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Tips How to Not Get Banned in Axie Infinity

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As of this writing, Axie Infinity had already reached 1 million daily active users but recently, they made changes to the rewards players earn in-game. Rewards in Adventure mode are reduced from 150 to just 75 SLP while the reward for completing the Daily Quest is reduced from 50 to 25 SLP.

Even with the changes, Axie Infinity players should, at all times, abide by the game’s terms of service and use or else the player will risk being banned and unable to play the game for a certain longer period of time.

Please check the BitPinas guides to Axie Infinity:

Do not use multiple accounts

Because of the earnings opportunity in Axie Infinity, some people are employing the use of bots to play-to-earn. Using bots and interacting with the game using it is a bannable offense that no one should do.

What about managers? If you want to become a “manager” (a term used for those people who have lots of Axies and, therefore, hire other people to play for their secondary accounts in exchange for a profit-share), there are certain things you must avoid doing in order to prevent your main account from being banned suddenly.

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Can I play on multiple accounts? No. Axie Infinity prohibits any one person to farm or play 2 on more accounts. Let’s give a few criterias in order for you to understand it very carefully:

What if I have two teams of Axies and I wanted the other team to be played by someone?

This is like creating a scholarship account. Create a Ronin account under your own Ronin account for that person. Transfer the Axies to the second Ronin account. Send that person your QR code or create log-in details so they can get the QRs themselves. For more information on this, check out the BitPinas Axie Infinity Scholarship Guide.

However, you have to take note that he/she must not open the newly created account on your personal device because Axie Infinity can trace it as one player playing as two accounts.

Can I let another person from a different place play my account?

Yes, as long as they don’t have another Axie account which they might open on the device he/she will be using to play your account.

Why is being a manager not treated as multiple accounts?

It is not treated as multiple accounts because the manager’s scholars are using a different device to play.

Do not go “away from keyboard” (AFK) and do not use “bots” to play the game

Videos circulating online show players just watching their Axie Infinity play by itself and choosing their own cards, Axie Infinity just recently added another security system which prevents players from going AFK.

The alert shows a random 5 numbers which players must select in order to avoid being banned. This also shows that the player is actively playing and not relying on a bot.

Do not adjust the device clock

Axie Infinity is using a global time tracker and with change of time & date of your device, the energy of your account can be replenished instantly. However, changing the time and date on the player’s device to reset the energy count is a bannable offense.

If you are a manager, you are at a very high risk especially if your scholar is not aware of these certain rules. We would advise that you create a “before playing do’s and don’ts reminders” so you can prevent your investment from becoming a donation, if you get what we mean. Also, be very mindful of recent updates by the Sky Mavis team so you can always update your scholarship program compensation plan and other important matters between you and your scholars.

Further, if you are a scholar, you must be very careful and be obedient to certain rules provided by your manager.

This article is published on Tips How to Not Get Banned in Axie Infinity


  1. hi is there a rule of transferring axis? my brother in law sent me an axis but someone told us that we have to wait 24 hrs before i sync it.

  2. Hello.. Iam now under scholarship program… But in some circumstances.. I can’t play it right now.. I’ currently working in uae now.. Can my husband in Philippines play my isko acc??? And on the night I will play it here?? We have time difference…

    1. Hello! I believe you cannot share your scholar account with anyone. I think you can only log in your account with just one device as logging in with multiple devices could get your account banned. It was my manager who told me to not log in my account on PC since I already logged it in on my cell. Also the time difference could also get you in trouble since you and your husband live in a two different time zones. Hope this helps 🙂

      1. Thanks for replying.. But I think logging in multiple device is fine as long you don’t open them at the same time.. I’m using phone during work breaks.. And pc during at night..

        Thanks again for replying.. I just really need a confirmation to this just to make sure.. Ehehehehe different time zone will be the big factor to get my acc get banned… 😆😆😆

  3. Hi i just wanna ask if i will get banned if i travel to another country and the timezome changes, will i get banned if i play axie in the same device? or should i wait for atleast 24 hrs before opening my game account? thank you…

    Message @MEE6

  4. Hi i just wanna ask if i will get banned if i travel to another country and the timezome changes, will i get banned if i play axie in the same device? or should i wait for atleast 24 hrs before opening my game account? thank you…

  5. I just want to know regarding the time zone, presently i am now in Philippines but im going to dubai, there will be possibility if i play there will get banned?
    Thanks for reply

  6. Nag change ako ng date and time sa device ko pero hindi ako nag a-axie that time. Nag change ako dahil sa nilalaro ko na offline game (for energy sa game na nilalaro ko) kinabukasan ako nag open ng axie. May chance kaya na ma ban ang acc ko? Sana masagot

  7. good eve everyone can i ask a question….pls make it serious answer to my question about axie……

    my question is can i change the time and date because i have new computer then i did not fix the time and date later on i realize when im playing axie and to check the time it was wrong so i want it to is possible to change what im are the things to do can i unistall the axie app then fix the time and date in my computer then install again the app?

  8. hi im new here, i buy 2 axies in marketplace and 1 axie in person, can i play it now or i still w8 for 24 hrs to play it? thanks

  9. hi, will i get banned if i accidentally logged in and won 1 game in a wrong account on the same device? I immediately logged out after noticing the mistake, although i already earned 12 slp from the 1 win

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