[June 2024] Ultimate Guide to Solana Airdrops 2024

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June 4, 2024. (To go to the updated section, jump here. New readers should start reading the article from the beginning.)

Solana is an open-source blockchain built by Solana Labs in 2017 that aims to be the home of dApps in the web3 ecosystem. In this article, we look at the possible Solana airdrop that will happen across its ecosystem.

Short Introduction to Solana

Compared to its rival blockchains, Solana is implementing a Proof-of-History (PoH) consensus mechanism while still using a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. This hybrid mechanism on the network produces faster transaction processes with lower fees. 

Solana’s efficiency and speed have made it an attractive hub for various web3 projects, including decentralized exchanges, blockchain games, and numerous other dApps. To learn more about Solana, its native token $SOL, and how to purchase and stake $SOL in the Philippines, refer to our comprehensive guide.

Solana Airdrop Ecosystem

A key growth strategy for dApps on the Solana network is the distribution of tokens through airdrops, a method aimed at attracting a larger user base.

What is a Crypto Airdrop?

Generally, an airdrop is a way for newly launched projects to attract more web3 natives to try their platforms or introduce their tokens.

Airdrops in the crypto world are akin to receiving a voucher for signing up for promotional materials from a new store; they serve to introduce and promote the brand while encouraging patronage. Crypto airdrops follow a similar approach, offering free tokens, NFTs, and digital collectibles for simple tasks, thereby increasing platform engagement and trust.

These minimal tasks include: 

  • sharing their social media accounts, 
  • making a review of the project’s website and services, 
  • signing up for a newsletter, 
  • using the project’s products or features
  • trading on DEXs, or 
  • holding or staking a specific crypto for a specific period.

How to Frontrun or Get Ready to Participate in Solana Airdrops

One of the ways to be among the frontrunners of enjoyers of potential airdrops on its ecosystem is to start using Solana-based and Solana-compatible wallets, like Phantom (https://phantom.app/) and Solflare (https://solflare.com/). 

Moreover, BONKbot, a Telegram trading bot on Solana, can also be used and can be utilized to earn points and engagements for potential airdrops in the future on the Solana ecosystem. 

Finally, most of the users become eligible to the airdrops if they use the project’s products before the airdrop is announced. So armed with the Phantom Wallet, and some $SOL tokens, you can begin exploring the Solana projects below:

Update June 2024: Confirmed and Ongoing Solana Projects With Airdrops

ProjectStatusCostTasks To DoAirdrop Link
BackpackConfirmed, OngoingLow Cost– Execute trades.
– Refer new users.
ParclConfirmed, OngoingHigh Cost (> $100)– Deposit into LP Pool.
– Open trading positions.
– Refer new users.
HubbleConfirmed, OngoingHigh Cost (> $100)– Lend and borrow.https://app.hubbleprotocol.io/leaderboard
Magic EdenConfirmed, OngoingLow to High Cost– Maintain a 100% Loyalty Score by doing all the transactions on the platform onlyhttps://magiceden.io/rewards
KaminoConfirmed, OngoingHigh Cost (> $100)– Stake $KMNO.https://app.kamino.finance/stake
Drift ProtocolConfirmed, OngoingHigh Cost (> $100)– Execute spot trading.
– Execute perpetual trading.
– Provide liquidity on the orderbook.
– For Claiming: https://drift.foundation/
MeteoraConfirmed, OngoingLow Cost to High Cost– Provide liquidity.https://app.meteora.ag/
BlazestakeConfirmed, OngoingLow Cost to High Cost– Stake $SOL
– Use $bSOL in Solana-based DeFi Apps
SharkyConfirmed, OngoingLow Cost to High Cost– Hold sharx
– Use the platform daily
– Borrow
Zeta MarketConfirmed, OngoingLow Cost to High Cost– Trade tokens.https://docs.zeta.markets/
BanxConfirmed, OngoingHigh Cost (> $100)– Lend and borrow.https://banx.gg/leaderboard
marginfiConfirmed, OngoingHigh Cost (> $100)– Lend and borrow.
– Refer new users.
SMOGConfirmed, OngoingLow Cost to High Cost– Buy and Stake $SMOG..
– Complete Zealy Quests
– For Staking: https://smogtoken.com/en
UpRockConfirmed, OngoingFree– Use the app features
– Download a desktop app
– Invite friends
MASSIVEConfirmed, OngoingFree to Low Cost– Sign-up
– Complete Tasks

June 2024: Unconfirmed and Speculated Airdrops

ProjectStatusCostTasks To DoAirdrop Link
CredixPotential (Community Speculation Only)Low to High Cost– Invest in pools.https://app.credix.finance/
HivemapperPotential (Community Speculation Only)Low to High Cost– Use featureshttps://hivemapper.com/
MixMobPotential (Community Speculation Only)Free to Low Cost– Hold an NFT.
– Play a game.
MayanPotential (Community Speculation Only)Low Cost to High Cost– Execute swaps.
– Join a guild.
– For Guilds: https://guild.xyz/mayan-finance
– For Swaps: https://swap.mayan.finance/

May 2024 Update

Let’s now take a look at Solana-based projects which either have confirmed or potential airdrops in the future.


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With the eye-catching tagline “Make Solana Liquid Again,” Meteora (https://meteora.ag/) is a liquid staking protocol that seeks to “transform Solana into the ultimate trading hub for mainstream users in crypto by driving sustainable, long-term liquidity to the platform.” 

Meteora May 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (Currently has a points tracking campaign)
Reason for AirdropIntroduction of Upcoming Token, $MET
Tasks to JoinProvide liquidity
Other Airdrop Campaign InfoBasic Points Scoring
– 1 point per $1 of TVL per day
– 1000 points per $1 of fees earned
– On all liquidity: DLMM, dynamic pools, multi-token pools

– 1.5x multiplier for LPs if you started LPing on Meteora before Dec 1 and have continued till launch.
– 1.2x multiplier for LPs if you started LPing on Meteora before Points has launched and you continue through to Launch.
– Multipliers are on the wallet, not your LP positions. It will apply to all positions. Every time eligible users earn points, the multiplier is in effect.

– Not yet announced.
Airdrop Websitehttps://app.meteora.ag/ 
Socials (for Update)https://discord.com/invite/meteora 


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BlazeStake (https://stake.solblaze.org/) is a fully non-custodial stake pool protocol that is supported by the Solana Foundation. Users will receive BlazeStake Staked SOL (bSOL) tokens when they stake $SOL on BlazeStake, which can be used in different dApps in the Solana ecosystem. 

Blazestake May 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (Currently has SolBlaze Score campaign, which is a points system.)
Reason for Airdrop$BLZE Launch
Tasks to Join– Stake $SOL
– Use $bSOL in Solana-based DeFi Apps
Other Airdrop Campaign InfoRefer new users to obtain 10% of the referrals’ scores.
Airdrop Websitehttps://stake.solblaze.org/app/ 
Socials (for Update)N/A 


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Sharky (https://sharky.fi/) is an NFT lending platform that allows its users to borrow and lend NFTs and buy and hold Sharx NFTs. 

Sharky May 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (Leaderboard is ongoing)
Reason for Airdrop$SHARK token generation event
Tasks to Join– Hold sharx
– Use the platform daily
– Borrow
Other Airdrop  Campaign InfoMultiplier
– 2x multiplier for holding at least one sharx

Daily Lottery
– A lottery is also held daily. Those who farmed points that day are automatically qualified for random prizes.
Airdrop Websitehttps://sharky.fi/airdrop 
Socials (for Update)https://twitter.com/sharkyfi

Kamino Finance

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Aiming to offer the easiest possible way of providing liquidity and earning yield on-chain, Kamino Finance (https://app.kamino.finance/) is a protocol that claims to successfully combine lending, liquidity, and leverage into a single product.

May 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (Season 2 Points System is ongoing)
Reason for Airdrop$KMNO launch
Tasks to Join– Provide liquidity
– Borrow and lend
– Execute leverage trading
Other Airdrop Campaign Info– The snapshot for Season 1 was taken on March 31. 
– Rewards for Season 1 are expected to be distributed soon.
Airdrop Websitehttps://app.kamino.finance/points 
Socials (for Update)https://twitter.com/KaminoFinance

Read our detailed guide about Kamino Finance and the two airdrops it is involved: What is Kamino Finance? A Protocol Involved in Two Airdrops

Zeta Market

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Zeta Market (https://www.zeta.markets/) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that claims to offer the speed and user experience of a centralized exchange (CEX) while providing full self-custody and transparency for users by running on a public blockchain network.

May 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (Z-Score Season 2 is ongoing)
Reason for Airdrop$ZETA launch
Tasks to Join– Open Maker and Taker Order Type
– Sustain high PNL
Airdrop Websitehttps://docs.zeta.markets/z-score/z-score-season-2 
Other Airdrop Campaign Info– Just like in Season 1, the more volume you trade, the more your Z-Score goes up. However, in Season 2, both Maker & Taker volume counts towards your Z-Score.
– Only those ranked within the top 100 on the $ PnL leaderboard are eligible for a score multiplier. 
Socials (for Update)https://twitter.com/ZetaMarketshttps://discord.com/invite/Xn9HCJaDZd 

Read our detailed guide about Zeta Market: Zeta Market Airdrop Guide and Strategy


Parcl (https://www.parcl.co/) is another Solana-based, perpetual futures trading-focused DEX that supports cross margin perpetual trading on real estate markets. 

Parcl May 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (Perpetual Points Program is ongoing)
Reason for AirdropThe first airdrop, which happened April, was due to $PRCL launch. For this campaign, it will distribute the next allocation of the native token in the second quarter of 2024.
Tasks to Join– Provide liquidity
Other Airdrop Campaign InfoPoints System
– Do the tasks to earn a certain number of points per USD per day.

Referral System
– Earn 10% of the points earned by each user referred.
Airdrop Websitehttps://app.parcl.co/points 
Socials (for Update)https://twitter.com/parcl
– https://discord.com/invite/parcl 

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Magic Eden

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Magic Eden (https://magiceden.io/) is an NFT marketplace that allows users to mint, sell, and auction their NFTs. 

March 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (Has a lifetime rewards system)
Reason for AirdropPromote platform
Tasks to JoinDo quests
Airdrop Websitehttps://magiceden.io/rewards 
Socials (for Update)https://twitter.com/MagicEden

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BackPack (https://backpack.app/) is the first known wallet for xNFTs. Users can swap tokens, trade NFTs, message apps, and connect it to Ledger. 

May 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (Has an active leaderboard)
Reason for AirdropPromote platform
Tasks to Join– Execute trades
– Secure high profits
– Consistently trade
Other Airdrop Campaign Info– No further details have been disclosed yet, and most are just speculations and intelligent guesses.
– The rewards are also not yet known if it will be Backpack’s native token, a free gas fee, or xNFTs.
Airdrop Websitehttps://backpack.exchange/ 
Socials (for Update)https://twitter.com/Backpack

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Mayan Finance

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Mayan Finance (https://mayan.finance/) is a cross-chain swap auction protocol. Its goal is to offer the best possible swap rates on Solana for any trade using an auction mechanism.

Mayan Finance Airdrop May 2024 Update
StatusCommunity speculation
(Referral program to be activated this quarter)
Reason for AirdropIt still has no native token. 
Tasks to Join– Execute swaps
– Join a guild at https://guild.xyz/mayan-finance 
Other Airdrop Campaign InfoMayan has inclusive events for guild members, showing a mini-airdrop event. 
Airdrop Websitehttps://swap.mayan.finance/ 
Socials (for Update)https://twitter.com/mayanfinancehttps://discord.com/invite/h5HUzkqrXK 


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Banx (https://banx.gg/) is a P2P NFT lending protocol that claims to have lower loan-to-value ratios, lower liquidation risk, and low-interest rates.

May 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (A leaderboard system is ongoing. Now on its Season 3.) 
Reason for AirdropCollaboration with Anybodies, an NFT tool platform, which will give away $BONK
Tasks to Join– Lend
– Borrow
Other Airdrop Campaign InfoThe volume and the duration of the loan matter, more volume and longer loans mean more points. 
Airdrop Websitehttps://banx.gg/leaderboard 
Socials (for Update)https://twitter.com/banx_gg 


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With a promise of a passive income, Grass (https://www.getgrass.io/) is a network that allows users to sell their bandwidth to corporations and institutions. 

May 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (A points system is ongoing) 
Reason for AirdropPlatform engagement 
Tasks to Join– Refer new users
– Sell unused bandwidth
Other Airdrop Campaign Info– The only way to get points is through referring new users. 
– Grass is also now in its incentivized beta version, which means that those who use the platform during this time can also accumulate points. 
Airdrop Websitehttps://app.getgrass.io/ 
Socials (for Update)https://twitter.com/getgrass_io

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marginfi solana airdrop guide

(Read more: Marginfi Airdrop Guide, Strategy, and Points System Explained)

marginfi (https://www.marginfi.com/) is a decentralized lending protocol offering sophisticated risk management and transparency.

May 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (A points system is ongoing) 
Reason for AirdropPlatform engagement 
Tasks to JoinLend
Other Airdrop Campaign InfoNo other details have been released yet until when will this campaign exist. 
Airdrop Websitehttps://app.marginfi.com/points 
Socials (for Update)https://discord.com/invite/mrgnhttps://twitter.com/marginfi 

Drift Protocol

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(Read more: Potential Drift Protocol Airdrop Guide | Solana-based DEX)

The Drift Protocol (https://www.drift.trade/) is a perpetual DEX, which allows users to trade perpetual contracts, which are agreements to buy or sell an asset at the current price, without an expiration date.

May 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (A points system is ongoing) 
Reason for AirdropPlatform engagement 
Tasks to Join– Execute spot trading
– Execute perpetual trading
– Provide liquidity on the orderbook
Other Airdrop Campaign InfoDrift also has a weekly prize draw for its points system participants. 
Airdrop Websitehttps://app.drift.trade/points 
Socials (for Update)https://twitter.com/JupiterExchange


SMOG (https://smogtoken.com/) is a memecoin that claims to host the biggest airdrop campaign in the Solana ecosystem. 

May 2024 Update
Reason for AirdropToken Launch
Tasks to Join– Stake $SMOG
– Complete Zealy Quests at https://zealy.io/cw/smogtokenairdrop/questboard 
Other Airdrop Campaign Info– Buying, holding, and staking $SMOG is enough to qualify for the airdrop.
– A points system will be followed. 
Airdrop Websitehttps://smogtoken.com/en 
Socials (for Update)https://twitter.com/SMOGToken

Pink Elements

Pink Elements (https://pink-elements.com/) seeks to create a self-sustaining and global social platform for sharing environmental data with access for everyone. 

May 2024 Update
Reason for AirdropToken launch
Tasks to Join– Follow their X account.
– Join their TG community. 
– Reply on their pinned post and tag 3 friends
– Drop a comment with water data from your city
and shout out another Web3 project in ReFi.
Other Airdrop Campaign InfoThe airdrop will immediately happen on May 3, 2024.
Airdrop Websitehttps://gleam.io/sWa6b/pink-elements-airdrop-campaign 
Socials (for Update)https://twitter.com/pink_elements 


UpRock (https://uprock.com/) is a mobile DePIN network that claims to transform every mobile device into a node within a vast data-sharing ecosystem, empowering developers with a rich open data network to accelerate the development of real-time AI tools and apps. 

May 2024 Update
Reason for AirdropReward Early Users
Tasks to Join– Use the app features
– Download a desktop app
– Invite friends
Other Airdrop Campaign InfoThose who ‌register and create an account will automatically receive a free $UPT. 
Airdrop Websitehttps://uprock.com/register
Socials (for Update)https://discord.com/invite/uprock


MASSIVE (https://www.massiveai.io/) aims to revolutionize AI training data through crowdsourcing, enabling participants to engage in simple but significant activities.

May 2024 Update
StatusConfirmed (Crowdsource-to-Earn Pilot campaign is now active)
Reason for Airdrop$MSV Token Generation Event
Tasks to Join– Sign-up
– Complete Tasks
Other Airdrop Campaign InfoThe ratio of reward is 1:1, which means that 1 point is 1 $MSV.  
Airdrop Websitehttps://pilot.massiveai.io/signup 
Socials (for Update)https://twitter.com/MASSIVEAI

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