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Adobe To Support NFT Verification in Photoshop

Photo for the Article - Adobe To Support NFT Verification in Photoshop

By Shiela Bertillo

Adobe, creative software and services provider, announced its partnership with KnownOrigin, a non fungible token (NFT) marketplace, yesterday, October 26, during the Adobe MAX 2021 conference. The collaboration aims to empower creatives and their fans through a new open-source initiative. 

Moreover, Adobe will launch Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), a system built into Photoshop, where NFT sellers will be able to link the Adobe ID with their crypto wallet, allowing compatible NFT marketplaces to verify that the person selling an NFT is the person who made it. 

“We are going to have a “prepare as NFT” option by the end of this month,” Scott Belsky, Adobe chief product officer and executive vice president of Creative Cloud stated. “It will be able to take whatever you’re working on and it will assist you in packaging it and preparing it along with the attribution capabilities that we just discussed, for some of the popular minting platforms and blockchains out there.”

Currently, the company is launching the system as a beta, wherein users can use it to show what edits were made to a file in Photoshop, tag their stock images on Adobe’s system, among others.

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“We are rolling out the ability to attach Content Credentials in apps like Photoshop. These secure credentials include information like who created an image and when and where a photo was taken. NFTs have also emerged as a way for creators to access a whole new market for their work. Content Credentials can prevent unscrupulous people from hijacking your work and selling it on the NFT market.” Belsky stated in a blog.

Accordingly, KnownOrigin also said in a media release that the marketplace “firmly believe that provenance is a critical factor in this new digital art movement” noting that CAI can provide “a unique ‘Proof of creation’ foundation for Adobe creators, across the creative industries.”

“It is of paramount importance that collectors have confidence that artworks on KnownOrigin are created by verified artists. The CAI is another smart way of building confidence with our collector base in addition to the due diligence protocols already in place at KnownOrigin”. KnownOrigin CEO David Moore added.

Adobe also partnered with other NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible and SuperRare. These marketplaces will also enable the new feature of the creative firm.

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