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Sky Mavis, YGG Clarify Position on Plots Finance

Photo for the Article - Sky Mavis, YGG Clarify Position on Plots Finance

Jeff Zirlin, co-founder of Sky Mavis, alerted the Ronin community to an airdrop campaign by Plots Finance, affirming no connection between Sky Mavis and the campaign.

At the time this aricle is published, Zirlin said the Plots team has contacted Sky Mavis already.


Plots Finance recently announced that it will airdrop tokens to multiple communities, including communities on the Ronin network, the blockchain of Sky Mavis, developers of Axie Infinity.

Specifically, Plots Finance intended to airdrop $PLOTS tokens to those who stake their RON tokens in the YGG validator.

The airdrop campaign has spurred an increase in the number of stakers in the YGG validator.

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Recently, the Plots Finance finally announced the requirements to claim the airdrops as well as the next phase of their campaign

One of the activities mentioned is to connect the user’s Ronin wallet into the Plots Finance website.

However, Plots Finance is not affliated with Ronin Network, which is currently a permissioned blockchain. Thus players who tried to connect their wallets are met with a warning of the risk of connecting to Plots Finance.

Moreover, Ronin-affiliated games like Wild Forest have also gave out warnings about connecting untrusted apps to the network.

Sky Mavis Co-Founder Issues Statement on Plots Finance

In a post, Jeff Zirlin of Sky Mavis said concerns were raised after reviewing Plots Finance’s website, particularly around promises of high returns on investment.

Zirlin issued safety guidelines for community members:

  • Interaction with Verified Domains Only: Community members are urged to engage only with entities officially associated with @SkyMavisHQ, @ronin_network, and @axieinfinity.
  • Consultation of Official Ronin Channels for Information: Accurate information is to be obtained from The X Platform (@ronin_network), The Ronin Blog (, The Ronin Discord (, and The Ronin Substack (
  • Use of Multiple Wallets for Funds: It is recommended to distribute funds across several wallets to decrease the risk of significant loss.
  • Verification of Spelling in Communications: To avoid impersonation, the accuracy of spelling in links and social handles is critical.
  • Engagement with Community and Sky Mavis Team for Clarifications: Concerns or suspicious activities are to be reported through the Ronin Discord or to trusted community members.

YGG Co-Founder Clarifies YGG Involvement with Plots Finance

Meanwhile, Gabby Dizon, the co-founder of Yield Guild Games clarified his and the organization’s involvement with Plots Finance as well.

  • The Plots Finance team approached YGG for a token airdrop to staked $RON holders on their validator, which was agreed upon as anyone can snapshot the validator for an airdrop.
  • Asset launches on Ronin Network require permission; for instance, the $YGG airdrop involved collaboration with the Ronin team for contract reviews and received full support, including listing $YGG on Katana.
  • Plots Finance aims to engage NFT communities for their airdrop, a common practice across networks. However, Ronin Network prioritizes trust and safety, thus not endorsing airdrops without official review and approval.
  • Dizon clarified that YGG has not reviewed the smart contracts for the airdrop, advising caution before claiming any tokens.

This is a developing story: Sky Mavis, YGG Clarify Position on Plots Finance


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