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Axie Infinity to Reimburse Victims of Discord Hack

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By Sheila Bertillo

Axie Infinity, a popular play-to-earn non fungible token (NFT) game, promised to reimburse the more than 150 users of the Axie Infinity Discord channel who were hacked yesterday, November 2. 

The attack was executed when the hacker took over a privileged Discord Bot at the Axie Infinity Discord Server and sent a fake announcement on all of the server’s announcement channels regarding an exclusive sale.

The users of the Discord channel were tricked into clicking links sent by a hacked Discord Bot that redirects the users to a fake website; where the user’s Metamask would pop up as if confirming the existence of the cryptocurrency wallet. And as soon as the user confirms, the wallet would then send 0.1 ETH  which is approximately Php 23,279.65 at the time of publication.

In total, the hacker was able to steal more than 20 ETH or more than 5 million pesos from 155 users.

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Axie Infinity ensures that the victims will be reimbursed and there is no need to report as the developers are directly scanning the blockchain.

Moreover, the firm said that it will be reducing the number of people who can tag everyone in their server as they are already working with Discord regarding the security flaws. 

Further, Axie Infinity assures its players and investors that they are reviewing the security practiceof their team members.

Axie Infinity also reminded those who interacted with the smart contract lost the money have not compromised their seed phrases.

Nevertheless, the affected users are recommended to go to and revoke access to this site immediately.

As the popularity of the game continues to rise, addressing and securing the platform is highly encouraged as such scams may harm a lot of novice crypto and NFT investors. Especially in the Philippines, where the majority of its early adopters and players of the game reside, Axie Infinity is considered a life saver for a lot of pandemic-stricken Filipinos which the majority are more likely to be first timers in the crypto world. (Read more on: This Documentary Perfectly Captures the Play-to-Earn Phenomenon in the Philippines)

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