Portal Airdrop Guide and Potential Strategy

Portal announced its Crystal Dash program, where users should create content about Portal to be able to receive Crystal shards.

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One of the ways to onboard more crypto natives is through blockchain gaming, as it promises asset ownership and a chance to earn while enjoying. 

However, the idea of asset ownership is not yet detailed to everyone, as some assets can be used for a certain game only, or if not, on a certain network only. 

There is a platform that seeks to connect all gaming blockchains using a cryptocurrency—Portal.

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Portal Introduction

Portal is a metaverse platform that claims to establish a “united web3 gaming ecosystem” by uniting games and gamers from various blockchain networks on its cross-chain token platform.

In its paper, the platform can achieve its goal through its partnership with the LayerZero protocol:

“Portal’s technology delivers gamer access and game distribution for a vast array of titles, paving the way for a smooth transition for Web2 gamers into the Web3 universe.”

Portal Airdrop Guide

In November, Portal announced its Crystal Dash program. 

It is an activity where users should create content about Portal to be able to receive Crystal shards. And for every certain number of crystal shards, there is a corresponding $PORTAL reward. $PORTAL is expected to launch in January 2024.

To qualify, users must:

Option 1: Create content about Portal and post it on X. Make sure to tag @Portalcoin. 

Option 2: Engage, repost, and reply to contents posted on X about the program. 

As of this writing, Crystal Dash is already on its Season 4. 

Portal Features

Portal’s main product is Portal Passport, a one-stop login solution that combines gamer identities and assets on different blockchain games. It also offers a middleware, which manages onchain transactions.

As of this writing, Portal has already partnered with more than 200 games. 

“Championing a vibrant community, Portal facilitates meaningful connections between players, developers, and content creators, fostering the largest Web3 gaming ecosystem,” the team wrote.

The Portal Wallet is also among its key features, which is designed to simplify the transition of players to the web3 gaming world, as per its developers, granting users a unified identity that seamlessly integrates across all platform games.

Basically, Portal Wallet can be connected to different games and can be used to sign in to different blockchain games. This means that a gamer can just use one web3 wallet for different games. 

“In essence, Portal aims to provide a seamless, social, and secure Web3 gaming experience, marking a new era of limitless gaming possibilities,” the website read.

Lastly, it is launching its native token, $PORTAL, which can be used for platform fees, staking, and governance. It can also be used in different marketplaces, like Magic Eden, to buy in-game assets.

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