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Six Proven Tips to Build Successful NFT Communities in the Philippines

Here are six tips for Filipinos who wish to create their own NFT communities.

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Creating an NFT Project is just the tip of the iceberg called community building. If you’re an enthusiast that wants your project to shine against thousands of other projects in the metaverse, the following tips may help you out in building your dream NFT community.

Identify What is Your Vision?

Before creating your NFT project, you must have a plan in your head for what the utility or purpose of the project will be. Getting profit may be part of the must-haves! on your list but what can people get from purchasing your NFT collection? Most NFT collectors love knowing the story behind projects to make it viable for them. Therefore, if this is something you take into consideration, your long-term goals should be based on the people you want to market your project to.

Know your Niche

Before making your community, you have to know your target market. We need to know which crowd is best to promote your NFT project to. It would be a waste of time if we choose the wrong platform.

If the majority of your target audience is Filipino, setting up a Facebook page works well. Share details and artwork to different Facebook groups that have the same interest as you. For instance, if your project is about the environment, you can post it on Facebook groups that show interest in taking care of the environment. Make sure that your artworks are watermarked to show authenticity and avoid people grabbing your hard work and taking credit.

For millennials, the best social media you can use is Instagram to post your NFT work. Create short captions to tell the story behind the Instagram post you made. Make sure to have a link on your profile for people to visit your NFT project. This can be used as your portfolio when needed in the future.

If your forte is connecting directly with people, Reddit may be the place for you to interact and promote your NFT project. Typically, people interested in the same category (or subreddit, in Reddit terms) love reading stories related to the said topic. You can utilize this by sharing your thoughts on different inquiries about your project realtime.

Tiktok and Youtube Shorts are also great attention-grabbers for younger audiences. Creating short videos that highlight your NFT project can spark curiosity in them which leads to building your following on Tiktok and Youtube.

Twitter is a good place to post your NFT project for those who are on the go. Creating short but meaningful tweets to catch their attention can help you reach more people. Twitter features like retweeting and quoting can help boost your content to more potential followers. You can also create Twitter Spaces to have a short talk with people who are interested in your work.

In the process of using different social media, you are slowly building up your own network.

Casting your Vision well

When conveying your vision, the message needs to be clear to your initial followers. Most NFT projects create their own website and link their Opensea account and whitepaper in Substack and Medium for people to see their work and plans for the project. Let them feel a sense of belonging through your vision for them to subscribe to your substack newsletter. Your webpage is your main presentation of the project. Be creative in making your vision clear and invite them to be part of your community by placing a Discord link.

Create a Healthy Venue

Discord has the capability to organize your supporters and provide venues for your growing community to interact with one another. You can interact with them through chat and voice calls. You can also encourage community helpers to assist in moderating the Discord server to maintain a healthy environment for all who have caught your vision for your project. Help build relationships by sharing their talents via AMAs (ask-me-anything) and letting them feel at home.

Get your Community Involved

Getting people involved in the project makes the community feel valued. Plan events that mutually benefit your community and your project. For example, in exchange for them promoting your work, why not host a giveaway event? Another idea can be rewarding personalized Discord roles to active participants in your community.

Sometimes, letting them perform live by singing or delivering spoken poetry on your voice calls and podcasts can help boost their confidence and be appreciated by the community. Empowering them to get involved makes it easier to build relationships because you will know them as an individual.

The best thing that you can also do is educate your community about NFTs and cryptocurrency because the technology is still young and most Filipinos may not know much about it. Educating your followers encourages them to learn how to invest in your project and other projects as well.

Be Transparent

During your AMA and podcasts, it is okay to be transparent to your community about what is going on with the project. If there are concerns that need to be addressed, it is better that you listen to them and set expectations that are realistic and true to your capability. In some cases, the community will give you ideas and solutions for the welfare of the community and of the project, itself. Building trust is a skill that can be learned to make your community stronger and well bonded as your project progresses.

In conclusion, your dream NFT project can become your legacy by creating a concise road it will take off with. Creating your roadmap can set your potential investors and supporters’ expectations and may aid you to achieve the milestones of the project.

These tips may guide you in creating your NFT community but the best skill set you may need to have is to know how to connect to different people and address different needs that may arise. Connecting with your supporters and listening to their suggestions can make the NFT project a success. Those who genuinely believe in your project will become its life source.

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