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BlockchainSpace Launches Guild Partner Program

Photo for the Article - BlockchainSpace Launches Guild Partner Program

GameFi guild hub BlockchainSpace (BSPC) announced in a media release its Guild Partner Program which uses “grassroots efforts” to empower and connect blockchain gaming guilds and gamers worldwide with the best education, tools, and financing. BSPC noted that through the program they aim to create value for guilds and games worldwide.

“BlockchainSpace aims to represent the entire play-to-earn space with the mentality that no guild is too small and no location too far away; all guilds far and wide deserve the same resources and tools. Since they set out on this journey, they have partnered with guilds of all sizes across the globe and with some of the most exciting play-to-earn games in the metaverse.” – BlockchainSpace

Introducing: BlockchainSpace Guild Partner Program

BSPC noted that through the Guild Partner Program, the guild hub will facilitate the connection between games and guilds within their expansive network. For instance, BSPC offers assistance by providing targeted testing for new games and narrowing down testers depending on specific market segments, gamer preferences, guild size, or location.

“Once a game developer decides the target audience, they tap into their Guild Partners, whose scholars will be given in-game assets to test run the game and provide feedback. The trial period lasts between 30 and 45 days where Guild Partners will allocate scholars to play the game. After which, they can provide a comprehensive report for games to use in further improving their gameplay and user experience,” BlockchainSpace explained.

According to BlockchainSpace, their guild partners represent the entire play-to-earn space, consisting of micro guilds (10–100 players; 97% of the total market), medium guilds (100–1,000 players; 2% of the total market), and macro guilds (1,000+ players; 1% of the market). 

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“These gaming guilds are located in strategically-prioritized locations across the globe and are well-connected in their respective communities, able to provide localized support in every corner of the world,” BSPC stated.

Their guild partner will enjoy perks such as non-fungible token (NFT) badges; Alpha passes to BlockchainSpace tools, research reports, and partner channels; whitelist opportunities, free in-game assets, and other NFT drops from any other game partner; share in investment leads and Invite to private rounds; tailored BlockchainSpace guild management system solutions; discount packages or exclusive perks to any event sponsored by BlockchainSpace; and preferential loan rates and terms, higher LTV ratio, or lower interest rates.

“With each passing month, BlockchainSpace continues to form more and more partnerships with guilds and games, empowering both sides to level up their play-to-earn and metaverse experience,” the guild hub added.

Photo for the Article - BlockchainSpace Launches Guild Partner Program

As part of their growing portfolio of games and institutions, BlockchainSpace shared last February its partnership with play-to-earn football game CyBall, gaming platform Ethlas, and tournament organizer Community Gaming. (Read more:  BlockchainSpace Announces Multiple Play-to-Earn Games and Guild Partnerships

Last November, BSPC raised $3.75 million in seed round funding held in Singapore which will be used to establish itself as a guild hub leader in the metaverse as well as to continue empowering guilds with cutting-edge tools and access to financing. (Read more: CryptoPH OG Group BlockchainSpace Raises $3.75M to Expand Metaverse Guild Hub)

In December, the guild hub raised another $2.4 million strategic funding round. The funds will be used to onboard the next 20,000 play-to-earn guilds worldwide as well as accelerate its growth in the rapidly expanding NFT gaming industry. (Read more: BlockchainSpace Raises Additional $2.4M In Strategic Funding Round)

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