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August 10, 2018 Published

Take note of our steps if you want to purchase Ripple in the Philippines through!

Betur, Inc. better known as rolls out its Ripple wallet on its Android app. Users who have access to this new wallet can now buy and sell XRP using the app.

How to Buy and Sell XRP

In order to buy XRP in the Philippines you will need the following:

  • Android device
  • Active app (Register here!)
  • Philippine Peso

Step 1: Logging in to

The first step is to open your and tap on Cash In. Choose a cash in method. To receive your funds instantly choosing 7-Eleven, M Lhuillier, GCash, Cliqq, and Cebuana are recommended.

Step 2: Cashing In

For the sake of the article, 7-Eleven cash in option. Enter your desired amount and to whether to put it in your PHP Wallet or BTC Wallet.

Step 3: Payment

After putting your desired amount, have your cash ready and make a trip to a nearest 7-Eleven outlet. Go to the cashier and ask for a 7-Connect payment with your reference number.

Step 4: Convert

Once you already received your PHP or BTC in your wallet, you can now buy XRP. Go to your app’s home screen and tap on Convert. If you chose to put your fiat in your PHP Wallet, Choose PHP and put your desired amount on the “You are converting from:” and don’t forget to Slide to Convert. is one of the first companies in the Philippines to receive a virtual currency license from BSP along with Rebbitance, Inc., a subsidiary of SCI Ventures. It currently has 5 wallets: PHP, BTC, ETH, BCH, and the new XRP (for Android users).

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The company is also the first in the country to launch a cryptocurrency exchange called Coins Pro. It is trading BTCPHP, BCHPHP, ETHPHP, ETHBTC, BCHBTC, and its new addition XRPPHP.

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