How to Play Axie Infinity Origin – Beginner’s Guide

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In Axie Infinity: Origin, players can collect Axies that can be used to play the game’s Adventure mode and battle other players (trainers) in the Arena.

In comparison to Axie Infinity’s previous version (Battles v2), Axie Infinity: Origin styles better and improved graphics with smoother, bouncier, and overall cuter designs.. Axie body parts also remain as the cards players utilize in battle; however this time around, Axie eye and ear cards are part of the moveset as well.

To the pleasant surprise of many,,  non-NFT Starter Axies are now available for gamers to start and play the game for free, eliminating the need to purchase Axies first before enjoying its gameplay

*Note that Information found in this article may be subject to changes due to updates from Sky Mavis.

In this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Create a Sky Mavis and AI: Origin Account
  • Navigate the game’s interface
  • Understand its new features, such as its game modes or stamina count, and more!

Creating a Sky Mavis and Axie Infinity: Origin Account

Creating a Sky Mavis account

For Existing Players:

Simply log into Mavis Hub and  install Axie Infinity Origin from there. Players must sync their Axies to be able to use them in the game after the tutorial.

For New Players:

Download Mavis Hub for desktop or the Axie Infinity: Origin installer for mobile.

After downloading, create a login for Axie Infinity: Origin and in-game profile name. Use the starter Axies throughout the tutorial and adventure mode.

Once new players would like to buy their own personal Axies, they need to create their Ronin wallet and login to Axie Infinity’s Marketplace to buy Axies from different traders.
For buying WETH, SLP, AXS and USDC, new players can refer to BitPinas articles related to PDAX and Metamask wallet, and

Creating an Account in Axie Infinity Origin

After installing Mavis Hub, the user needs to login using their email and password.

Afterwards, install Axie Infinity: Origin from the app itself. Select Axie Infinity: Origin and wait for the game to boot.

The user needs to create a game profile to proceed. Enter the same email address and password created on the Axie Infinity website.

The user needs to register their in-game name (IGN) during their first installation of the game.

Navigating the Axie Infinity: Origin Interface

This section begins with a gallery of the different phases and screens of Axie Infinity: Origin and is followed by information on its new features to help new players familiarize themselves with the game’s interface and design.

Axie Infinity: Origin Gallery

Mavis Hub and Loading Page

Main Page

Origin Homepage Terms and Definitions

Avatarplayer’s in-game profile picture
In-game namename entered after installing Axie Infinity Origin
Levelcurrent progression based on different factors
Chatto be able to communicate with friends
Mailboxfor updates and messages
Friend listto accept and see friends added
Settingsto adjust sound, resolution and other options
Queststo receive rewards for doing tasks

Axie Inventory

Origin Inventory Terms and Definitions

Backto return to the main page
Filterto sort the Axies users want to specifically see
Refresh buttonto refresh the page

Listed View




Runes Page

Charms Page

Cards Page


Game Modes



What are the New Features?

Axie Infinity: Origin is a lot different from its predecessor, Axie Infinity (Version 2). Changes have been made to the game modes, cards design and description, and card shuffling. There is now stamina (previously “energy”), runes, and charms.

Game Modes

In Axie Infinity: Origin, there are still Adventure and Arena game modes. Adventure mode has a new map and new enemies. While for Arena, there are now three mode types: Practice, Rank and Tournament.


Aside from the gameplay, the energy system has been renamed to Stamina and it is only available in Arena mode. The number of starter Axies and blockchain Axies will determine how much Stamina the user will have daily. The total Stamina can be increased by collecting more Axies according to the following formula:

Total Stamina = 0.5 x Number of Starter Axies + 3 x Number of Blockchain Axies

Stamina is capped at 60. To max the cap, a user needs to have at least 20 personal Axies and 4 starter Axies in total.

The stamina will reset at exactly 8:00 AM, Manila Time or 00:00 GMT.


Moonshard is the primary material used for Crafting

How to get Moonshard?

There are 3 ways to earn Moonshard in the game. Moonshard can be earned from the Foraging Box and Milestone Rewards in Adventure Mode and Arena.

In Arena, Trainers will only get Moonshard if one of these requirements are fulfilled:

  • Have Ronin Spirit up to Ronin Spirit III.
  • Reached a certain Rank in Arena.
  • Trainers will also need to win in Arena with Stamina to earn Moonshards.

For example :

Scenario 1: Trainers win at rank Challenger and have Ronin Spirit III with 60 Stamina.

With win rate 100% : (100+150) * 60 = 15.000 Moonshards

With win rate 50% : (100+150) * 60 * 50% = 7.500 Moonshards.

Scenario 2: Trainers win at rank Egg IV and have Ronin Spirit III with 60 Stamina.

With win rate 100% : (5+5) * 60 = 600 Moonshards

With win rate 50% : (5+5) * 60 * 50% = 300 Moonshards.

Charms and Runes

Example of a Charm

Charms are special items that can be attached to an Axie card, imbuing them with unique powers to enhance the attack or ability of that card (which is an “Axie Body Part”). Each card can only hold one Charm, and it can be obtained through Crafting. More information about Crafting can be found in the BitPinas Crafting Guide.

Charms provide various enhancements, from increasing basic stats like damage (DMG) or health points (HP), to more powerful effects like reducing the card’s energy cost.

Each Charm and Rune has a:

Class: Beast, Plant, Aqua, Bug, Reptile, Bird, Mech, Dusk, Dawn and Neutral

Rarity: Common, Rare, Epic and Mystic

Class Charms can only be installed onto abilities of a matching Class. However, Neutral Charms can be installed into any ability. Each Charm that is installed will decrease an Axie’s Potential Points

Example of a Rune

Runes are special items that can be attached to an Axie imbuing them with unique powers. The user can only install one Rune per Axie, and it can be obtained through Crafting.

Rune’s effects are passive, meaning they automatically activate during battle.

Runes can only be installed attached to an Axie of a matching Class. For example, Reptile runes can only be attached to Reptile Axies.

Some special Charm and Runes cannot be crafted, and can only be obtained through game modes and events.

Charms and Runes can be NFT or Non-NFT, and Seasonal or Nonseasonal.

Non-NFT and NFT Charms and Runes

Most Non-NFT Charms will be Neutral and cannot be traded, while most NFT Charms will have a specific Class and NFT Charms can be traded on the Marketplace. 

Non-NFT Runes will always be Neutral and cannot be traded, while NFT Runes can be traded on the Marketplace and these runes will have specific Classes.

Note: NFT Charms and Runes will only be available in later versions of Origin.

Seasonal and Non-seasonal Charms

In every new season, new Seasonal Charms and Runes will be added to the game. There are also Non-seasonal Charms and Runes, but they will rarely be added. With every new season, older Seasonal Charms and Runes will be retired, but those that fall under the Non-seasonal category, will remain in the game. It is also important to note that Non-seasonal Charms and Runes are generally weaker than Seasonal Charms and Runes.

Deprecated Charms and Runes cannot be crafted or used in battle, but can still be kept in the collection.

For a detailed guide on Charms and Runes, refer to BitPinas articles on Charms and Runes Guide.

Potential Points Guide

Potential Points are the points that an Axie gets by default for having specific body parts. The potential points that an Axie have can be used for equipping Charms.

  • An Axie’s Potential Points are derived from its body parts. Potential Points belong to specific Classes based on the related body part. For example, reptile body parts grant reptile potential points.
  • A Charm will require Potential Points of a matching Class.
  • Charms will reduce an Axie’s Potential Points when they’re allocated. When removed, the used points will be freed up.
  • A Charm’s Potential Point cost can be seen at the top left of the Charm.

Since Neutral Charms can be installed onto any ability, they will reduce the Potential Points of the card’s Class onto which they’re installed. For example, installing a neutral charm into a plant card will reduce the Axie’s Plant potential points.

Pureness Bonus

With Pureness Bonus, an Axie can gain more Potential Points. If an Axie has three or more body parts of the same Class, it will gain bonus Potential Points of that Class.

For example, if an Axie has six Reptile parts and one Bird part. It’s Potential Points will be:

1×1 (Bird part) + 0 (Pureness bonuses) = 1 Bird Potential Points

1×6 (Reptile part) + 6 (Pureness bonuses) = 12 Reptile Potential Points

Note: The body of Axie itself is considered 1 part for pureness bonus.

Number of Matching Class Body Parts 1234567
Pureness Bonuses+0+0+1 +2 +4 +6+8

Other New Features in Axie Infinity Origin

Sky Mavis has provided free starter Axies to let friends and family fall in love with Axie before needing to touch crypto and NFTs.

Sky Mavis has upgraded Axie art to make each Axie more visually distinct and special. 

Sequential turns for a faster, more dynamic experience, so players won’t have to wait long for the other player to end their turn. 

Unlike in Battles v2, energy and cards are reset each turn to encourage aggressive play styles. Each round will only have three energies (with an exemption of the first found where the first player only has two energies) and each round all cards, (except the ones marked “Retain”) will be kept on the player’s hand.

Sky Mavis have kept the original name for most cards. However, this is the first time that eyes and ears have ever become cards that players can use in battles.

Finally, critical hits have been replaced by a Rage mechanic. Cards will have a rage attribute that when the Axie reaches 10 rages it can add burst damage to its attack.

Crafting Guide

In Origin, all Axies will be able to equip Runes and Charms which can be obtained through crafting. 

What is Crafting?

Crafting is a feature in which materials are converted into Runes, Charms, and other items. The Runes and Charms users will receive from crafting are random, with Runes acting rarer than Charms. The probability for the crafting is based on Rarity and Class. 

Primary materials used for crafting are Moonshard and SLP

If the user uses only Moonshard, the result will be non-NFT Runes and Charms. However, if the user adds in SLP as the materials, then the user will always get NFT Runes and Charms. There are also special items that can be used to help boost the probability of getting specific types of Runes and Charms.

Note: NFT Runes and Charms are not available yet on the Alpha version.


Disenchant is a feature where unused Runes and Charms can be converted back to crafting materials. The crafting materials received from disenchanting will always be less than the crafting’s requirement.

Non-NFT Runes and Charms only give back Moonshard while NFT Runes and Charms will give back SLP in addition, while special items will not be given back.

Crafting Level

Each Trainer will have their own Crafting Level, which is different from the Trainer’s account Level. The higher the user’s crafting level is, the more crafting recipes the user unlocks.

The user will be able to gain crafting EXP from doing crafting and missions. The player’s crafting level will be reset when a new season starts and new Runes and Charms might be introduced.

Crafting Recipe & Special Items

On the first release for the Alpha version, there are only 2 Recipes to craft Runes and Charms:

RecipePrimary Material
Basic Recipe100 Moonshard
Intermediate Recipe500 Moonshard

And there are 4 special items Recipe:

Ancient Moonstone1000 Moonshard
Moon Dust (Rare)500 Moonshard
Moon Dust (Epic)1500 Moonshard
Moon Dust (Mystic)3000 Moonshard

Function of Each Special Items:

Ancient Moonstone : Increase the chance to craft Rune

Moon Dust (Rare) : Increase the chance to craft Rare Rune/Charm

Moon Dust (Epic) : Increase the chance to craft Epic Rune/Charm

Moon Dust (Mystic) : Increase the chance to craft Mystic Rune/Charm

Crafting Guide (In-depth Explanation)

When Crafting Runes and Charms, there will be chances for the craft displayed on the window of the craft.

For example, when using the Basic Recipe with only 100 Moonshard as the base requirement, the user will only be able to get the common Runes or Charms with 25% chance of getting Rune and 75% chance of getting Charm.

The user will be able to craft more types of material and add more material for crafting by unlocking them through Crafting Level.

When Trainers have unlocked more types of materials, it will be usable to increase the chance of crafting other types of Runes and Charms.

Another example: when using the Basic recipe with 100 Moonshard as the base requirement and adding Moonstone as additional material, the crafting chance will become 50% of getting Rune and 50% chance of getting Charm.

How to Play Adventure Mode

In Adventure Mode, users will battle waves of Chimeras to explore the game’s main storyline. The further the user progresses in Adventure Mode, the more features the user will unlock.

Adventure Mode has multiple Chapters. Each contains 7 Big Stages and 12 Small Stages. Users can replay Big Stages as often as users like, but users will not be able to replay small stages.

Each Big Stage can reward up to 3 Stars, and stars are acquired by completing the Challenges detailed in each stage. Collected stars used to unlock Milestone Rewards and to achieve better Foraging rewards from The Foraging Box.


The Foraging Box

In Origin, Axies will sometimes collect resources on their adventures and will place them into the Foraging Box. Resources in the Foraging Box will automatically accumulate over time, even while the user is away!

For now, EXP and Moonshards are the main resources that the user’s Foraging Box will accumulate. Other items might be added in the future.

EXP and Moonshards

The more Stars the user collects, the better the user’s Foraging Box rewards will be. If the user hasn’t collected the rewards for 12 hours, resources will stop accumulating. When this happens, it is only by collecting the foraging rewards that resource accumulation restarts. 

Milestone Rewards

Milestone Rewards are highly valuable, but each Chapter’s Milestone Rewards can only be claimed once per account. The user can claim a Chapter’s Milestone Reward by collecting enough Stars from the Chapter.

How to Play Arena Mode

In Arena Mode, the user’s Axies will battle against another trainer’s Axies. To gain competitive advantage, the user has to master the Axie combat mechanics, Axie team composition, Axie cards, Runes, and Charms.

The best Arena players will be constantly evolving their strategies based on the current environment and meta. This guide will help the user understand the mechanics of Axie Origin Arena, to give the user a head start for the incoming fierce battles in Lunacia.

There are currently 3 modes in Arena: Practice, Ranked, and Tournament.

Practice Mode

In Practice Mode, there is no ranking system. Therefore, the user can play Practice Mode for an unlimited amount of time each day. However, winning a practice match will not earn the user anything except for 1 EXP.

  • When matchmaking, the system will prioritize real Trainers. However, if none are found, Trainers will be paired against bots.
  • Play order will be determined randomly before the start of the battle. Trainers who go second will receive a special card that gives them 1 Extra Energy.
  • Each Trainer will have 45 seconds to finish their turn. After 45 seconds, the turn will end automatically.
  • If a Trainer has been inactive for 2 turns, they will have 10 seconds to become active again, or else they will be forced to lose the match.

Ranked Mode

Ranked Mode has the same battle system as Practice Mode, but it introduces a ranking system. The ranking system is divided into 8 ranks: Egg – Chick – Hare – Boar – Wolf – Bear – Tiger – Dragon.

Each rank is also divided into 4 Tiers. Beyond these ranks is the Challenger Sphere.

Ranks in Ranked Mode (Egg -> Dragon)

Trainers will need to collect Victory Stars from winning battles in Ranked Mode to climb the ladder and increase the rank.

+2 Victory Star0 Victory Star-1 Victory Star

All Victory Stars in a Trainer’s current rank must be collected before they can climb to the next rank. For example: Egg IV has 3 Victory Stars, a Trainer must acquire all 3 before they are promoted to Egg III.

Tiers / Rank44444444
Stars / Tier33445566

Excess Victory Stars acquired at a current rank will be counted towards the next rank. A Trainer will be demoted one Tier if they lose their next match after reaching 0 Victory Stars. For example: if an Egg III Trainer with 0 Victory Stars loses their next battle, then they will be demoted to Egg IV with 2 Victory Stars.

Bonus Victory Stars can be acquired:

  • By reaching a winning streak of 3 or more victories: +1 Victory Star per winning streak win. (Only applied to Bear and below)
  • By finishing a previous season at a higher rank. Based on the user’s rank in the previous season, the user will receive a bonus for each win. This bonus is reduced by 1 each time a Trainer is promoted to a new Rank.
Bonus Star012345678

At the start of a new Season, a Trainer’s Rank will be reset to Egg IV, and their Victory Stars will be reduced to 0.


Ranked Mode operates on a Seasonal format. Each Season lasts 2 months with a 1-month break in between. Trainers can receive 2 types of rewards in a Season:

  • First-time rewards. Received each time a Trainer is promoted to a new Rank or Tier.
  • End-of-season rewards. Received at the end of the Season.

During a Season-break, Trainers can still compete, however, neither of the 2 rewards above can be earned.

Challenger Sphere & Leaderboard

Trainers in Dragon I and higher will enter the Challenger Sphere. There are no Tiers in the Challenger Sphere. Instead, trainers are stack ranked (1st, 2nd,… 100th, and so on). A trainer’s rank is based on the number of Victory Stars they’ve collected from Challenger Sphere wins.

If two Trainers have an equal number of Stars, then the win rate will be used as a first tie-breaker, followed by the total number of Stars collected. The time required to reach the highest Star rank will be used to determine a winner in the rare case of a tie for the first two tiebreaker selection methods.

When an upset win occurs (a trainer of lower rank beats a trainer of higher rank), the lower-ranked trainer will receive bonus Stars while the higher-ranked trainer will be penalized an equal number of Stars. The bonus/penalty is based on the difference between the number of stars between the two trainers. See below:

Delta = |(Higher ranked Trainer’s # of Stars) – (Lower ranked Trainer’s # of Stars)|

*Trainer’s under Challenger has their stars = 0

Bonus/Penalty Star calculations (rounded down)

Player impactLower ranked player winsHigher ranked player wins
Lower ranked playerDelta/50 (Cap at 3)No bonus/penalty(upset did not occur)
Higher ranked player-Delta/50 (Cap at -3)No bonus/penalty(upset did not occur)

Only Challenger Sphere Trainers can make the Axie Leaderboard. If a Challenger Sphere Trainer reaches 0 Victory Stars then loses their next match, they will be removed from both the Challenger Sphere and the Leaderboard.

Active Points

A Trainer can gain 1 Active Point from each match in Ranked Mode, and maintain a maximum of 8 Active Points at any time.  When a Trainer is inactive, their Victory Stars will decay.

Trainers lose 1 point for each day that they do not play at least one Ranked match. Once a trainer runs out of points, they will be penalized 7 Victory Stars for each day of inactivity.


More information about the Tournament will be released after Alpha.

Axie Infinity’s Sneak Peek of the Gameplay

A video was released, as part of the preparation of the release of Axie Infinity Origin for PC users, to let the Axie community have a sneak peek of the game play and to see Jeffrey “Jiho” Zirlin play with other Axie Infinity team members. This was hosted by Andrew “Zyori” Campbell.

For more details of the gameplay and buff and debuffs, read BitPinas articles.

How to Earn SLP in Axie Infinity Origin

Earning SLP is not available at its early stage but it will be released as soon as the game is fully launched to the market. It will be based on the Ronin Spirit Buff feature of the game.

Ronin Spirit Buff

Based on the number of Blockchain Axies in the Arena Team Formation, the user’s team gains a Ronin Spirit buff.

When the user’s team wins a ranked match (that consumes Stamina), Ronin Spirit Buff grants the user extra Moonshards. A tie result only gives the user 50% of the Moonshard amount of that rank.

Ronin BuffRonin 0Ronin 1Ronin 2 Ronin  3
Number of Blockchain Axie in the Team0123
RankRonin 0Ronin 1Ronin 2Ronin 3
Challenger    x0    x50    x100    x150
Dragon I    x0    x46    x93    x140
Dragon II    x0    x45    x90    x135
Dragon III    x0    x43    x86    x130
Dragon IV    x0    x41    x83    x125
Tiger I    x0    x40    x80    x120
Tiger II    x0    x38    x76    x115
Tiger III    x0    x36    x73    x110
Tiger IV    x0    x35    x70    x105
Bear I    x0    x33    x66    x100
Bear II    x0    x31    x63    x95
Bear III    x0    x30    x60    x90
Bear IV    x0    x28    x56    x85
Wolf I    x0    x26    x53    x80
Wolf II    x50    x25    x50    x75
Wolf III    x47    x23    x46    x70
Wolf IV    x45    x21    x43    x65
Boar I    x42    x20    x40    x60
Boar II    x40    x18    x37    x56
Boar III    x37    x17    x34    x52
Boar IV    x35    x16    x32    x48
Hare I    x32    x14    x29    x44
Hare II    x30    x13    x26    x40
Hare III    x27    x12    x24    x36
Hare IV    x25    x10    x21    x32
Chick I    x22    x9    x18    x28
Chick II    x20    x8    x16    x24
Chick III    x0    x6    x13    x20
Chick IV    x0    x5    x11    x17
Egg I    x0    x4    x9    x14
Egg II    x0    x3    x7    x11
Egg III    x0    x2    x5    x8
Egg IV    x0    x1    x3    x5

How to Earn Money in Axie Infinity Origin

Because of the SLP reward of Axie Infinity, users are able to swap SLP to other cryptocurrencies like WETH, AXS, USDC and RON through the RoninDEX developed by Sky Mavis. SLP can also be converted into Philippine Peso through different platforms like Binance,, and PDAX. 

For more information on how users could profit through Axie Infinity Origin, see BitPinas articles: How to Play to Earn in Axie Infinity in 2022 and How to Cash Out Earnings from Play-to-earn Metaverse Games.

The guide is to assist new trainers that are interested to play the game and in the future invest on buying their own Axies to win more battles and earn more items that they can use to enhance their team and reach the top of the leaderboard in Arena.

Sky Mavis’ Axie Origin has evolved from a auto-battle arena to a competitive game that requires mastery of the card draws and strategies to win victoriously in any battle, either friendly, rank or tournament battles.

This article is published on BitPinas: How to Play Axie Infinity Origin – Beginner’s Guide

Disclaimer: BitPinas articles and its external content are not financial advice. The team serves to deliver independent, unbiased news to provide information for Philippine-crypto and beyond.

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