Axie Infinity Origin – Gameplay Mechanics Guide

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With the changes done for Axie Infinity: Origin, one may expect that the previous knowledge of v2 may not apply to the new mechanics made for Origin. 

The guide will talk about the new features of Axie Infinity: Origin, from Starter Axies and Personal Axies to the main objectives of the game modes and gameplay itself.

Information given in this article may change as the game progresses. Changes are expected as new patches will be implemented on Axie Infinity: Origin.

What Axies to Use?

Axies are the main character users will be using on Axie Infinity Origin. These characters are inspired by Pokemon and the mythical creature, Chimera, that have different special body parts. 

Axies are composed of body parts that correspond to cards from different classes, namely: Plant, Reptile, Bird, Aqua, Beast, and Bug and the addition of special classes Dusk, Dawn and Mech. Body parts are composed of Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Back, Tail and Horn. Each body part has attributes given based on their class. 

Compared to before one Axie now has six cards. To see the different cards, refer to Axie.Tech’s dedicated page for Axie Infinity Origin. Axie.Tech has partnered with Sky Mavis in line with educating users about the game.

Axie Infinity Origin introduces starter Axies. These are Non-NFT characters that new users can play so they are able to enjoy and test the game out first, and invest in their own personal non-fungible token (NFT) Axies later. Breeding and trading of starter Axies are not possible. However, both starter and personal Axies can be used in Adventure and Arena mode.

How to Play Axie Infinity Origin?

An Axie trainer (the player) will start with three starter Axies, namely Buba, Olek, and Puffy who are  the three protagonists of the Origin’s lore. Initially, the trainer will go through a series of tutorials to get to be familiarized with the navigation of the game.

As soon as the tutorial is completed, the trainer may continue Origin’s Adventure mode. To unlock Arena, the game’s PvP mode, the trainer must have completed the first 6 parts of Adventure mode and their Player Card at Level 3.

The Axie team needs to eliminate the other team or waves of enemies using their Axies’ cards.

Adventure Mode

In Adventure Mode, trainers will battle waves of Chimeras to explore the game’s main storyline. The further the trainer progresses in Adventure Mode, the more features it will unlock.

Adventure Mode has multiple Chapters. Each contains 7 Big Stages and 12 Small Stages. Big Stages can be played multiple times, but trainers cannot play the small stages again. Big Stages are represented by symbols like the Acorn, Fish bone, Branch, Charm, Bone, Map, and more. The small stages are the small illustrations in between Big Stages.

Each Big Stage can reward up to 3 Stars, and stars are acquired by completing the Challenges detailed in each stage.

Collected stars used to unlock Milestone Rewards (2) and to achieve better Foraging rewards from The Foraging Box (1).

During each Turn, the trainer will have 3 energies and 5 card draws. As soon as the energy is consumed, the trainer needs to End Turn. Unlike Axie Infinity v2, unused energy does not stack—your unused energy resets back to 3 every round.

There are cards that give extra energy for the turn and extra card draws. As soon as the turn ends, all cards and remaining energy will be discarded and will be refilled with new cards and 3 energies for the next turn. There are cards that have Retain, which remain on the trainer’s hand until the trainer uses it or the period for it expires.

The stage will be victorious when all enemies are eliminated. In-game rewards (such as?) are rewarded to the player in every win. Trainers can improve their teams by either enhancing them with the in-game items or mix-and-matching their runes and charms..

Arena Mode

The Arena Mode of Axie Infinity Origin has three types of games: Practice, Ranked and Tournament.

In Practice, a trainer can battle with other trainers without affecting their Ranking on the Leaderboard. It is designed for friendly matches to test out their team composition and familiarization of the game.

In Ranked, this is where trainers will compete with other trainers and will receive rewards like Moonshard, SLP and AXS.

As for now, there are no details on Tournament but it is assumed that it is used for Esport-related events.

How does it differ from Adventure Mode?

To be able to gain rewards in Arena, the trainer needs to have Stamina (1) which is determined by the number of Starter Axies and Personal Axies a player has.

Total Stamina = 0.5 x Number of Starter Axies + 3 x Number of Blockchain Axies

To have a maximum stamina of 60, a player needs at least 20 Personal Axies.

To determine the amount of rewards, the player’s Ronin level (2) needs to be at least level 1. Ronin level varies on the amount of Personal Axies a player has on his team. The more Stamina and higher Ronin level the player has, the more the player can earn rewards based on the chart found on the Reward button (5). 

The player can view his Battle Logs (4) and Leaderboard standing (3) on this page as well.

Each turn has a 45 second duration before a player’s time ends. The first player will start with 2 energies while the second player will have three energies to give the second player a fair start.

Players will experience the Blood Moon phase when they reach turn 20. Succeeding turns will give an increasing damage on all Axies from 20 damage points, 30, 40… until one whole team is eliminated or both which could lead to a draw.

The player can press End Turn when he is finished with his moves.

Game Changers

There are cards that have skills that can attack the farest enemy or choose an enemy to attack. While there are cards that can randomly attack multiple enemies. This strategy can inflict damages on Axies that are behind the Tank Axie. Tank is defined as characters that can absorb more damage to defend the other characters.

Charms and Runes when added to Axies can add damage points, health points (HPs) and armor to the Axies that have been enhanced by these add-ons. The list of Charms and Runes can be found in the BitPinas article on Charms and Runes.

Cards also add buffs and debuff on Axies. The list of Buffs and Debuffs can be found in the BitPinas article on Buffs and Debuffs.

Axie Infinity Origin is the final product of Sky Mavis and surely this will be a new experience for new and old players of Axie Infinity and this guide may help players in understanding how it is played and find their way up to the leaderboard and at the same time enjoy playing Axie Infinity Origin with their friends and family.

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