Blockchain Council of the Philippines – How to Apply as Individual or Corporate Member

Fostering a community of blockchain enthusiasts, the council is accepting new members, and applications will be open until the end of June.

blockchain council of the philippines

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  • The Blockchain Council of the Philippines is accepting new members, and applications will be open until the end of June.
  • Interested individuals and corporations can apply by filling out an application form that includes personal details, contact information, and questions about their involvement in Web3 or blockchain.
  • There are two types of members: individual and corporation. Both individuals and the corporations they own or lead can become members simultaneously. Membership fees are ₱1,000 for individuals and ₱10,000 for corporations.

Months after it was officially launched, the Blockchain Council of the Philippines (BCP) confirmed that it is opening its doors to new members. Applications will be open until the end of June.

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How to Join?

Interested applicants have to fill out this form. Application questions include personal details, contact information, web3 or blockchain involvement, and other related queries.

Types of Members 

There will be two types of members within the BCP—individual and corporation members. As a member corporation, the firm’s representative in the council may be changed; the firm itself would need to submit some documents needed as a corporation. Individual members, on the other hand, can apply on their own; they may need to submit identification cards upon application. 

How Much Fee to Become Member

Moreover, council member Sheree Gotuaco confirmed that both individuals and the corporations they own or lead can become members simultaneously if desired.

During ‌membership application approval, applicants are to pay a membership fee of ₱1,000 for individuals and ₱10,000 for corporations.

What is the Blockchain Council of the Philippines?

Established during the Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW) in November 2022, the BCP claimed to be dedicated to promoting blockchain technology and fostering a community of blockchain enthusiasts in the Philippines.

“Our mission is to enhance the regulatory framework for blockchain technology in the Philippines, with a strong focus on establishing a safer and more widespread adoption through education, government collaboration, and community support,” the council’s website read. 

It also expressed its recognition of the “immense potential” of blockchain technology to various sectors in the country, including finance, supply chain, healthcare, and governance:

“We believe that by fostering a conducive environment for blockchain innovation, we can contribute to the growth and development of the Philippine blockchain ecosystem.”

Who are the Pioneers and Council Members?

PBW lead convenor and COO of DITO CME Donald Lim was the first to announce the formation of the council during a press conference held at the Manila Marriott Hotel in Pasay City. Lim is joined by:

  • Lito Villanueva, executive vice president of RCBC and chairman of FinTech Alliance
  • Ida Tiongson, chairperson and independent director of PruLife UK and a trustee of Fintech Alliance
  • Mark Gorriceta, managing partner and head of the technology media and telecommunications group of Gorriceta, Africa, Cauton, and Saavedra Law
  • Henry Aguda, chairman of the board of UBX
  • Martha Sazon, president and CEO of GCash
  • Chezka Gonzales, founder of Woman of Substance NFT
  • Sheree Gotuaco, CEO of Scarletbox.io
  • Kate Hancock, founder of Metaverse XYZ
  • Brian Poe Llamanzares, founder of Artifract.io
  • Gail Macapagal, country director of Dynaquest
  • Emman Navalan, CEO of Tetrix
  • Emmanuel Samson, founder and CEO of Impero Group
  • Paul Soliman, chairman and CEO of Bayanichain
  • Oscar Tan-Abing, Jr., CEO of Anotoys Collectiverse

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