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BlockchainSpace Announces Multiple Play-to-Earn Games and Guild Partnerships

BlockchainSpace announced a number of partnerships last week.

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Peter Ing, Founder of metaverse guild hub BlockchainSpace (BSPC), shared via Twitter a series of partnership announcements for the hub. BlockchainSpace unveiled its partnership with play-to-earn football game CyBall, gaming platform Ethlas, and tournament organizer Community Gaming. 

The BSPC, together with MetaSports, an organization for Web 3 esports and gaming, also announced the launch of SLP Race, a free esports experience that Guilds can use in any of their community Discord servers.


BlockchainSpace’s integration with CyBall aims to bring an “exciting new play-to-earn game to more than 10,000 guilds and millions of gamers worldwide.”

“With CyBall, BSPC brings another exciting opportunity to the guilds and gamers in our expansive community. Now, they have even more rewarding ways to earn while having fun gaming,” BlockchainSpace wrote.

Beji, co-founder of CyBall, expressed their excitement with the collaboration and noted that they are “thrilled to be partnering up with BSPC.”

“With their widespread community, BSPC will be a crucial partner for CyBall to continue our expansion into the crypto gaming space. We are honored to have formed this alliance and to align our visions with BSPC,” he stated.

CyBall, a football-themed NFT-based game, allows users to collect, trade, mentor, and ultimately battle their in-game cyborg avatars called CyBlocs within the CyBall ecosystem. The CyBall ecosystem is powered by a two-token system; CyBloc Battery Token (CBT) being the primary play-to-earn reward token with no fixed supply, and CyBall Token (CYB) as the governance, utility, and special play-to-earn token. CBT can be earned by competing in various PvP modes while CYB are earned as special reward for competing in League and Tournament PvP modes, staking rewards, or as special rewards for users who perform various activities that benefit the ecosystem.

The game is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), but the team assured that it is actively moving towards having the game up and running on the Solana blockchain as well.


According to BSPC, their collaboration with Ethlas will provide more free play-to-earn opportunities where guilds and gamers can earn tokens and NFTs on their “race to the top of the leaderboards.”

“Partnering with Ethlas, the leading play-to-earn blockchain gaming platform, will allow players to engage in fun, casual games to earn crypto rewards and NFTs. This partnership is a win-win situation for BSPC and Ethlas and the many guilds and gamers in our ecosystem,” BlockchainSpace wrote.

In line with this, Ethlas is set to host an inter-guild competition across their library of games for the BSPC’s community which will help increase scholars’ earn rate on casual games. The competition will also open opportunities for guilds to compete against each other to position themselves as the top guild in the game.

Ethlas is a free-to-play, play-to-earn gaming platform which currently offers various casual games like arcade, puzzle, and progression-based games. Ethlas can be accessed on a web browser with no download required.

The platform allows guilds to participate in leaderboard games and tournaments to earn up to thousands of Ethlas in-game currency Genuine Ethlas Money (GEMS). Ethlas also offers NFT (non-fungible token) rentals which will help managers and scholars to manage their inventory of NFTs and keep track of their earnings.

Since its launch, Ethlas currently has 3 million gameplays and 120,000 unique MetaMask wallets.

Community Gaming

The partnership between BlockchainSpace and tournament organizer Community Gaming eyes on the long-term progress of the guild community by improving its infrastructure while “lowering the barrier to entry for new players.”

With the collaboration, Community Gaming will be expected to join the upcoming season 3 of the Axie Infinity tournament, MetaSports’ Lunacian Sports League. The tournament has secured another grant from Sky Mavis for esports prizing and touts participation from the biggest competitive Play-to-Earn guilds.

Moreover, Community Gaming will also be integrating additional information into its much-anticipated questing system to assist new players. This will teach users about BlockchainSpace, $GUILD, and all there is to know about the blockchain gaming guild community.

“This is just the beginning for Community Gaming and BlockchainSpace as they create new infrastructure and events within the blockchain gaming community. There’s plenty more to come, including Community Gaming’s own guild-focused tournament series — Guild Heroes — set to debut this spring,” BSPC added.

SLP Race Version 1.1

SLP Race is the newly added esports utility for guilds made by MetaSports and BSPC. It is a free-to-play automated leaderboard tournament that guilds can run purely within their discord servers using the Axie Academy Bot.

“At Metasports, we are advocates for healthy competition for all levels. Currently, Axie Arena serves the entire player base of over 2 million daily Axie players. We believe there should be a way to promote healthy competition at the Guild level — fostering healthy competition within the individual communities whether your guild has 10 players, or 1,000 players. SLP Race is that esports product,” BlockchainSpace wrote.

SLP Race Alpha 1.1 currently has two features: first, it only allows the Guild Managers to set up an SLP Race and second, Guild Masters can also set the length of races (24hrs, 7 days, or 14 days). The automatic prize payouts and MMR-based races, however, are still in the works.

Guilds can also participate in the inter-guild SLP Race in the Lunacian Sports League discord; winners of the weekly leaderboard SLP Race will receive cash prizes.

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