the floor price, as of writing, is at 3.5 ETH (April 20, 2022.) Alongside the promotional teaser its team released, the NFT project rapidly sold out. 

The project has also given some of the community members tickets to secure their slot for the tribe.

There was also an event held for community members to share their talents through singing in their voice channel. The event was entitled ‘Aswang Got Talent’.

For more information about the Aswang Tribe NFT project, join their discord server.

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